How Many Sizes Can a Wedding Dress Be Taken In?

Every bride aims to discover the perfect wedding dress that fits like a glove. On such an important day, looking sleek rather than sloppy is paramount. Therefore, selecting your wedding gown demands careful consideration to make sure it fits perfectly and highlights your elegance. So, how much can a wedding dress be adjusted in size to achieve a closer fit?

In the below part of the article, we will discuss how the wedding dress size can take in. It means how much of the size you can alter. Keep following the article to acknowledge more about the topic. We will also share some tips about picking the wedding dress.

How Many Sizes Can a Wedding Dress Be Taken in?

While purchasing the wedding dress, you need to be aware of the alteration period. Most of the seamstress or fitters want these around 3 months prior. That is because you don’t know how much alteration work will require for this. Some dresses will require fewer works while some others might require a lot of alteration. The alteration period can even be bigger than this based on the work.

It is not an issue for almost all the brides to buy the dress prior to make it even better through altering. However, the problem is somewhere else. You need to worry about the dress size. Three months is long enough for a lot of people to increase or decrease a good amount of weight. As a result, you will also need to be aware of the fact. Considering the issue, you will think of how many sizes can a wedding dress be taken in.

Well, typically, the wedding dress can be changed up to 4 sizes based on the structural integrity of the dress. Although some people say that it's two sizes, in most cases, you should be able to take up to four sizes. That means, if you purchase a size 14 dress, then it can be reduced to size 10 while assuring the structural integrity of the dress. Some of the professional seamstresses can even make it smaller.

What to Do If the Wedding Dress is Excessively Big

Typically, brides take one or two sizes bigger as they can be altered for a perfect fit without losing integrity. But the thing is the wedding expert to go for the same size that fits you the best. This will also assure that you will not require paying a huge amount for the alteration works. Moreover, the dress will also look better in its original design. If you find the dress perfect but it is bigger than your preferred size, you can go for it.

All you need to make sure that you are hiring a talented seamstress to make the alteration work. In such a situation, you need to be aware of the time period required for the alteration. As we said earlier, it requires around at least 3 months for the work. Note that 3 months is the minimum time and it might require more based on various factors. You will also need to be aware of that the amount which will also increase based on the requirement of work.

Another thing about the big-sized dress is that you might lose some of the details of the dress during the alteration work. But everything is worth it if you have fallen in love with the dress while trying it. Another thing about the gown size is its measurement might not fit everyone perfectly. That’s why you should go for a dress that at least comes two sizes bigger. What you also need to take into account is your diet.

Some of the brides want to reduce their weight a bit to be in the perfect shape to look better on the wedding day. If you have such plans, make sure that you are purchasing the dress accordingly. You will need to go for a certain size based on your preferred result. However, don’t go for a smaller size than your current body measurement, if you are not sure of the size. Weight loss is not something very easy. You can also discuss it with your stylist about it.

What to Do If Wedding Dress is Smaller

This is a tricky issue which you might not want to encounter. Although it’s tricky, the problem is not something that you cannot solve. Thankfully, a lot of dresses nowadays come with additional seams. This allows it to fit the bride perfectly without losing the structural integrity of the dress. In such a situation, make sure that you are picking an experienced and confident seamstress who has done this previously.

For a small dress than your size, the seamstress might require lowering the back of the gown, redoing the armholes, preparing the discreet side panels, and doing so many other related works. Note that you need to be ready to pay extra for this tricky job. It might also require a long time, a lot more than usual. Make sure that you are discussing the available options with the seamstress before finalizing what to do.

Is Regular and Bridal Size Same?

The thing is there are no hard and fast rules for the bridal dress sizes. Moreover, the different wedding dress brand makes the size difference and their sizing also vary. Such as a gown size 10 can be like a regular 10 size but it can be a whole lot different for the other wedding gowns. That’s why the sizing of the dress is very confusing.

The smaller companies produce the gowns in smaller order and their size mainly varies on a large scale. However, the bigger brand that mass-produces the gowns usually maintains proper size, and sometimes the size is closed to the regular size.


The wedding dress is one of the most important details of the wedding day. You might not want it to be unfit. If you are purchasing the dress earlier, make sure that you are going for a few sizes bigger to assure a perfect fit during the wedding after few months.

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