How Much is a Wedding at Alden Castle

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How Much is a Wedding at Alden Castle?

How much does it cost to hold a wedding at Alden Castle? Approximately $25,000 will cover the costs of the ceremony and reception. That does not include transportation and other extras, such as decorations and a DJ. The price includes Administrative Charge and state sales tax. There are two main reception venues at Alden Castle. The Vintage Ballroom and the Grand Hall are the most popular. The ceremony and reception will cost around $90 per person.

Ceremony and reception fees are estimated to be $90 per person

The base fee for a wedding at Alden Castle is calculated based on the number of guests attending your wedding on a Saturday night. The cost to host a wedding at the Alden Castle can range from $22,000 to $45,000 for 125 guests. The fee does not include the cost of decorations, entertainment, photography, or transportation for guests. Guests may choose to pay $15 per car to park at the castle. For the ceremony portion, you will pay an additional service charge of 22% of the total cost. Guests will be able to enter the Castle up to one hour before the reception begins. Guests can also park in the castle's garage. The cost is approximately $13 per person. Guests can also use the Alden Castle's valet parking service. For additional fees, valet parking is available for $15 per car

The Alden Castle is capable of hosting two weddings at the same time. It has separate rooms, bathrooms, and kitchens for each event. The Castle has a state-of-the-art sound system, as well as an elegant setting for a formal ceremony. The venue can accommodate 300 cocktail party guests and 150 seated events. The venue is also available for smaller gatherings, such as a reception for a few friends and family.

The Vintage Ballroom is the perfect wedding venue at Alden Castle. The room boasts royal Tudor architecture and soaring ceilings. It also features a separate lounge and balcony. The venue also has an elegant lounge area and a library. There are multiple rooms for weddings at Alden Castle, so your guest list can grow with the wedding! The ceremony and reception fees at Alden Castle are estimated to be $90 per person.

Accommodations are available for interstate and overseas guests

Alden Castle can host special events and ceremonies, such as weddings, corporate meetings, fundraising galas, holiday parties, milestone celebrations, and mitzvahs. The property is also available for other events, such as corporate retreats and fundraisers. Guests can also stay at the castle to celebrate a milestone in their lives. Accommodations are available for interstate and overseas guests.

The Alden Castle is located near Copley Square and the Financial District, and is across the street from the green line T station. Guests staying at Alden Castle can enjoy the scenic views of Boston Harbor, Back Bay, and Harvard Yard. The venue is also an ideal location for events, such as weddings, charity galas, fundraising dinners, and nonprofit events. While the property is a popular choice for local residents, it also serves as a beautiful venue for weddings and corporate events.

In addition to the castle itself, Alden Castle offers valet parking, which is included in the minimum event cost. Guests staying in Alden Castle can also take advantage of the property's abundant street parking. Located just four miles from downtown Boston, the castle is easily accessible via public transportation and is across from a green line T station. The castle is wheelchair accessible, and has a coat check room for guests who may need assistance with their luggage.

The cost for an Alden Castle wedding is between $22,000 and $5500. The cost does not include other wedding costs such as transportation, entertainment, photography, or decorations. The cost includes a 22% service charge and administrative charges. A basic wedding reception setup is included in the rental fee. The venue comes with brown Chiavari chairs, complete tables, and utensils. This venue is perfect for a small gathering of family and friends.

If you're planning a wedding at Alden Castle, you'll love its historic beauty. The Vintage Ballroom features rich Tudor architecture with soaring ceilings and dramatic windows. The Vintage Ballroom features a balcony overlooking the ballroom and oversized windows. The Vintage Ballroom also has a lounge area, and a recently added library. The Vintage Ballroom and Mezzanine can accommodate up to 400 guests, depending on the size of your celebration.

The Alden Castle is perfect for weddings, combining the timeless romance of the past with contemporary elegance. Wedding planners can help you plan every detail of your event. From choosing the wedding cake to the music, Alden Castle has the perfect place for your special day. Guests can enjoy the beauty of the castle and be a part of a lifelong memory. You will have a lifetime to remember and cherish the moments you shared with your friends.

Car rentals are widely available

If you are planning a wedding at Alden Castle, you may want to consider car rentals. The castle is accessible by car, but you should check the rental companies' availability first. You can often find the best deals on car rental by reading reviews online. You can also hire a car from a local rental agency. The best time to rent a car for a wedding at Alden Castle is before the ceremony.

Car rentals are widely available for a wedding in Brookline, Massachusetts. You can also use them for other special events like corporate meetings, fundraising galas, holiday parties, and milestone celebrations, such as graduations and mitzvahs. Alden Castle is an ideal place to host your special event. It offers an elegant atmosphere for any kind of event, and it has a wide variety of car rentals for the guests.

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