Islamic Wedding Books

Understanding the nuances of Islamic marital customs is crucial for anyone contemplating marriage within this faith. Numerous resources are available that delve into this subject matter, authored by experts in Islamic scholarship. These materials explore various aspects of matrimony including how to approach marriage proposals, the intricacies of the marriage contract, and the responsibilities and entitlements of each partner. Additionally, they address topics such as physical intimacy.

Sheikh Muhammed Rif'at 'Uthman

Sheikh Muhammed Rif'at Uthman is an author of several authoritative books. He is also a lecturer of Sharia law. His works on the subject of Islamic marriage are extremely useful for any Muslim couple planning their wedding.

Ustadha Hedaya Hartford

Ustadha Hedaya Hartford is the author of a series of Islamic wedding books. His work is recognized for its expert understanding of Islamic laws, marriage and divorce, and modern social issues. Born in California, Hartford converted to Islam in 1981. These books will guide you in making your wedding a success.

A Muslim marriage guide emphasizes practicality rather than sermonizing, and the concise chapters allow for thorough coverage of a wide variety of issues. Its excellent writing style makes it easy to read in one sitting. It is also a useful reference tool. There are also many examples and advice in the book.

Shaykh 'Abd ar-Rahmaan 'Abd al-Khaaliq

This book addresses all aspects of marriage from the sanctity of the marriage ceremony to the responsibilities of the wife. The author uses stories and the Qur'an to discuss the aims and benefits of marriage. It also discusses the duties of a wife to her husband, and how to avoid divorce. It will be of great interest to both Muslims and non-Muslims alike.

The author is a professor at Al-Azhar University and a renowned realized master of the Khalwati Order of Sufis. After completing his Bachelor of Business Administration, he began to study the Arabic language and Islamic sciences in Trinidad. He then spent 12 years studying in Amman, Jordan, where he specialized in Islamic Law and Hadith Sciences. This book is the first English translation of his work.

In addition to presenting the rites of marriage in Islamic tradition, this book offers an introduction to Islam in the English language. The author also addresses common questions that non-Muslims might have about Islam. This book also explains the principles of tawheed, which is a requirement of Islam. Islam teaches Muslims to worship Allah in a perfect manner, as the Prophet - peace be on him - exemplified. It also explains the principles of the Hajj.

One of the first chapters of the book discusses Islam's sacred nature. This includes discussing the boundaries of the Haram Sanctuary and its superiority over other religions. It also addresses some misconceptions about Islam, including the concept of polygamy and divorce. It even includes a section on religious freedom and terrorism in the name of Islam.

Another important aspect of Islam is belief in the afterlife. The prophet believed in the hereafter, and Allah made signs indicating the hour was approaching. This caused him to become angry. It also led his companions to fear that the hour would occur during their lifetimes.

Mahmoud Mahdi al-Islambooli

Many Muslim wedding books are written for both the groom and bride. These guides can help a Muslim couple make a successful marriage. Some of these books also address the issues of women's rights. For example, one of the books, Fataawa al-Mar'ah al-Muslimah, speaks about the rights of women, the role of Islam in marriage, and the duties of a Muslim woman. Another book, Az-Zawaaj fi Zill al-Islam, is a guide to marriage. It discusses the rules of marriage contracts and how to make a marriage work. It also addresses the issues of women and men's rights and responsibilities in marriage. The author also addresses the issue of how to have a happy marriage, such as ensuring that both spouses respect each other

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