How To Make A Wedding Bouquet Shadow Box

After a significant event like a wedding, you probably want to preserve various keepsakes, such as your bouquet. Choosing shadow boxes is a great way to do this. But, the challenge lies in figuring out, How does one craft a Wedding Bouquet Shadow Box?

You can safely store your Wedding Bouquet by creating Shadow Box. Because the shadow box can preserve the bouquet for a long time and even for years. It will show as a nice decorator on your corner table. So keep reading this article to know the formula to make a wedding bucket shadow box.

What Is Shadow Box?

A shadow box is a closed glass front display that artistically stores a variety of objects. It is usually square or rectangular in shape. The glass on top of it protects the inner object from all kinds of dirt and keeps it looking new. As a result, it does not need to be cleaned repeatedly.

The shadow box holds a variety of souvenirs, such as photographs, or meaningful artwork. Moreover, it is a great way to save a bouquet of different birthday or wedding flowers. Because wedding buckets are so attractive that many brides want to decorate them in their drawing-room after the wedding. If you have such a plan then go ahead with it.

How To Make A Wedding Bouquet Shadow Box

If you want to transform your wedding bouquet into a shadow box, follow the steps below.


Step 1

First, place the bouquet in a large plastic bag and close it tightly so that no air can enter. In this case, it is better to have a garbage bag with the upper part tied tightly. Note that this process needs to be done quickly so that the flower does not start oxidizing and is not discolored. Then leave the bag in the fridge for a while.

Step 2

Now take off the bouquet from the fridge and pick fresh and radiant flowers from it. Select as many flowers as you need for your shadow box and let them dry. There are two ways to dry these flowers. You can either use silica gel or keep it on the inside shelf of the closet.

Step 3

It is time to cut the flowers after drying. Cut the stalks and leaves with the flowers with the help of scissors. When cutting, be sure to keep the stem at least 1 cm below the flower. Make flower cuttings in such a way that they fit into your shadow box.

Step 4

Now you cover the hardboard in the background of the box with decorative paper. You can use glue for this. Need to set romantic and lovely couple photo collections. If you want to add several pictures at once, the size of these pictures should not be more than 4 to 5 inches. You can also put a complete picture if you want. It's entirely up to you.

Step 5

Next, you just have to place the flowers cut on one side of the pictures or in the gap or according to the angle. Sometimes the flowers may be a little crooked. That's why stick it with a straight pin. Then rest for a while so that everything is set well. The rest time will depend on your wishes. Wait around 5 minutes.

Step 6

When you realize the pictures and flowers are well set, fix the glass perfectly on the shadow box. Thus, the shadow box of your wedding bucket is ready. It is now ready for display in your drawing-room.

This process is the easiest and most beautiful way to save your wedding bouquet. Which will remain brand new even after a long time.

Other Ways To Preserve Wedding Bouquet

In addition to the above processes, there are some other effective ways through which you can preserve your wedding bouquet. We are mentioning them as follows:

Preserve As Christmas Decoration

You can save your wedding bucket for Christmas tree decoration. Collect glass jars of any shape for this. It can be round, square, or rectangular. Dry the flowers according to the above process. Then place the edges of the flowers inside the glass ball and the stems outside. Tie the stems with a ribbon to hold the flowers together. You can also set some lighting to brighten up the night.

Preserve It By Hanging

This is one of the most used and well-known techniques for preserving wedding bouquets. At the same time, it is affordable. First, you need to separate the flowers from the bouquet. Now the bouquet may be in a wrapped state. So take it off lightly and hang its twigs upside down one by one.

Make sure the area where the flowers are hanging is dry. It will dry in about a week. If the weather is good, the amount of time can be reduced further. When dry you place your bouquet in a vase. Be sure to wrap it with a ribbon after placing it in the vase. A vase with an attractive design will look gorgeous then.

Prepare Them Into A Stylish Bottle

A stylish glass bottle is an idea that no one can resist when it comes to preserving buckets. For this, you need to buy a long clear glass bottle with a cork or sealable top. Then pick the colorful flowers from the bucket. Again, trim their stems completely and fill them inside the bottle. In this case, select only the flower petals. Then roll your vows gently and place them in the petals. Once full, seal it properly.

Send It To A Preservation Expert

Finally, if you don’t want to go with any hassle to preserve your wedding bouquet, simply send your bouquet to a preservation expert. They will make your bouquet a 3D frame or floral window that will look very professional and interesting.


A wedding bouquet is a very special gift for any bride. Some newlyweds want to save these bouquets as souvenirs. So creating a shadow box is one of the easiest and most creative ways to save a wedding bouquet.

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