How Much is a Wedding at Brigalias?

Should you have your heart set on a wedding at Brigalias, the time to act is now. This beautiful venue has been hosting couples for over three decades! Discover the details about the pricing for a wedding at Brigalias, and begin orchestrating your ideal nuptials without delay! You'll be happy you made that choice! Continue reading to find out more about this breathtaking venue and the array of services it provides.

Brigalias has a 35-year history

The venue offers weddings in a classic, rustic setting with a brand new vintage barn pavilion. Its chapel offers floor-length windows and white columns with gold accents and a chandelier. The Brigalias' wedding packages are also customizable and offer an array of menu options for cocktail hour. Wedding cakes, cannolis, and eclairs are also available. The restaurant's renowned chef is also available for catering on-site and off.

The grounds at Brigalias are maintained throughout all four seasons, and the venue can accommodate a variety of wedding styles and themes. During the winter, Brigalias has indoor and outdoor options that will keep your guests comfortable, even in the freezing temperatures. Weddings at Brigalias will be unforgettable and feature gorgeous flower arrangements and pastel colors. The food and service at Brigalias is top-notch, and the 35-year-history of the venue shows.

The beautiful landscapes surrounding Brigalias are perfect for wedding photos. The covered pavilion, various fountains, wooded areas, and a love statue will ensure picture-perfect wedding photos. The staff is highly trained to cater to all wedding styles, from traditional to contemporary. All of these aspects make Brigalias an excellent choice for a wedding venue. After all, the restaurant is renowned for its 35-year history.

It offers off-site events

Off-site venues for weddings are becoming increasingly popular and more widely known. These venues are a blank canvas for you to decorate however you wish, with some offering tables and chairs, while others may offer only the use of the kitchen. Finding the right off-site event space for you and your guests depends on your budget and personal preferences. It is always best to conduct proper research. In case you are unsure about a specific off-site wedding venue, you should always contact the venue to find out its restrictions.

It offers personalized planning services

The elegant wedding venue at Brigalias has multiple outdoor ceremony locations where couples can exchange their vows in a spectacular arch or romantic gazebo. The gardens are beautifully landscaped, with luscious foliage, beautiful water features, and colorful flowers. Brigalias offers a variety of wedding packages, and personalized planning services are available for your special day. The venue offers a five-hour event, with an open bar, as well as a variety of event rentals.

The Brigalias wedding venue provides the ideal backdrop for romantic summer wedding pictures. The venue's landscapes and various fountains will delight your guests, while the Love Statue will add a touch of romance. Brigalias offers personalized planning services for any type of wedding, so you can have the most memorable day of your life. The team at Brigalias will help you design a memorable wedding by anticipating all your needs and educating you about your options.

It offers champagne toast

If you are planning a celebration for your special day, why not try a champagne toast? While a traditional champagne toast is considered the ultimate in big-day fun, a wedding can become expensive if you include extravagant ideas like a Champagne toast. Luckily, it is easy to make it feel like a pleasant buzz and not a drunken mistake by following a few simple guidelines.

The Brigalias has many different options for your reception, and you can choose between a banquet-style reception or a sit-down reception. The catering packages come with salad, soup, and meat or fish entrees, as well as an optional cocktail hour menu. The catering team at Brigalias also provides the wedding party with a wide variety of eclairs, cannolis, and coffee.

The Brigalias venue offers multiple outdoor ceremony areas, including a romantic gazebo and an impressive arch. The stunning scenery includes lush landscaping, amazing water features, and colorful flowers. Wedding packages at Brigalias are comprehensive and include personalized planning services. The wedding reception is five hours long and includes an open bar. Additionally, you can purchase event rentals or bring your own. For the wedding itself, you can plan the entire event at Brigalias.

A wedding at Brigalias is an elegant springtime event. The springtime flowers and pastel wedding colors accent the elegant Brigalias wedding venue. The bride and groom can toast to each other in front of their guests as they dance into the reception. The bridal party can then take a celebratory drink in the Brigalias' private bar and enjoy a champagne toast with their newlyweds.

Before the wedding, try to taste the champagne. You'll want to choose a brut or dry style. Some catering teams will pre-pour the champagne for the cocktail hour. Otherwise, ask the caterer to pour it before the wedding reception. If you don't want to spend a fortune on Champagne, you can skip the tradition. A celebratory drink that tastes like Champagne will make everyone feel a little more special.

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