How To Make A Wedding Veil With Lace

Many of us aspire to have the perfect wedding, but sometimes, financial constraints can act as a barrier. This doesn't mean your dream wedding is out of reach. To better align your budget, particularly when it involves buying a wedding gown, consider the possibility of making your own wedding veil at home. For instructions on how to craft a lace wedding veil with ease, please click here to continue reading.

A wedding dress is already an expensive item in your budget. Also, we need matching accessories, shoes, bouquets, wedding veils, etc.  Wedding veils are already overpriced. But do you know we can make a wedding veil at home? You just need a place to make the whole veil. Let's check out

How To Make A Wedding Veil With Lace At Home

Making a wedding veil at home is very easy. The outcome will be so beautiful and elegant as you wanted.  The lace will enhance the beauty of your wedding dress. There are so many tutorials of DIY wedding veils on YouTube and other platforms. But we have very easy simple steps for you to make a wedding veil with lace at home. 

You don't have to spend too much money on a small wedding veil. The price of wedding veils on markets is higher than usual. They overpriced the fabric for no reason. Then why waste money on something that you can make at home? That's why this article will help you to make a wedding veil with lace. 

Accessories To Make A Wedding Veil

Making a wedding veil is a piece of cake. You can't even imagine how easy is to make a wedding veil. You will find all the necessary segments in any store. Let's see the ingredients to make a wedding veil. 

  • Ivory tulle -2 yards 108" wide.
  • Scissors-Fabric scissors 
  • White thread
  • Needle
  • Bridal comb- white and metal
  • White lace- 3-4 yards wide.
  • Pins

They are the simple items you need to make a Veil. Not get ready to get a DIY wedding Veil. 

Process Of Making A Wedding Veil 

The process of a DIY wedding veil is so effortless. You can finish making the veil in just a few hours. It's so easy that you can make it by yourself without any helping hands. Or you can call your friend or family member to help you out. Here is the process of making a wedding veil with lace. 

Prepare The Fabric

preparing the fabric means Ironing it. Make sure your tulle doesn't have any wrinkles or stains. That's why ironing the tulle is important. Don't forget to iron the tulle at a lower temperature so that it doesn't burn.  

Cut The Tulle and Shape It

The next step is cutting the tulle with fabric scissors. Now fold the tulle along the 45" line. Make sure the tulle doesn't have any wrinkles. Now cut a half-round shape or an arc through the double layers and make sure it's even. 

Measure The Tulle

After cutting the shape, drape the tulle around your head. Measure the height of your body. If you're satisfied with the height then we can go to the next step. If you want a shorter veil then cute the veil more like an arc. 

Sew The Tulle With The Lace

The next step is to sew the Lace with the Tulle. Lay your tulle on a flat surface. Then take your favorite Ivory lace. The lace has to be 3-4 yards wide. 

Pin your lace around the edges of the tulle. Now take thread your needle to sew the lace. Make sure to line the lace-up so that the tulle's edge can match with the lace's edge. 

It will take some time to sew the whole tulle with the lace. Just listen to some podcast or watch movies while threading the Lace. You have to use a white thread. White threads won't be noticeable and they will match with the lace and tulle. 

Gather The Veil in the Middle of the Edge

The next step has to be the gathering part. A wedding veil looks kind of wavy and puffy. To get the wavy look, you need to gather some fabric from the edge and sew it. 

If you want a double-layered wedding veil then gather from the middle of the tulle, not the edge. But then you have to cut the tulle bigger at the first step. 

Make sure to sew the fabric by measuring the width of the comb. Your sew length has to be the width of the comb. 

Sew The Wedding Comb With the Veil

Now the last step is to sew the gathering part with the comb. After sewing the part, take your wedding comb. The stitches have to be strong enough to hold the comb. 

Now sew the gathered part with the comb. Make sure you're stitching it nicely so that the tulle doesn't fall from the comb.  Now wear the veil and go in front of the mirror. Check if anything needs to be done. If not then your Wedding veil is ready. 

You can accessories like pearls, stones, etc in the veil to look more elegant. Without accessories, the veil looks amazing as well. 

Although the lace is heavy in the bottom. To make sure it's strong, you can add some glue with the comb to attach to the tulle.  Here is your final DIY lace veil. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Lace Wedding Veil

Here are some frequently asked questions about DIY Lace Wedding Veil. 

  1. Can you glue the lace to the veil?

Yes, you can glue the lace to the wedding veil. You can use fabric glue for the process. But it is recommended to sew the lace to the veil for extra protection. Sometimes the glue is not enough to hold the heavy lace. But you can glue the lace to the veil for an easy solution. 

  1. Are blusher veils out of style?

Brides use to wear a blusher veil on their wedding days. But nowadays brides are not wearing it as frequently as before. Now brides are more showing face than hiding it under the blusher veil. Sometimes they choose to wear the blusher veil but don't hide the face. 

  1. What does a veil represent?

A veil is a symbol of modesty and adherence. In many religions, women cover their heads for a modest tradition. The white wedding dress represents virtue and the veil represents modesty. 

  1. Do brides have to wear a wedding veil? 

It is not compulsory to wear a veil at your wedding. It's a tradition to wear a wedding veil at your wedding. The veil represents your modesty and purity. Modern brides sometimes choose to keep the veil aside and not wearing. It is completely normal and you don't have to wear a veil if you don't want to. 

Final words

A wedding veil is a traditional symbol. It represents the modesty of a bride. But an overpriced wedding veil can ruin your budget.

If you know How to make a wedding veil with lace, you don't have to buy anymore. Your DIY wedding veil will catch everyone's attention. The guests won't even believe that the veil is homemade. Hope you enjoyed the article. 

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