How Much Does a Backyard Wedding Cost?

When it comes to planning weddings, most people prefer reserving a location. But, have you ever thought about hosting your wedding in a backyard? With the right preparations, a backyard wedding can offer just as much joy as any event held at a traditional venue. Choosing a backyard wedding allows you to have full creative freedom, freeing you from the usual limitations set by venue providers. Nonetheless, the question of cost arises; what exactly is the price tag on a backyard wedding? Keep reading for further information.

Remember we said earlier that you have so much freedom during a backyard wedding? That also means you can invest as much as you want. If you want to go low cost, then you can do this. And, if you want to throw a massive wedding party, you can also do this. Now, keep the below parts of the article for further information on how much it will cost for a backyard wedding.

How Much Does a Backyard Wedding Cost?

If you have a perfect backyard, then it will be a great idea to make it happen there. We are talking about the best days of your life. You can save a lot of money while also making the ceremony fun-filled with more activities or actions. Now let’s talk about the cost involved in this. As the venue is your own property, you will not require paying a single penny for this. However, you might need to clean it, cut the grass, or do some other works which shouldn’t require more than $100.

License, Officiant, Rentals

Now depending on where you are living the cost of marriage registration and the officiant might vary. Furthermore, the cost can vary based on the time of the year, location, and other things. As these things can vary, you can add it as a budget of around $300 to $400. You will also require wedding rings, which can cost you around $300 or more. Then you will require ceremony chairs, dining tables, dining chairs, buffet tables, etc.

The cost for these things will vary based on the number of guests. You can take the budget for this $500. With that budget, you should be able to accommodate around 80 to 100 guests. Note that it might go higher if it is based on the location. Furthermore, you might require payment for some other things like cocktail chairs, cake tables, tablecloths, and napkins. Along with that, you might also require adding the cost for disposable dishes and cups.

Foods and Drinks

The food dishes and drinks vary on a large scale. You put a lot of amounts for the food while also save big by compromising a bit. Typically, you will require paying around $20 per head for the catering that includes charges for the food, caterers, and serving. This can go around $2000 for around 100 guests. For special drinks and the wedding cake, you might require paying around an additional $500.


The wedding dress is something special and you don’t need to compromise with it. As you want to look the best on this, you will also want the best dress. The cost of the dress can vary on a large scale. You can get a decent dress at $500 while it can go up to $4000. However, considering the cost of the average dress, we can go plan a budget for around $1600. Well, that’s not all. Sometimes you might also purchase the dress for the bridesmaid.

If you are going to buy the dress for bridesmaids and a few more people, then you might require to increase the budget a bit more.


When it comes to the details of the wedding, the flower is something that you simply cannot ignore. Weddings and flowers are interrelated and you will require the flowers for a variety of purposes. First, you need the bouquet, corsages, boutonniere, and decoration flowers. You can be pretty flexible with the cost of flowers. If you have a good budget, you can go for stunning flowers that are expensive. For a low budget, you can go for the common and less expensive flowers.

The wedding flowers can cost you around $1000. This can be more or less on the selection of flowers. You might cut off the budget a bit by DIYing the corsage, bouquet, and boutonniere.


A modern wedding is unthinkable without photographs. You must want to preserve some sweet memories of the wedding day to share with your grandchildren. And, that’s why you need the photographers. A professional photographer is requiring to cover the entire day and all the events. The cost of the photographer will be around $1000 if you go for the professional.

Note that $1000 is the minimum average and it can be a couple of thousands depending on a lot factor. If you don’t want to pay such a huge amount, you might give the job of photography to a friend who takes good photos. You will still need to honor him with a generous amount of help.


Well, there are costs for the which you will also not ignore. The wedding invitations are important and they need to be done properly. You will require paying around $250 to $400 for 100 guests at the wedding. You might design the card on your own to cut down the cost a bit.

DJ and Sound Systems

Well, this is not something that is absolutely necessary.  But having a DJ at the wedding might help you to cheer up the mood during the wedding party and dance. A decent DJ will cost you around $400 or more. The sound system will cost you a bit more. It might be around $500 or more considering both.


Note that the above-mentioned backyard wedding cost is approx. and they will vary a lot in the real life. So, don’t take the budget as fixed. In total, you will require paying something around $15,000 to $20,000 for a decent wedding day in the backyard. You are saving a good amount by not paying for the venue which is around $8000 on average. You can use this budget on the other things for a more fun-filled wedding.

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