How Much is a Wedding in Hawaii?

Hawaii is often envisioned as an ideal location for weddings by many people. Nevertheless, the perception of steep prices has deterred a considerable number from pursuing this dream. But, when considering the actual cost of a Hawaiian wedding, might you be astonished to find that, setting aside the cost of travel, the average price for tying the knot in Hawaii aligns closely with the standard wedding costs found in many other locations?

If you are planning a destination wedding, we will recommend you to go through the article. Below, we will discuss how much it will cost you to plan a wedding at Hawaii island, your dream wedding location. To make things easier for you, we will also break down the expenses. Keep reading the article!

How Much is an Average Wedding in Hawaii?

As per the reputational wedding sites, the wedding cost in high varies around $35,000. It can go up to $40,000 while as low as $30,000. However, this is just an approx. price based on the cost of other things in the place. It can vary a lot more based on how you plan the wedding considering all the details. The cost of the wedding also varies based on the number of guests, catering service, and some other things.

Although in the same range, the wedding cost in Hawaii is a bit more compared to the average in other places. That is mainly because Hawaii is an isolated location far away from the big cities. As a result, the service cost of things in Hawaii is a bit more. However, the wonderful weather with naturally beautiful scenario makes Hawaii a perfect place to get knotted. These are the main reasons why a lot of couples dream of a wedding in Hawaii.

Budget Breakdown of Hawaii Wedding

As we said earlier, the average cost of a wedding in Hawaii is around $35k USD. Now let’s see the breakdown of the average wedding cost.


When it comes to the wedding budget, the charge of travel is something that comes as additional for Hawaii weddings. If you are not living in Hawaii, then Hawaii is an ocean away from you and you are going there through the airway. If you are planning the wedding earlier, make sure to book prior to a round trip to get some generous discount. Especially, don’t be late when you have fixed the wedding date.

The travel cost of Hawaii will depend on where you are located. Moreover, it will also depend on how many persons will be there with you. As Hawaii is one of the top locations for vacation, there is a lot of airlines that operate their service. Find the right one based on your budget.

Venue Charge

When it comes to the marriage, the venue and food charge eat the big portion of your wedding budget. And, things are no exception for a place like Hawaii. When it comes to the Hawaii wedding, you might prefer an outdoor place. Some of the perfect outdoor wedding venues include North Shore of O’ahu, Pristine Sandy Beaches, etc. The usual cost of these venues varies from $3000 to $7000.

If you don’t want to pay that much just for the venue, you should consider going for an indoor resort wedding. Usually, the resort venues will cost you a lot less, which is around $1500 to $5000. Note that is without the food. If this includes the cost of food and beverage, this will cost you something $15,000 or more based on the number of the guest.


Accommodation cost is another thing that comes up as extra for a destination wedding in Hawaii. It will depend on how many guests are there with you. Usually, a single room there can cost something around $175. Based on the number of people, you can consider booking a hotel block for the expected duration. Another thing you can consider is Airbnb. This might help you to cut down the cost of accommodation a bit.

The cost of transportation is another thing you should consider. Especially, if the place of accommodation is away from the venue, you might require hiring buses or other available transportation services.


Self-catering is not an option when it comes to destination weddings. That means you will require to put a generous amount of budget for catering. It would be better if you go for a full-service catered for the whole day to take care of everything. Based on the number of headcount and food you prefer; you need to be ready to pay something around $7k or more.

Photo, Video, and Music

You must want to preserve the memory of the wedding through videos and photos. If you want to hire a professional photography service for the whole day, you might require paying around $3,500 and around $4,000 for the videography. Try to for the services that offer both as a package to cut down the cost. Also, instead of bringing the photographer, consider hiring locally.

You might also set up the mood of the guests with music. The cost of the musician and DJ might vary on a large scale. It can go up to $2,500.

Other Fees

You will want to have a photo booth at the wedding venue, which will cost around $500 to $700. Besides, you will require a cake for the big day, which will cost you around $350. For the flowers, decorations, and all other things, you will require paying around $4,000 or more. You can hire a good wedding planner who will take care of everything for that cost. For other charges like gratuity, taxes, etc., you can hold around $5000.


As you see a Hawaii destination wedding is not that costly compared to the usual wedding at other locations. In the above, we have tried to illustrate how much it will cost you for the wedding in total. Note that this is just an estimation. The final cost can vary a lot based on the other factors.

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