Important Information About How Much Is A Wedding At The State Room Boston?

If your dream is to tie the knot surrounded by the stunning scenery of downtown Boston, the State Room stands out as an exceptional option. This venue comes with a plethora of perks, among which its vibrant nightlife shines. Organizing your wedding here will require booking well ahead of time. Nonetheless, the venue's alluring atmosphere and elegance are accessible throughout the entire year. For those interested, we've compiled crucial details regarding the expenses of a wedding at the State Room below.


The State Room, located on the 33rd floor of Sixty State Street, is the crowning jewel of Longwood Estate. Aside from a fantastic venue, it offers excellent service and unparalleled views of the city and harbor. Couples can choose from the two different rooms for their special day, such as the Great Room with its iconic glass wall or the intimate Harborside rooms geared towards smaller corporate events.

A Boston wedding at the State Room will cost around $18,000, a higher price than you might expect. The average cost per person is about $100, but that can rise depending on the couple's family members. If the couple is a close relative, you may want to spend as much as $200 per guest or even more for the couple. The average cost of a wedding at the State Room Boston is $22,300, which includes the venue, food, and wine, but you will need to pay for the wedding reception, which is usually between ten and fifteen hours.

Weddings in Boston are also expensive, with the average cost of a wedding in 2020 estimated at $34,677. This includes the average price of the engagement ring, which is around $13,800. Weddings in the capital city can be more affordable if you opt to have the event in an outdoor location. In Massachusetts, however, weddings are limited to twenty-five people indoors and five hundred outdoor, depending on the venue.

The State Room Boston offers a number of different packages, including a cocktail hour on the mezzanine and dinner tables on the main floor. The venue is fully catered, and prices vary according to the time of year and the season. Generally, weddings at the State Room cost between $25k and $50k, depending on the day of the week and number of guests. The venue can be easily accessible, so the cost can be spread over a longer period of time.


The iconic Longwood Events venue, the State Room, features unmatched views of the city skyline, and is the perfect location for your special event. Located at Sixty State Street in Boston, the State Room is the only independently-owned special event venue in the area. The venue can accommodate events from intimate gatherings to large conventions. With pristine glass walls and floor-to-ceiling windows, this venue is sure to impress.

The State Room Boston offers several different event spaces, including an open floor plan, which seats 100 guests seated. Standing guests can fill the Great Hall, which features Italian marble floors and wainscoting, and a fully-equipped catering kitchen. In all, the State Room in Boston can accommodate as many as 400 people. For a larger event, consider renting both Grand Staircase and Great Hall. Each has its own unique charm, and can accommodate up to four hundred guests.


The location of the State Room in Boston is perfect for a wedding. It is the perfect setting for a wedding ceremony because it offers spectacular views both inside and out. The stunning cityscape is a great backdrop for wedding portraits, and the weeping willow vines add to the romance. Despite the stately location, it is not overly formal. There are several ways to customize the wedding ceremony to suit your needs and preferences.

The State Room is a premier, independently owned special event venue located at Sixty State Street in Boston. It offers unparalleled views of Boston and the harbor. With more than 850 guests, it is a great place for a grand wedding or an intimate betrothal. Longwood Events also operates full-service venues in Brookline, Newport, R.I., and Boston University Club. Visitors can enjoy fine dining at its on-site restaurants and bars.

The State Room Boston is a great location for a wedding because of its central location. Near the seaport, financial district, and North End, this venue is a great choice for a wedding in the city. Lauren and Bernie got ready at the Boston Marriott Long Wharf, where they exchanged sweet notes before heading to the ceremony. In addition to the beautiful city location, it is within walking distance of many hotels in Boston.

The State Room is a contemporary space in downtown Boston that boasts panoramic views of the city and the harbor. You can have a ceremony on site or hold your reception in the state room itself. The State Room's 20-foot-high windows offer views of both the city and the harbor. The minimalist style of this space allows it to be dressed up for a glamorous soiree or downplayed for an understated wedding.

Getting married in Boston

For an elegant wedding in the heart of downtown Boston, consider the State Room Boston. Close to the seaport, the financial district, and the North End, the location of the state room is perfect for an intimate ceremony and reception. For their celebration, the couple opted for a classic yet fun look - neutral tones, fresh greenery, and pops of pink - and a band and custom cocktails.

Winter weddings at The State Room are especially romantic, despite the unpredictable weather. Celine and Alex met with Wedding Planners several months before the big day to finalize the details and manage the day. Even with 150 guests, their event felt intimate and personal. Wedding planners assisted them in ensuring that all the details were taken care of without any hassle. The result was a romantic ceremony and celebration that was perfect for Alex and Celine.

The breathtaking views from the State Room are breathtaking - both inside and out. Whether you're getting married in a beautiful indoor or outdoor space, you're sure to enjoy spectacular views from the state room Boston. You can even take your wedding portraits outside in the lush garden with weeping willow vines and a picturesque view of the Boston skyline. And the venue has a full-service photography team to capture all the best moments of your day.

Cost-wise, getting married at the State Room Boston is an impressive option for a wedding in Boston. The wedding site fee, including all food and drinks, is around $25000 to $50,000. Depending on the date, time of year, and season, the prices may vary. The cost will depend on the number of guests, but the overall cost of the venue, including the cake, linen, and staff, is typically between $50,000 and $75,000.

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