How Much is a Wedding at Beach Plum Farm

How Much is a Wedding at Beach Plum Farm?

You might have numerous questions on your mind, like the cost of hosting a wedding at Beach Plum Farm. When scouring for the perfect wedding venue, there's a lot to think about, such as the ceremony and reception sites, and of course, the catering. To guide you through estimating the cost of your wedding at Beach Plum Farm, take a look at this article. In addition, we'll cover the different kinds of wedding celebrations at Beach Plum Farm and offer advice on making the best choice for your big day.

Price of a wedding at Beach Plum Farm

If you're planning a wedding on the Jersey Shore, Beach Plum Farm is a wonderful choice. Located on Stevens Street, it offers farm-to-table cuisine. The farm is open to the public and offers farm tours, walks through the woods, and delicious, fresh-cooked food. Price of a wedding at Beach Plum Farm depends on your budget. There are several different cottages to rent for your ceremony and reception. To book a wedding at Beach Plum Farm, contact their rental office. You can also tour the farm by appointment.

A wedding at Beach Plum Farm costs around $2,500 for a full day's use of the venue. There is a small fee for catering and music. The farm also provides musicians and catering staff, as well as parking for up to 40 cars. The farm requires a donation of $2,500 for a wedding ceremony and reception. Prices are subject to change, but should remain competitive with similar venues. For example, a wedding at Beach Plum Farm may cost about $15,000 if you're getting married during the week, while a weekend may cost $14,000.

For a wedding on the beach in Florida, consider renting one of the farm's cottages. This venue is also a great place to hold a birthday party. The farm's staff are friendly and helpful. The atmosphere is comfortable and relaxing, and you can expect excellent service and delicious food. You'll love the ambience at Beach Plum Farm. Guests will also enjoy the farm stay, where you'll wake up to the sound of the rooster crowing in the morning. The star-gazing at night is a bonus.


A birthday party is a perfect occasion to host at Beach Plum Farm. This place is filled with friendly and helpful staff. You will be delighted by the service and prices, as well as the fancy decor and pleasant atmosphere. A Google user gave the place 4.6 out of 5 stars, which is not bad at all! Listed below are some of the things to do on your birthday party at Beach Plum Farm. Read on to discover more.

The Farm is a working 62-acre farm that produces more than 100 varieties of fruits and vegetables. The farm also raises a small herd of Berkshire pigs, which contribute to the farm's fresh produce. The farm also supplies produce and meat to local Cape May restaurants. The farm is also a popular place for weddings. Guests will be impressed with the view of the beach and the gazebo on a sunny day.

During your stay at Beach Plum Farm, don't forget to take time to explore the grounds. There are several places to picnic at the farm, including a well-stocked store. You can even take your family for a day of farm-to-table dining. The chickens at the Farm don't seem intimidated by humans, so bring along some snacks to keep them busy. The grounds are stunning and offer a peaceful environment for your vacation.


If you're thinking about throwing your wedding at a farm, consider a ceremony at Beach Plum Farm. This farm is located on the edge of the Ogunquit River, and is a beautiful spot for a ceremony. There are more than 100 types of fruits and vegetables to choose from. Additionally, the farm raises chickens, Berkshire hogs, and eggs for the local Cape May restaurants. In addition to the food, the beach plum farm also uses regenerative farming techniques, which focus on the regeneration of the topsoil, improving water cycle and ecosystem services, strengthening the health of farm soils, and increasing resilience to climate change.

Wedding planners will charge an additional fee for this service, but the overall cost is significantly lower than most other wedding venues. The ceremony takes place at the Farm, which is situated on two acres in West Cape May, NJ. The farm is staffed with animals, including three dogs, two goats, a turkey, 12 chickens, and a turkey. Although you'll be sharing the space with animals, you'll likely find a couple who shares your love of nature.

In addition to the ceremony itself, Beach Plum Farm is an inviting place to spend your honeymoon. Guests are welcome to tour the farm, go on farm tours, and sample farm-to-table fare. It is a perfect place to tie the knot with family and friends. You can also stay on the farm in one of five cottages. You can call the farm for more information, or make an appointment to tour the grounds.


If you're planning a wedding at the beach, you may want to consider a menu that incorporates fresh, local produce. The Beach Plum restaurant can create a menu to suit your special day. Guests can also order dishes from the farm-to-table menu. If you want a wedding menu that's unique and exciting, consider a Beach Plum Farm catering menu. Here are some suggestions:

One of the best parts about getting married at Beach Plum Farm is the location. Its grounds are easy to access, so guests don't have to worry about driving around. The location is reminiscent of home, with two acres and animals including three dogs, two goats, twelve chickens and a turkey. The venue provides a gorgeous tent for the reception, which is a great option for a summer wedding.


When you're planning a beach wedding, you'll need an officiant. Beach Plum Farm has ordained ministers available to officiate your ceremony. You'll want someone who knows the beach well and can coordinate the ceremony with the staff. If you're looking for a wedding officiant with a lot of experience, consider hiring an interfaith spiritualist from nearby. This officiant will handle all of the legalities as well as the ceremony.

If you're looking for a laidback, natural setting, but don't want to spend a lot of money on flowers and decorations, Beach Plum Farm may be the right choice for you. This upscale farm offers a relaxed, natural atmosphere perfect for a wedding. There's a relaxed, rustic feel to the venue, and fresh lavender bouquets provide a touch of organic beauty to your ceremony. The two-acre farm is home to three dogs, two goats, a turkey, and many other farm animals, so it's a good choice for a wedding in the region.

The location of Beach Plum Farm is convenient for many Cape May couples. Located on 62 acres of farmland in West Cape May, it supports sustainable farming practices. It grows over 100 different types of vegetables and fruits, and is the source of meat for many Cape May restaurants. This means that you can choose from a variety of cuisine options to add an authentic Cape May flavor to your ceremony.

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