How Much to Charge for Wedding Makeup?

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Weddings are an important ceremony for every human being on this earth. Everyone wants to look attractive and beautiful at their wedding. To look beautiful, a bride and groom generally want their makeup to be done by any professional makeup artist. There are tons of makeup artists in every country. The wedding makeup costs vary a lot based on the makeup artist's popularity. To know how much to charge for wedding makeup, keep reading the article. 

In the below part of the article, we will discuss how much is the average makeup cost and how it can vary.

How Much Does Wedding Makeup Cost?

Based on some surveys, couples spend more than 400 dollars on their wedding makeup. However, it can be more or less based on a lot of things. A wedding makeup charge depends on these points given below:

Makeup Products Quality

Wedding makeup costs 60 percent depends on the quality of the products which are used in the makeup. To do wedding makeup, makeup artists need many products. The products are: 

  • Foundation
  • Concealer 
  • Mascara
  • Primer
  • Good quality Brushes
  • Setting spray 
  • Blush 
  • Highlighter
  • Face powder
  • Eyebrow kits
  • Lipsticks
  • Bb cream and Cc cream 
  • Eyeshadow palettes
  • Fake eyelashes etc. 

As you can see a makeup artist needs a lot of products to do the makeup perfectly. And to look good, an artist must buy high-quality products.  

Artist Quality

The makeup artist must be experienced to do the work efficiently. You will find different makeup artists with variable experiences and talent. Picking the talented and experienced one will sure be costly.

Salon’s Extra Costs

A big salon has some extra costs. They can cost you for service charge, gratuity, and tax. So, consider the factor while doing the makeup for the premium salons.

Doing Makeup at Home 

Some brides want to do their makeup at their homes instead of going to salons or parlors. For that, an artist has to carry the makeup products and it also adds some extra costs.

Wedding Makeup Package

Every salon has some bridal packages for the bridal. The packages include pedicure, manicure, hair styling, and facials. The packages cost starts from 100 dollars to 1000 dollars. 

As every bride wants to look beautiful at their wedding, they want to do the facials and some extra things to set their makeup smoothly. A normal makeup costs around 200 dollars to 600 dollars. But including the packages, it costs around 300 dollars to 1000 dollars. 

Other Costs for Wedding Makeup

There are some extra costs for wedding makeup. Generally, a wedding program holds for 4 to 5 hours. Sometimes, some wedding programs are held for more than 5 hours. At that time, a bride needs to retouch her makeup. Along with makeup, her hair and dresses might need to be set again. 

For that, the extra costs are added to the primary wedding makeup cost. If any bride has some extra people who also want to do their makeup professionally, it also costs some more money. We have known about how much to charge for wedding makeup. 

Details of Wedding Makeup Products


To start any makeup, primer is the most important step. It is needed in any makeup. Wedding makeup needs to stay in the face for a long time. A prime is a gel type of makeup product to hide pores, make the skin smooth and prep the skin to absorb the makeup easily. But primer quality depends on the brands. The high-quality primers cost more money than the regular non-branded ones. It is the base makeup of wedding makeup.


Foundation is a very important step of any makeup. It even tones skin, disappears skin impurities, hides hyperpigmentation, acne scars, and also fine lines. The foundation must be of good quality to make the makeup pretty. But matching your skin undertone is quite important for makeup. A skilled makeup artist can match skin's undertone perfectly. Some branded foundations work as a moisturizer, primer at the same time.


Concealer hides stubborn acne scars, dark circles, highlights the face, and makes the foundation absorb smoothly. Some concealers have SPF on them. Sunscreen is a great product for the skin. It saves skin from UV rays. 


To make eye makeup look good, mascara is a very necessary product. Mascara helps to curl real eyelashes making them look attractive. Some brands such as Fenty Beauty, Huda Beauty, Dior, wet n wild, etc. have good mascaras. 

Makeup Brushes

Makeup brushes are the 2nd important thing for doing any makeup. Good quality makeup brushes blend the foundation smoothly, makes the makeup absorb well, empathizes with the eye makeup, etc. Makeup brushes cost more money than any type of makeup product. 

Setting Spray

Setting spray sets the makeup perfectly. It is the last stage of any makeup. Setting spray smooths the makeup also. By using setting spray, makeup looks pretty and also sets everything. 


A lipstick can change the whole vibe of makeup. There are thousands of lip colors. Depending on the wedding dress and wedding theme, makeup artists choose the lip color. But cheap lipsticks don’t stay on the lip for more than 1 hour. It is very important to apply good quality lipstick. So always, check the lipstick brand before doing wedding makeup.

Eye Shadow Palettes

Eye shadow palettes are the main product of eye makeup. Good quality eyeshadows stay in the eye for a long time. They are more pigmented. Even so, we can already understand how important it is to do your makeup with a branded eyeshadow palette. 


Highlighter highlights the main point of anyone’s face. It makes the makeup look so pretty. The makeup shines when a highlighter is used.


Weddings are very important for any couple. Everyone tries to look beautiful and present them charmful. So for that wedding makeup plays an important role for it. The cost may feel pricey but it worths it. A wedding makeup generally charges 200 dollars to 1000 dollars including the packages. We consider that you have already understood how much to charge for wedding makeup.