How To Do Wedding Place Cards

In organizing a wedding reception, various elements demand your focus, such as venue, decorations, and meal choices, to name a few. Yet, an important but small aspect that should not be neglected is the arrangement of place cards. These cards assist attendees in locating their assigned seating. Therefore, how should one go about making wedding place cards?

Place cards play a really big role on a special day like your wedding. In this article, we will put together a comprehensive guide that will give you a little specific knowledge on how to place a wedding card. Keep reading the article to know about wedding place cards including writing rules, etiquettes, and some unique place card ideas.

What Is Wedding Place Cards?

A wedding place card is a piece of paper or stationery that is made for the reception to know the seating position of the guests. Typically, a wedding place card is assigned to a table with the guest's name and table number.

Most of the time it is made of paper but it can also be made of acrylic, chalkboard, glass, or any other material. Moreover, wedding place cards come in a variety of graphics and styles. Many wedding hosts also use customized place cards.

How To Do Wedding Place Cards

Many guests arrive at a wedding. When they enter the ceremony together, there may be some confusion about their seating. You can reserve seats in advance so that your guests do not have to worry about seats. And there is no better way to book this advanced seat than with a place card. But there are some techniques you need to know to set this wedding place card. Below are some samples of them:

Comprise The Name Of Each Guest

Highlight the name first to reserve the wedding seat through the place card. Because every guest can understand by looking at the name which seat has been assigned to him. And one thing to keep in mind when it comes to names. That is, the name should be correct. If the spelling of the name is wrong, the guest may feel a little embarrassed, which is not something you would expect as a successful organizer.

Moreover, sometimes the wedding may have two guests with the same name. In this case, you can use the junior tag at the end of the name. Although it is very rare. So, first of all, include the name of each person on the wedding place card.

Don’t Detach The Couple Guests

Did you know that traditional etiquette testifies that it is irrational to detached couples in a social event like a wedding? Many people forget this small and simple thing due to various busyness. So you should be well aware of who is the couple in your marriage. Assign the same seat to the couple and mention it on the place card. Moreover, when couples sit together, a great impression is created in the wedding ceremony.

Formulate Code For Catering

It is very important to create a unique code for everyone at the wedding ceremony. Because not everyone is the same foodie. Some are beef lovers, some are chicken and some are vegetarians. So different codes should be used for everyone. For example, Red for Beef, Blue for Chicken, and Green for Vegetarians can be used. As a result, those who are associated with the catering service will have the benefit of serving food.

You can mention this code with the help of Just Simple Color Coding Paper or Ink. You can also place this code on the corner of the card with a diamond or a small pearl symbol.

Make Sure They Are Readable

When making a wedding place card, do not use any design or graphics that make the name look vague. Because the main purpose of a wedding place card is to attract guests so that they can take their seats. So write the name, code simply so that it can be seen clearly from a distance and it is worth reading.

Prepare A Master List

Make sure you have a diagram of each table at the wedding. Because it allows you to know where a guest is staying. Moreover, if any guest is missing in the wedding ceremony or if any additional guest is added later, you can easily understand it with the help of the master list. So prepare a master list.

Consider Your Wedding Atmosphere

Design your wedding place card in a way that matches your wedding theme and design. Furthermore, setting up a table is another important task. If the table is filled with florals, candles, glassware, chargers, it can make guests feel overcrowded.

Some Wedding Place Cards To Attract Your Guests

Here are some beautiful wedding card ideas that you can consider for your wedding:


Hand calligraphy wedding place cards are a gold standard when it comes to stationery items to reserve wedding seats. It has 12 fonts that you can combine with different ink or luxe colors.

Fresh Magnolia Leaf

Fresh Magnolia Lives is a somewhat classic and Southern-style wedding place card. You can choose the white or gold color which will show the seat to the guest in a unique way.

Custom Acrylic

If you are looking for a place card of modern and glamor type then custom acrylic can be the best pick. It has different written text variety and painted background style that will impress the guest while showing the seat.

Black And White Monogram

The black and white monogram will be perfect if you prioritize simplicity when making wedding place cards. It is a very classic and widely used event place card.

Luxury Vellum Tassel

Luxury tassel vellum place cards are always the best choice for a wedding reception. These types of place cards are relatively modern and large. As a result, it is easily noticed by the guests. If you do not have a problem with the budget, you can add it as a wedding place card.


After all, the wedding day is all about you and your future better half. Choose seating arrangements that go with you, guests, time, and budget. We hope that the article will help you on preparing the best place cards for your wedding ceremony.

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