What is a Sample Sale Wedding Dress?

What is a sample sale wedding dress, you might ask? If you've been diving into the details of wedding dresses, you might have stumbled upon this term. Keep reading this article to discover what it means, as well as other relevant information regarding sample wedding dresses.

The wedding dress is one of the most important details of any wedding. It is a very important thing for the brides as they start dreaming about it from an early age. However, considering the huge expenses of the wedding gowns, it is not always possible for the bride to pick the one that she cherishes.

In such a situation, the sample sale wedding dress can be a grab for you. It is actually the sample wedding dresses that the bridal shops sell off the peg. In the below part of the article, we will discuss a bit more about the sample sale wedding dress.

What is a Sample Sale Wedding Dress?

Just like your old clothes, the bridal shops also need to get rid of some of their stuff to make space for the new clothes or gowns. The shops usually offer the product at a low cost so that they can get a buyer for them at a quick order. It comes as an advantage for the bride to get a premium designer wedding gown at an impressively low budget. The sample sale wedding gowns can cost you up to 70% or lower than their usual expense.

That means you got this at a portion of its original fee. However, it is not always lucrative as it sounds. Usually, these dresses are available for a very short time as everyone wants a sweet dress on a low budget. If you are lucky enough, you might find the sample sale dresses while shopping. These dresses will be a great option for those who want to purchase off the rack wedding dress to save cost.

While shopping for the sample sale dress, we will recommend you not to expect too much. In fact, you will require adjusting your exception a lot. Moreover, you will not get much of the attention and care that you get while purchasing standard bridal dresses. However, you can still save some bucks and end up with a perfect and fit dress. As the sales run out pretty quickly, make sure to keep your eyes open for such deals.

A lot of bridal salon, bridal designer, boutique and shop offers a semi-annual discount or sometimes inventory clearance sale. You might require searching several shops to find the right one that fills your exception the most.

Pros and Cons of Sample Sale Wedding Gowns

Imagine you are craving a designer gown but don’t have the budget for this. The sample sale wedding dresses means you get a perfect dress at a very low cost. Just because you get them at next to nothing doesn’t mean that they are bad in quality or out of style. Usually, the dresses are put on the sample sale when they become unavailable to order or clearing the inventory for the latest gowns.

Although you will not get full assistance like usual, there will still be at least a stylist to assist you. You can still get all your queries answered about fitness, size, alteration, etc. Now let’s talk about the cons of the wedding dress. Your sample sale wedding dress is usually used which means the other brides tried but didn’t purchase. But we think that it shouldn’t be an issue for most brides.

Another con about these wedding dresses is you will hardly find the right fit. Unless you are lucky enough, you might need to stay happy with the dresses either big or a bit small. In such a situation, you should go for the bigger dress. You will require to pay a good amount but the big version can be easily be fitted through alteration. It can be pretty hard to make the small dresses fit.

Compared to the usual wedding gowns, you will also require to be ready to pay a bit extra for the alteration. That is because chances are high that there will be more alteration work than usual. Moreover, the alteration will require a good amount of time. If your wedding is knocking at the door, you will require paying extra to the seamstress for making the altering work done quicker than usual.

Tips to Find the Right Sample Sale Wedding Dress

While purchasing the sample sale wedding dress, following the below tips might offer you an odd advantage.

  • Before you go for purchasing the dress, you should dos some research. It is about getting an idea about what style you will prefer for the wedding dress. Moreover, before you go to the shop, you might make some research online. This will help you to know where the on sale wedding gowns are available.
  • While purchasing the on sale gowns, you need to act as fast as possible. That is because a lot of people like you are craving for these premium but cheap gowns. So, if you think a gown perfect, then you should make it yours immediately.
  • While purchasing the wedding gown, make sure to keep one trustworthy person with you. The person should be help you to decide first about the purchase.
  • Don’t go for purchasing the on sale dress at a quick order. If you have a wedding knocking at the door, you might not be able to right one at that quick order. It is your best interest to go for the shopping as early as possible.


If you have a low budget, finding a suitable designer wedding gown can be quite impossible. If you still want a designer gown, your only option is the sample sale of wedding dresses. As we said above, there are not like out of style or low quality. The shops put them on sale as they want to make way for the new collections. We hope you will find this article about sample sale wedding dresses helpful.

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