What Does the M Stand for on Wedding Rsvp Cards

Wedding invitations and similar celebratory notices act as perfect reasons for family and friends to come together. It's essential to personally acknowledge each guest, which is effectively done through invitation cards. These cards typically include an RSVP card. Many people might not understand the actual purpose behind RSVP cards. We aim to assist you in using these cards properly and effectively. In the subsequent article, we will clarify the significance of the "M" found on wedding RSVP cards.

Replying to an rsvp card is not so easy for the younger generation because they like to communicate casually on the phone or sending texts, emails, etc. if that is the solution you are searching for, stay with us until the end of our article..

What is Rsvp Card 

An Rsvp card is basically a formal reply to an invitation card. Rsvp is a French sentence or phrase which is “répondez, s'il vous plaît,” which means “please reply”. When someone sends an invitation card they have to do preparations for their guest. But many people do not attend the event which is a waste of their preparation and also a reason for great sorrow. It is not a problem that one is not attending your special day, everyone has their personal life, job, family, problems, etc. the actual problem is hosts are not aware of it. So sending an rsvp card along with your invitation card is surely a wise thing to do. 

You can just send an extra envelope with your invitation where the rsvp card is. Your guests will receive the card and inform you if they are attending the function or not also who they are bringing with them. Rsvp card is a really useful and simply amazing thing to use.

What Does M Stand For on Wedding Rsvp Cards

Earlier we discussed about what is rsvp card is and why is it used for. Now we will show you the rules and things you need to know about this. Rsvp card is in a formal format so we have followed that format. So there is a common problem with what “M” stands for in an rsvp card. Here M stands to signify the first letter of your title - the choices are Mr., Mrs., Ms., and Miss. by using these choices you can identify yourself and your family with who you will join the ceremony. For example, imagine you are john and your wife's name is kate so when you are writing your name it will be “M”r Jhon and Mrs kate. 

How to Reply an Rsvp Card

Now we will learn how to reply to rsvp cards. As we learned earlier, an rsvp card is a formal reply for an invitation card that should be replied to in an informal format. The problem is we are not very comfortable using these formal things because we like to do everything casually. All you have to do is just write your name in the M section using Mr, Mrs, Miss, etc. then just mark if you are joining them or not, that's all. Then drop it in the mailbox. It is as easy as that. Remember not answering an rsvp card is one of the rudest things you can do.

Why Should You Send an Rsvp Card

Sending an rsvp card along with the invitation card is really important as a host. Imagine you are planning your marriage ceremony which is one of the best moments in your life. Now you have invited your relatives, friends, colleagues, and everyone who is important to you. At the ceremony, you see your school friend is not there. Won't that hurt your feelings? So if you are using an rsvp card it is easy for you to know if they are attending or not. Also because it is a bit formal people will give their honest answer and won't cancel the plan for some lame excuse.

Why Should You Reply Rsvp Card

The reason you should reply to rsvp cards is to clear the host. Every host should have a clear record of how many guests he has to attend, who is coming or who is not coming, to do preparations for the event. For hosting a good event the host should be aware of these things or there will be a big problem. It is possible that catering is done for 400 people and 300 guests joined so 100 people's food will most probably go to waste where poor people sleep empty stomach. This is a big reason you should reply rsvp on the other hand someone has considered you as an important member so why won't you reply?

How to Make Your RSVP More Responsive

Sending an rsvp and not getting a reply is so stressful. But sometimes it is our fault that we do not make it attractive to be responsive. Many people do not understand what an rsvp is so they don't reply. To avoid this you can use specifying words. Also, you can ask them to share a photo of your memories, this will bring you closer and help you earn more responses. keep your guests in touch. Nowadays everyone has a cell phone before or after sending an rsvp just to call them to ask how they are doing and other stuff. It will make them feel special and they will be more interested in joining the ceremony. So follow these easy steps you can earn a good response in your rsvp.


Weddings are undoubtedly one of the best awaited days of everyone's life. People want to enjoy the day at their utmost and make it a memorable one for the rest of their life. If the wedding hosts are having a clear vision of their guests and invited persons, then this day can be managed without having any hassle. This is why an Rsvp card is very important. In this article, we have gradually learned what an Rsvp Card is, how to use it, and most importantly, what M stands for in the card. We hope now you will not get confused about what m stand for on wedding rsvp cards.

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