What Does the M Stand for on a Wedding RSVP?

Wedding RSVP cards often have the letter M written before the guest's name. You may be curious, what does the M represent on a wedding RSVP? Keep reading the article to discover its actual significance.

Nowadays most of the wedding invitation is followed by an RSVP. In case you don’t know, RSVP stands for a French word which stands for Répondez s'il vous plait. In English, it means “please respond”. So, if you get the rsvp with the wedding invitation, then it is what you require using to respond to the invitation. Oftentimes, you will notice the m word at the beginning of the rsvp. But what it means.

It is actually the short form of the Mr. or Mrs. we use while writing our name formally. In the below part of the article, we will let you know about what it means with further details. Keep reading the article.

So, What Does the M Stand for on a Wedding RSVP?

If someone cares enough for you to invite you to the wedding with rsvp, you should respond to it in the correct manner. To be more specific, you will require to write down the reply to let the couple know whether you are joining the invitation or not. However, before your respond the wedding card, the first thing you need to understand is exactly who is invited to the wedding.

But how do you fill-up the rsvp card? And, what’s the M word meaning in the card. Usually, the rsvp card starts with the M letter. It looks something like this “M……”. It actually stands for your title. Like the words, that you use before the name which is Mr., Mrs., Ms., etc. The name that follows is for writing down the name of the guests that will join the wedding. Note that you should also write the title with the name. If your name is John Doe, you need to write Mr. John Doe.

Note that if you are a married couple and going to join the wedding as both, you should write down this in a different way. Which is as follows: Mr. John Doe and Mrs. Jane Doe. You can also write Mr. and Mrs. John Doe. If you are married but the last name is different then you need to write down both names accurately. For the unmarried couple, you will require writing Miss. For the women's name.

How to Respond the Wedding RSVP?

There are some procedures that you should follow while responding to a wedding RSVP. It’s a way to show respect to the host. It also helps the host to plan the wedding and prepare the guest list adequately. Keep reading the article to find out what you need to do:

Reply in the Time

A wedding card or rsvp is usually sent a few days or weeks earlier than the wedding date. Based on the reply of the rsvp, the host prepare the guest list. And, the guest list is also connected to the budget of the wedding. So, if you think not answering the rsvp in time is not a big deal, then you are wrong. Along with replying, it makes sure that you are sending it back as soon as possible. This will help the host or the wedding planner to plan the other things smoothly.

Include the Full Name

A wedding is a formal event and you should follow the etiquette properly. Make sure that you are writing the full name while responding. Here is what you need to do – first write the title of the name. Then write the full name of all invited guests. Everything will be followed by the M in the paper. Make sure that you are writing the full name of everyone who is going to join the wedding based on invitation.

Writing the name of everyone who wants to join will help the host to get a better idea of the headcount. However, if you are not going to attend the ceremony, you will not require adding your full name. Instead, you can use the space for writing the note to mention why you are not joining the wedding.

Write Clearly

Usually, the traditional paper rsvp needs to be responded through writing using a pen. While writing the response, make sure that you are writing legibly. This should be clear and precise. Such as, if you are joining, then write the names who will join. Besides, if you don’t want to join, you might say thanks for inviting and then write down the reason behind this. Make sure that the writing is clear and easily readable.

Don’t Include Uninvited Guest

Never add the name of an uninvited guest in the wedding. Usually, the invited guest list is mentioned in the main wedding invitation. While responding, make sure that you are writing the name of the persons who are invited. If it doesn’t include the kid’s name, you simply cannot add them. Sometimes, the wedding invitation might include your family or invite you and your partner together and later write “adult only”.

You cannot also include the kid in such a situation. Some of the wedding invitations might say, adult only, 18+ only, no-kids. These are the signs that actually said that the wedding will not accommodate the kid.

Replying RSVP by Email

Sometimes, the wedding invitation can be through an online website or email. In such a situation, you might also reply to this following the above etiquette. Here is how to reply to the rsvp through email: first write the title or subject or the email with the name of the people join. Mention again the names in the body. If you are not attending simply mention it with the reason. You might say thank you at the end of the email.


We hope this article will help you to understand what M stand for on a wedding RSVP. It stands for the first letter of the Mr., Mrs., Ms., etc. If you have no prior experience of replying to the wedding RSVP, you can make use of the above tips to do it correctly.

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