How to Drape Fabric on a Wedding Arch

How to Drape Fabric on a Wedding Arch? Certainly, there are several approaches to accomplish this. In this guide, we intend to provide you with the best strategies for hanging fabric on a wedding arch.

The wedding arch is not something that is just for the decoration of the wedding venue. You will be shocked to know that the wedding arch symbolizes the future house of the couple where they will begin their new life. The significance of arch also varies depending on different cultures. Sometimes, walking through the arch also means leaving the past life behind and moving out to something new and beautiful.

To beautify the wedding arch, the fabric is often draped into it. The right combination of fabric and the flower along with the other accessories can make the wedding arch very appealing. Apart from making the wedding venue more beautiful, it will also be a perfect background for some amazing photos. Keep reading to know how you can make your wedding arch better by draping fabrics in various ways.

How to Drape Fabric on a Wedding Arch

There are different variations of fabric that you can use to drape a wedding arch. Their appearance varies, and so do the price, size, and weight. It is your duty to pick up the right fabric that will go with the other decorative item that you will use in the arch. If you don’t know how to drape the fabric on the wedding arch, don’t worry. Below, you will find all the steps you will require following to do this.

Step 1

The very first thing you need to decide is how you want to decorate the fabric with the arch. There are several ways to do this. You will find a lot of ideas online about it. We will show you the basic way to drape the fabric on the arch in this article.

Step 2

Here is what you need to do first. Take two pieces that are long enough for the entire work. Ty the length of baric through the entire length of the arch. You might require doing it two times if you want to create an X-shaped decoration.

Step 3

The next thing you do is to wind the remaining fabric around the supportive pillar or legs of the arch. You can spire the fabric from the top to the bottom in a decorative manner. Then use something like a pin to secure the fabric so that it doesn’t come out.

Step 4

Now you need to stretch the fabric or move them through the roof of the wedding arch from one corner to another. Based on your preferred method, decorate the roof with the fabric. Make sure to keep space for other decorative items like flowers and balloons.

Step 5

Make sure that you are winding the same amount of fabric on both poles and secure them properly. You might also add additional fabric on each corner as required for the decoration.  Now you are done with the fabric. It is the time to decorate with the other items which include ribbons, seashells, flowers, string, pearls, or any other thing you want.

How to Drape Fabric on a Wedding Canopy

Some couples also want a wedding canopy in their wedding ceremony. You will require bases, uprights, drape support, panels of sheer drape, and other decoration you want. Here are what you need to do.

Step 1

The first thing you need to do is to pick the base of the wedding canopy that will include the pole, drape support, etc. You might find all the kits for the canopy sell together in some stores. It will be better if you purchase the kit or the setup. As a result, you will not require thinking about size.

Step 2

Begin with putting the poles by securing them on the ground with the attachments. If you buy kit, you will sometimes get an attachment to secure the four poles without creating any hole. In other cases, you might require creating holes or tightening the pole by inserting them in the ground.

Step 3

Once after completing the insertion of all four legs, you will require adding the drape on the support, then add the drape inserted on drape support on the four legs one by one. Now you do the necessary decorations with the drape. After that, you can add the other details which include the flowers, ribbons, strings, pearl, etc. That’s it you are done.

What Fabric to Choose for Draping the Wedding Arch?

As we said earlier, there are several fabrics that you can utilize in the wedding arch as the drape. One of the most preferred choices for the drape is the voile by couples. They are perfect and look so good on almost all types of the wedding arch. You can also easily drape this on an outdoor wedding. Moreover, it also allows you to use the candles for decoration as the fabric is flame retardant. It also doesn’t cost you a large amount, making it a perfect pick.

Some people also prefer draping with chiffon fabric. It is a very lightweight oven fabric and offers a sheer appearance. Note that there is a different variation of this fabric. Some variation will cost you more while some other is very affordable. Compared to the voile, the chiffon has less width and is less sheer.

Another fabric you can consider is the organza for drape which is made of silk. It usually comes in an extremely lightweight appearance while having more body compared to the other variations. Another thing about the organza is it is sheerest compared to the voile and chiffon. Their cost varies on several factors. If you want to keep the wedding arch lightweight, the organza is what you should select.


The wedding arch is one of the important parts of every wedding venue. Draping the fabric in the wedding arch is very important to make it look good. We hope the given information will be effective for you to decorate the wedding arch.

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