How Many Boxes Of Wine For A Wedding

When it comes to wedding festivities, wine is an incredibly favored beverage, seeing its popularity soar during nuptial celebrations. The question we're exploring is, what is the suitable number of wine boxes for a wedding?

Wine is an essential item in the modern wedding. You need to know the right amount of wine when you plan your wedding budget. In general, buying wine as a box for a wedding is appropriate. Now how many wine boxes you need for your wedding will depend on the number of your guests. In this article, we will give you the exact wine box calculation and other information related to it that you should know.

What Is Box Wine?

Box wine is a package of wine. It is protected in an airtight fiberboard box. Box wine is relatively affordable. By way of these wines are in plastic packaging where other wines are in glass bottles. This does not mean that quality is different.

Since everyone is in a celebratory mood at the event, there is often a chance that the wine bottle will break. This affects the budget of the event host. So if you plan to have a cheap but wine bang at your wedding, then box wine is for you.

How Many Boxes Of Wine For A Wedding

Big or small, wine is the first choice of drinks for all wedding events. Want to have wine arrangements in your wedding planning but can't figure out the number of boxes. This article is for you. Mainly, the amount of your wine box will depend on 2 factors. Take a look carefully.

Number Of Wedding Guests

The number of wedding guests is an X-factor for selecting wine. As per our research and wedding planners' data, almost 2 to 3 glasses of wine should be reserved for each guest. Suppose your wedding has 100 guests. Then you will need (2*100 = 200) wine like a glass.

A standard bottle contains 750ml of wine which is equivalent to six glasses of wine. On the other hand, a box contains 12 bottles of wine. If you summarize everything that stands is 34 bottles of wine or around 3 case boxes of wine are perfect for a wedding of 100 people. Correspondingly, 70 to 72 bottles of wine or 6 case box wine are applicable for the gathering of 200 guests.

Duration Of Wedding

Apart from the number of guests, there is another major factor on which box wine depends and that is the duration of your wedding. In most cases, drinks are served during dinner and cocktail hours. The above calculation is applicable for the first 2 hours.

Now if your marriage lasts more than a couple of hours, then the amount of wine demand will also increase accordingly. So buy wine considering the duration of your wedding.

What Type Of Wine Is Perfect For A Wedding?

Purchasing box wine for your ceremony can be tricky. Because lots of factors that go into making the decision. We understand that the wine type selection for your wedding can feel a bit confusing. Here I am providing some ideas about wine types that you should choose for your wedding.

Red Wine

Red wine is the most classic favorite. It is a wine made by grape varieties of dark color. There are different types of red wines such as pinot noir, intense violet, merlot, etc. You can choose any one of them which will be crowd-pleasing. This will be about 50-60% of the wedding wine purchase.

We recommend 5 potential red wines in your budget. If necessary, you can take the opinion or vote of some of your friends. Additionally, the quality of red wine will also depend on your budget.

White Wine

If you are looking for refreshing and stylish drinks at your wedding then you can choose white wine. Because it is less bitter and tasty. The color of this wine can be straw-yellow, yellow-green, or yellow-gold. Moreover, it has low cholesterol and good health qualities. If you are a hobbyist, white wine can be suitable for your wedding ceremony. Because this wine easily adapts to all styles of food.

Rose Wine

Rose wine is one of the fastest-growing wine purchases in the United States. Although its quality is not as high as red and white wine. Rose wine is a great choice if your wedding has a seafood-friendly buffet reception. In general, rose wines match other foods, including Mexican, Asian, sushi, or Thai.

Sparkling Wine

Sparkling wine is mostly used for toast. A standard bottle is 750 ml which is equivalent to six full wine glasses. These wines are also quite famous for weddings. These create happy moments in marriage which are doubled by sharing. If you are looking for chip options in wine then sparkling wine is for you.


Which Is The Best Box Wine For Wedding?

The answer to this question is very difficult to say in one word. Because not everyone's test is the same. Some prefer spicy, some light flavor. Sauvignon Blanc for high quality in a can bottle. Indaba Sauvignon is flawless for delicious taste and Le Vieille Ferme is preferable for fresh, easy, or chip options.

How Many Servings Are In One Box Of Wine?

A box of wine bottles contains 3 liters or 101.6 ounces of wine. It takes 5 ounces of wine to fill a glass. That means 1 box of wine contains 20 glasses of wine.

How Much Wine Per Person For A Wedding?

An average of 1 to 2 glasses of wine per person is estimated for a wedding ceremony. This only applies to every hour. If the duration of marriage is more, the amount of wine will also increase.

Where Can I Buy Wine At Black Discount?

As we said earlier that, box wine would be an economical and practical choice for you if you are thinking of a bulk group. So you can buy wine from Costco or Sam's Club at wholesale prices so that you can get huge discounts.


A study of alcoholics found that 35%-40% of people prefer wine instead of other beverages. According to that study, a person drinks at least one glass of wine per hour at a wedding. In terms of this amount, you can also collect box wine at your ceremony.

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