How Much Does An Outdoor Wedding Cost

Wedding vows initiate the commencement of a remarkably bustling, yet beautiful journey through life. Moving forward with organizing an alfresco wedding calls for setting a date and finding the perfect spot. It is challenging to envision a conventional wedding sans a designated venue. Outdoor ceremonies, in comparison to indoor events, usually boast more intricate and visually stimulating details, which typically translates to a heftier cost. Thus, what investment does an outdoor wedding demand? Let's dive in and discover.

Nowadays outdoor weddings are very popular, especially in the southern countries. Because the service of these marriages is very simple and tidy. Moreover, an obsession or shadowy feeling of nature is found. At the bottom of this article, we will tell you how much an outdoor wedding costs and other information related to it that you should know.

How Much Does An Outdoor Wedding Cost

Outdoor weddings are more expensive than indoor weddings. Because indoor wedding venues have almost all setups like table-chairs, cocktail setups, music. But an outdoor wedding requires arranging everything you need for a certain day. So the amount of cost is also higher. Let's see what happens after an outdoor wedding.

For Lower Wedding

An outdoor wedding can be very simple and cheaply complete if you or your friend or a family member has private property. You can arrange a local catering service for the food menu in your private place. Plus you can put pork on the BBQ to celebrate. This will reduce your costs a lot.

Moreover, you have to decorate thinking about the weather. Otherwise, all arrangements for rain could be ruined at any time. A cheaper outdoor wedding costs $2000- $4000. Of course, the simpler your wedding arrangements, the lower the cost.

Cost Range: $2000- $4000

For Moderate Wedding

Moderate marriage is to maintain a little balance in all aspects. The cost for this wedding is about $ 4,000- $ 10,000. If you can handle your outdoor venue personally, it will be easier for you to spend in other sectors. You can arrange your whole wedding with a good decoration company. Moreover, you can get full service of food through the catering company. You can even set a minibar.

Cost Range: $4000- $10000

For Mid To High Wedding

For a mid to high-range wedding, you need to have a budget plan to spend $ 10,000- $ 20,000. Because the main thing in this wedding is the satisfaction of the guests. There is no shortage of arrangements. If your budget is very large and you want to celebrate the wedding by enjoying the riverside view, then choose a great venue.

Extraordinary scenery under the open sky, as well as fresh air, will create fancy charm on the whole floor of the wedding. These weddings have a separate setup place for each activity such as dance, music, make-up, washroom, cocktail hour.

Cost Range: $10000- $20000

For Luxurious Wedding

Luxurious weddings usually do not have a specific budget. Starting at approximately $ 20,000, it can stop at $ 50,000 or more. Money is not an issue in this marriage. As a result, there is no alternative to premium quality in terms of organization. Luxurious marriage always takes place around a famous river or garden which is a reflection of romance.

Additionally, night camping is prepared through tents to enjoy the beautiful view of the night at a luxurious outdoor event. Buffet service, unlimited drinks, whole night DJ party everything included in this wedding. If you are fond of luxuries, then you can go.

Cost Range: $20000- $50000

Extra Costs For Outdoor Weddings

Outdoor weddings have some extra costs that you should keep in mind when planning your budget. They are as follows:

Portable Bathrooms

The bathroom has become a huge issue in outdoor weddings. So portable bathroom setup is needed. A portable bathroom is essential for every 50 people. Arrange as many bathrooms according to the number of your wedding guests. The cost is completely in addition to the cost of your venue.

Rent Of Dance Floor Setup

The dance is closely connected with marriage. But outdoor weddings do not have a dance floor. If you want to organize a dance at your wedding, then you must arrange a dance floor. You will need to spend approximately $ 250 to $ 300 to manage this dance floor. This cost will vary depending on the size of the dance floor.

Rent Of Glassware And Dishware

Glass, plates, and dishes must serve wedding food. These are never associated with venue rentals. You also have to pay separately for these. These items are rented according to different sizes, models and numbers. So contract the amount of the necessary items with the wedding venue so that there is no problem later.

Parking Rent

Indoor weddings have parking but outdoor weddings do not. As a result, you have to rent a separate space for parking. Needless to say, separate space, separate rent. Make sure this when planning your outdoor wedding.


A lot of staff will work to make your marriage successful. They deserve some tips for their hard work. You also have to pay this cost as additional.

Tips For Completing An Outdoor Wedding at Low Cost

Behind your wedding venue will be the biggest financial investment of the budget. But if you know some ways you will be able to reduce the cost of your wedding.

  • Find out exactly which sector is big and where the amount will be small in your marriage. Make a list if necessary.
  • Choose a venue that has natural beauty so that the decoration takes less.
  • Pick your flowers for decoration and buy them at wholesale cost. If you are not so picky about color and species, you can save at least a hundred dollars.
  • Buy used attire. Because it is never worn except on the wedding day. The cost of a used attire from a new one is less than half.
  • Skip paper invitations and use email.


Choose your outdoor wedding venue based on your budget plan. Make sure the wedding venue selection goes with your style and fits the budget. So before you fall in love with an outdoor wedding, find out exactly how much it will cost.

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