How Much Does Wedding Make Up Cost?

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No wonder that the wedding is one of the most memorable events for all of us. And, when it comes to the wedding day, a bride will simply want to look best than anyone else in the ceremony. Although very few individuals now chose to bang the wedding day without any makeup, it is quite impossible to even think of a wedding without makeup for most of the brides. So, how much does wedding makeup cost?

The wedding cost typically varies on large scale. You can manage to get a decent makeup at $100 while it can go up to $500 based on the same factors. In the below part of the article, we will let you know how the cost can vary and some other information about the wedding makeup.

How Much Does Wedding Make Up Cost?

It doesn’t matter how you look naturally; a professional makeup artist can make you look better and stunning than anyone in the wedding hall. They apply some tricks an According to several reliable sources on the internet, the wedding makeup in 2019 was something around $100. It is actually the cost of the makeup artist. As per another source, the cost of the makeup artist varies from $90 to $475 mostly.

Sometimes the bride is not the only person in the wedding that will get help from the makeup artists. It can also include the other females who will be aside from the bride for the whole day. In fact, some brides choose to go for makeup that matches the bridesmaids, flower girls, and family members. The best thing about makeup artists is they can do the makeup as you want.

Now let’s talk a bit about the cost of the makeup artist. You should be ready to pay around $80 to $140 for the makeup artist per hour. Based on the experience and popularity of the bridal makeup artist, the cost can vary a lot. Moreover, it will also vary based on headcount, the variation in makeup, duration, and a lot of other things. The average rate per hour for the bride is around $90 and it can go up to $200 for multiple headcounts.

Note that the cost for bridal makeup is usually less than the cost for the bridesmaid. This can go as low as $50 and as high as $100 based on the factors.

Things That can Make the Cost Vary

Here are some things that can make of makeup artist vary:


As we said earlier, if you are going to have the makeup for the other ladies apart from the bride, the cost will increase. But the good news is makeup artists typically charge less for the additional people like bridesmaids, flower girls, moms, etc. Furthermore, sometimes the makeup artist may also bring an assistant which will increase the cost. Besides, there can be different people for the face makeup and hairstyle, which will also make the cost higher.

Some makeup services cost hourly a rate for additional people who want the makeup, which is lower than the rate for brides. However, some services may offer you a flat free. In some cases, the flat-free is a better pick as you don’t know how long it might take.

Extra Services

Makeup artists can sometimes take extra charges for additional works that don’t fall under their service. One of such things is fake eyelashes. You may require a flat fee for this if it’s not covered by the service. And, the fee may be different depending on the headcount. Moreover, some makeup artists might offer hair services for a flat rate which will vary around $100. It would be better if you talk about the extra services before setting up the appointment.

Full Day Service

Sometimes you can also book a makeup artist for the whole day. This is for keeping up the makeup perfect while taking part in the day-long activities from photoshoots to dance. In case you want the day-long service from the makeup artist, you will require paying an hourly fee of around $50. Sometimes, the makeup artist may provide you with one of her assistants which will cost you less. You can also negotiate to lower the rate.

Trail Makeup

Trial makeup is a great way to understand what you are going to get. A lot of marriage experts recommend this as it will help you to know how you will look in such an important event of your life. Trail makeup is another thing that can increase the cost. Usually, the cost for trial makeup is around $50 or more. You might require paying something extra as additional fees like traveling.

How to Pick the Best Makeup Artist?

A makeup artist is something that you should easily find out. Nowadays, all professional makeup services have their online footprints. You might find them on Facebook, Instagram, Google, and other places online. One easy way to find the right makeup artist in your area is by searching on these sites. You can also decide whether they are right for you or not by reading the reviews on their pages.

You might also add ask friends and family members about recommendations. If you are being skeptical, it would be better if you go for a trial. This may cost you a bit but following the way, you can easily be confident about the service you are going to get.

How to Minimize Wedding Make Up Cost

To minimize the makeup artist cost, you can make a list of suitable service providers. Then based on their review and portfolio, you can pick up the best one that offers a competitive price while also being good with the service. Furthermore, you can try negotiating the cost also it’s not something we will recommend.


The right and professional makeup artist will make sure that you are looking best at the best day of your life. Besides, the perfect makeup will also make you look better in the photographs. We hope this article will help you to understand the average cost of makeup and how the price can vary.

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