How Much is a Wedding at Highcliffe Castle?

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Are you wondering how much a wedding at Highcliffe Castle would cost? It is a Grade 1 listed castle that offers two unique reception venues. Both spaces reflect the timeless style of the Grade I listed castle, and each one features a 30 foot stained glass Jesse window. In addition to the stunning views from the castle's terrace, the castle offers two wedding packages. Listed below are the costs of a wedding at Highcliffe Castle.

The Great Hall

Located in Dorset, Highcliffe Castle is a spectacular Gothic Revival manor. Highcliffe Castle was built in the 1730s for Charles Stuart, 1st Baron Stuart de Rothesay. Its location on the cliffs made it ideal for a picturesque setting, and the gardens designed by Capability Brown make it a popular tourist attraction. You can also tour the gardens and enjoy the views of the surrounding countryside from the garden.

After the 1770s, Highcliffe Castle was badly damaged by fire and fell into disrepair. In 1977, the Christchurch Council purchased the castle. It then began a restoration project, funded by English Heritage and the Christchurch Borough Council. Renovations were carried out in phases, but the castle is now open to the public all year round. A wedding ceremony at Highcliffe Castle may be one of the many events at the Castle, so booking ahead is a good idea!

The Great Hall at Highcliffe Castle has a distinguished history. It has hosted six kings, ten princes, and 12 princesses. Famous guests who have graced the castle include William Gladstone, Nancy Mitford, and Dame Nellie Melba. A wealthy businessman once rented Highcliffe Castle as a way to raise funds. During the 19th century, he even entertained the Royals on one of their visits.

The Highcliffe Castle is an iconic South Coast wedding venue. As the most important surviving house of the Romantic and Picturesque styles of architecture, Highcliffe Castle is a magical setting to exchange wedding vows. With stunning landscaped gardens and a cliff-top path for photographs, Highcliffe Castle is an ideal location for a fairy-tale wedding. You can take your vows in the Wintergarden and enjoy the breathtaking views.

After undergoing a twenty-year restoration, Highcliffe Castle now serves as a cultural centre in the region. It is operated by Christchurch City Council and hosts regular arts and heritage events. While the interior of the castle is not entirely restored, it is still an impressive example of 19th century opulence. The Stuart family's furnishings have long since been gone, but the castle's stained glass is a dazzling example of art from seven centuries.

The State Dining Room

The State Dining Room at Highcliffe Castle is a Grade 1 listed mansion that dates back to the 1830s. It was originally built with entertainment in mind. The castle has hosted royal visitors and is adorned with Gothic revival features. The castle has undergone two fires and is now a Grade 1 listed building. Highcliffe Castle offers a grand view of the Isle of Wight and Christchurch Bay.

Lady Jane Grey entertained the Prince and Princess of Wales on a visit to Highcliffe Castle. They later became King Edward VII and Queen Alexandra. Her account of the prince and princess's visit to Highcliffe Castle dates back to 1880. Highcliffe Castle is now open to the public for civil ceremonies and wedding receptions. Highcliffe Castle offers a variety of packages to suit different needs. There is also a wedding suite that can accommodate up to 150 guests.

The project included refurbishing the state dining room and other areas of the castle. It cost around PS600,000 and included disabled access, heating and indoor toilets. The renovations are scheduled to start in the summer. It is expected to take up to two years to complete the work. Once completed, Highcliffe Castle will serve as a wedding venue for guests in the winter garden conservatory. It will also be used for receptions for weddings.

Guests may enjoy dinner in the magnificent State Dining Room at Highcliffe Castle. The beautiful Victorian architecture is complemented by the stunning views of the Isle of Wight and the Needles. It is a romantic and picturesque style of architecture and is open to the public all year round. You can even host a wedding reception at Highcliffe Castle with its dedicated events team. This is the perfect venue for a memorable event!

The State Dining Room at Highcliffe Castle is a beautiful venue for an elegant wedding. With Italian walnut panelling and a working fireplace, this venue is a perfect choice for your big day. With a beautiful and timeless design, this beautiful castle will make your wedding reception an unforgettable experience. With its exquisite and elegant Victorian interiors, it offers the perfect venue for a wedding celebration. The State Dining Room at Highcliffe Castle is one of the finest locations in the country to hold a wedding.

The Drawing Room

Located on the cliffs at Highcliffe, Dorset, Highcliffe Castle was built in the late 1700s in the Gothic Revival style. The property was once part of High Cliff House, designed by Capability Brown for the 3rd Earl of Bute. This historic property is a must-see for anyone visiting the region. The Drawing Room at Highcliffe Castle was one of the castle's first public rooms. It was designed to impress guests, and has an impressive view of the sea and the nearby Highcliffe Castle.

The Drawing Room at Highcliffe Castle was originally a domestic office. The original baby grand piano was brought to Highcliffe by William Waldorf Astor, who turned it into a stately room. This room was also used for pre-dinner drinks. Astor was famous for his hospitality, and socialised with royals, prime ministers, and many other famous figures, including Winston Churchill and Queen Elizabeth II. Astor was particular about the quality of the rooms he created. He commissioned craftsmen from Elizabethan and Tudor times to restore them to their original splendour.

While the castle itself has not been open to the public for several years, the Highcliffe Stained Glass collection is being carefully restored by the conservation team. The project will end with a permanent exhibition of the collection in 2023. Highcliffe Castle was constructed between 1831 and 1836. It is one of the few remaining examples of the Romantic architectural style. The original owner of the castle, Lord Stuart de Rothesay, was a distinguished diplomat, art collector, and stained glass enthusiast.

King Edward VII, a former ambassador, entertained the Prince and Princess of Wales on several occasions. The Royal couple later became King Edward VII and Queen Alexandra. One of their visits was in 1880. The oriel window at Highcliffe Castle provides panoramic views of the Isle of Wight and the Needles. It was built to impress the visitors and the King. Today, Highcliffe Castle is a place to relax and enjoy the view.

The price of a wedding at highcliffe castle

The Castle at Highcliffe is a Grade I listed building and a favourite among local couples. Built in the 1830s by Lord Stuart de Rothesay, this is one of the best examples of the Romantic and Picturesque style of architecture. It is open to the public all year round and is also available for private functions. You can book the Castle for your special day by sending an enquiry through the website.

The Castle is ideal for civil or humanist weddings and wedding receptions and helps to preserve the historic building. Highcliffe offers various rooms for different purposes, including the Wintergarden, the State Dining Room and the Wedding Suite. Highcliffe Castle can host up to 150 guests. Wedding packages can be tailored to suit your requirements and budget. The prices of weddings at the Castle are listed below. You can also choose the date of your wedding, which is usually a month or two before your wedding.

Highcliffe Castle is a popular wedding venue in Dorset. The castle's two reception venues reflect the timeless style of this Grade 1 listed building. It features a beautiful stained glass Jesse window, which is 30 feet high. The venue is perfect for a romantic wedding and a perfect backdrop for your big day. You'll also be able to take advantage of the castle's stunning gardens and beach. Highcliffe Castle is perfect for a romantic or intimate wedding, and its prices are affordable.

Highcliffe Castle is one of the finest examples of Gothic Revival architecture. It was designed for entertainment and has hosted royal guests. It has also survived two fires and was built on the edge of the ocean overlooking Christchurch Bay and the Isle of Wight. The castle is listed as a Grade I heritage building, which means it's a beautiful and historic venue for your special day. There is no need to be afraid of the price; it's worth every penny.

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