What Does M Mean on RSVP Cards for a Wedding?

In Western weddings today, it's become customary to request RSVPs with the wedding invitations. This practice helps confirm who is able to attend the wedding and who is not, making it a valuable tool for hosts to streamline their planning and budgeting. If you're unfamiliar with RSVPs, you might wonder about the purpose of the letter m on wedding RSVP cards.

Well, the rsvp cards for the wedding mean that you should start writing from the place. In the below part of the article, we will let you know what does the M means on the RSVP card. We will also discuss some other important information about the RSVP card and its etiquette. Keep reading the article for further information.

What Does M Mean on RSVP Cards for a Wedding?

The M means the first word of the name title. We all know that our name title starts with Mr., Mrs., Miss, etc. titles and they need to be used on the formal papers. You will start writing the name from the line next to the M. That means it is an indication to write your name here. So, you will write like this “M”r. Your Name. If there are multiple people invited, then you will require to write their names.

While writing the name in the wedding invitation, make sure to write the full name. Also, write the full name of all the invited members from your family if they are joining. Note that it is not necessary to write your name next to the M line if you are joining the marriage ceremony. Instead, you can write here why you will be unable to join. Furthermore, you can write a wish for them to be couple inviting them good luck.

Here are some other etiquettes that you should follow while writing the name on the wedding rsvp.

  1. If you are a single guy, then you will require writing Mr. Your Name. Make sure to writhe the full name. Write Miss. if you are woman instead of Mr.
  2. If you are married and if your partner shares the same last name, then You Should write like this: Mr. and Mrs. John Smith. Or you can write like this: Mr. John and Mrs. Jane Smith.
  3. If you are married but have different last name, then you should write the full name with title separated by AND.
  4. For couples who are not married, you can write the full name with the title Mr and Miss. Example: Mr. John Doe and Miss Jane Smith.

Wedding RSVP Etiquettes for the Host

If you are the host, then following the below tips might help you to make things easier and more efficient.

Send the RSVP at the Right Time

Send the RSVP and invitation with enough time in hand. This will make things easier for both the guest and the host. The guest will have enough time to receive and send it back. On the other hand, the host will get it at the right time and get the headcount for the planning.

While sending the RSVP, you should mention a date by when the guest should send the rsvp back. Make sure that the date is at least three weeks prior wedding so that you can get a proper headcount for the budget and planning. You can also take adequate options if any invitee didn’t respond to the wedding rsvp.

Put a Hidden Number

One of the funny things that happen often is the guest returning the rsvp without filling it. It happens especially for the young guest who might not have much knowledge about the rsvp etiquettes. When you get a blank rsvp, it can be hard to find out who is that mystery guest. Putting a hidden number somewhere in the rsvp will help you to easily find it out. Make sure to save the numbering to match if needed.

Add the Stamps

Don’t forget to put the rsvp on the right stamp on the invitation unless you want the guest to pay the postal charge. Make sure that you are using the right stamp for the wedding rsvp and the invitation. In case you don’t know, you will require a separate stamp for the rsvp. And, you might require a specific stamp based on the size and weight of the wedding invitation envelope and some other factors.

Ask about Entrée

It is a widely practiced tradition to ask about the entrée in the wedding rsvp. Sometimes, the host also asks the guest to mention the entrée they will like. On the other hand, sometimes the guest is asked to mark any entrée that they are allergic to. Even if you are going to offer a buffet, it can be a good idea to add the entrée option in the rsvp to get the guest an idea of what you are serving.

Don’t Forget Return Address

It is very important to write a return address on the wedding invitation where the guest can send back the response. Sometimes, they also use the return address to send gifts. So, make sure you are putting the return address. In case you don’t know, the return address needs to be the address of the host. Another benefit of the return address is it helps to get the invitation back if it failed to reach the invitee.

Wedding RSVP Etiquettes for the Guest

The wedding RSVPs need to be properly filled and sent to the right address. Here are some tips to be efficient with rsvp as a guest:

  1. Write the names of the invited guests properly with the proper name title.
  2. Don’t include anyone who is not included in the invitation card.
  3. Include the name title and write the name clearly with a ballpoint pen.
  4. Send back the invitation in the right time.
  5. Reply the rsvp even if you are not joining. Don’t forget to wish the couple.


The wedding rsvp is very much important to fill in the right manner. We hope this article will help you to know about the wedding rsvp etiquette while also understanding the meaning of m on wedding rsvp cards.

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