How to Hide Back Fat in a Wedding Dress

You've found the perfect wedding gown you've been dreaming of. But, there's a hiccup with unsightly back fat peeking out of your dress. If you're looking for ways to hide back fat in a wedding gown, keep reading. We might just have the answer to your issue.

It can be pretty annoying if the fat in the back impacting your gorgeous look on the wedding dress. What’s more depressing is there is not much of the solution except cutting out the fat through losing weight. But it requires some hard effort and long duration to lose the weight. It can become harder when you have the wedding knocking at the door.

In such situations, what you can do to hide the back fat in the wedding dress? Well, there are some other things that you can consider trying apart from losing weight. Check out the below paragraph to find out further information on the available options for you.

How to Hide Back Fat in a Wedding Dress

There is no easy way to hide the back fat on the wedding dress. However, based on the variation of the wedding dress you have, some of the below tips might work for you. Especially, if your dress is not much tight, or pretty loose, then these options will work better for you. You might wear things like a long veil or bolero to hide the back of the dress. We will discuss some other things you can try in detail below.

Make the Dress Loose

Is your wedding dress very tight? It might happen because you are wearing a very tight dress. Some bride has a misconception that wearing tight dress help to hide the back and belly fat. But in most cases, tight dresses can make the situation worse. This highly tight dress can make accentuate the back fat.

You might be fit a size smaller dresses but that will not make you look a size smaller. So, avoid tight or small size dresses to appear less fatty. Also, make sure that you are avoiding the no-stretch fabrics and the gowns that arrive with horizontal cuts on the back of the dress.

Buy the Right Size

Some bride often shows overconfidence and they think they can lose some weights before the wedding. Thinking of this, they go for the smaller size dresses. But things might not go as you plan. Instead of losing weight, you might end up getting some more pounds. So, avoid buying dresses that are smaller. Instead, purchase the dress that comes in the right fit for you.

When you go for the small sizer dresses, there is a very low chance of making them bigger. It might become unwearable if you go get some more weights. So, it is always recommended to pick the right size. The perfect fit size helps you to look perfect and more polished.

Go for V Shaped Dress

Some of the wedding experts recommend going for a v-shaped dress when you are aware of the fat in the back. The V shape creates an illusion and makes the back part look longer. As a result, it looks slimmer than your usual shape. You can consider getting a wedding dress that comes with a V shape. If you already purchased one with other types of back, you might consider altering to this shape. It would be better to talk with your seamstress to be assured whether it is possible or not.

Go for Fully Covered Back

The wedding dress usually arrives with a transparent or uncovered back. The bride also prepares this style as they think it makes them look better. But when you have a fatty back, this might not be a perfect option. As you will not love to show the fat on the back, you should consider the wedding dress that arrives with a fully covered back. With such a dress, the back will be fully covered and the fat will be hidden.

You should look smoother with a fully covered dress. However, make sure to wear the right bra with it so that there is no bump. Just make sure the bra size is accurate for your measure. The wrong bra size not only impacts the smoothness of your body but also may cause suffocation. You will also find some bras specially designed to hide the back fat. However, they might not always go perfect with the wedding dress unless you choose a fully covered back.

Wear a Shapewear

You might also consider shapewear to hide the fat. These things are also known as foundation garments. This undergarment can alter your body shape for a while to make it more fit and perfect. The good thing about the shapewear is it also makes your other body parts look perfect along with the back. However, make sure that you are picking the right variation that goes smoothly with your wedding dress.

Get a Long Veil

This may sound ridiculous but a long veil can be an excellent way to hide the fat of your back. In fact, the veil can be a great way to distract people's attention from your back fats. Go for a veil that covers the entire back. Moreover, pick a veil that includes more details than the usual plain one. This way people will not be able to notice the fat on your back.

Tips to Look Thinner on Wedding Day

Here are some of the things that you can do to look thinner:

  1. Pick a darker color blouse if your wedding dress include it.
  2. Make use of the right variation of the jewelry to hide the fat.
  3. Pick the color palette more carefully by talking with your stylist.
  4. Start eating light and minimizing salts on food before few days of wedding.
  5. Show minimum skin by using the right dress and jewelry.


No one wants to look chubby on their wedding day. We hope you will find the above tricks and tips useful to hide the back fat.

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