How Wide Should a Wedding Arch Be?

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Whether it is an indoor or outdoor wedding, the wedding arch is like a mandatory part of the decoration. Apart from beautifying the wedding venue, it is also symbolized something important. If you are working with the wedding arch for the first time, it can be a bit hard for you. You might be confused about its overall size. To make things easier, below we will discuss how wide and tall a wedding arch should be.

The size of the wedding arch can vary depending on several things. Keep reading the article to find out the ideal width and length of the wedding arch. Along with these, we will also discuss some important information about the wedding arch.

Are the Wedding Arch Important?

No, the wedding arch is not like something without which the marriage will remain incomplete. The mandatory things for your wedding are a willing partner, an officiant, a license, and some witnesses along with some paper works. But just like a lot of other rituals and proceedings of the wedding, you will want some wedding arch at the venue. This thing symbolizes the future house of the newlywed couple.

Apart from the significance, the wedding arch is also a great way to make the wedding venue more beautiful. Whether it is an outdoor, indoor, or destination wedding, you will find the arch everywhere. In fact, there are several arches at the wedding. They are usually decorated with flowers, fabrics, ribbons, balloons, and other things. People often use the arch to capture some great photographs at the wedding.

So, it is up to you to decide whether you will want the arch at the wedding or not. If you want to go without the arch, the guest at the wedding might ask you a lot about the wedding.

How Wide Should a Wedding Arch Be?

The size of the wedding arch is something that you should carefully evaluate. How wide the wedding arch should depend on the venue. As you will want several people to be able to go through the arch, it should be around 6 feet wide. We are talking about the main arch that stands at the front where the couple takes the bow. It should be spacy enough to accommodate both of the partners along with the officiant.

Now let’s talk about the length of the wedding arch. Well, the length of the wedding arch can be different for different areas. If people are going to go through the arch, then it should be at least around 7 feet or more. If both of the partners are tall, the arch should be a bit taller. It would be better if you go for 8 feet in height. This will assure enough headroom above for perfect photographs.

If the persons are of average height or short, they should keep the wedding arch around 7 feet. That is for the same reason which is the headroom. It is very important to keep the wedding photograph perfect. The photos will be good if there is a bit of empty space between the top of the arch and the couple’s head. This will help the photographers to capture the perfect photos.

How Much the Wedding Arch Cost?

The cost of the wedding arch varies on a lot of things. While shopping for the arch, you will find a lot of variations. Some are made of wood while others are made of metal. Some include other details like flowers, ribbon, fabric, drape, and much more things while some others are flat. Usually, the cost of the wedding arch starts from $50. You will find the entry-level wedding arch at this budget.

If you want something fancy with additional details, you might require investing couple hundred dollars for this. The cost can be different based on the shape, material, decorations, size, and some other things. If you don’t want to break the bank for the arch, you can consider DIYing it. There are a lot of tutorials that you will find online to DIY a wedding arch. You will only require paying a little amount for a DIY one to buy the required things.

You can also rent a wedding arch sometimes. Search online for the wedding arch rental services around your area. If you find them suitable, simply talk with the vendor and ask for the quotes. If it’s alright, you can go for it. The cost of rental can vary depending on the factor we have mentioned above. Usually, the cost will be around $70 to a couple of hundred dollars if you are picking something fancy.

Where to Buy Wedding Arch?

You can purchase the wedding arch from both online and offline stores. When it comes to online, you got a lot of options. You will find the arch in Etsy, Amazon, Home Depot, and some other stores. Some offline shops also sell them, you will require finding them out by asking friends or families. Here is a tip, if you purchase the arch, don’t throw it away after the marriage. You can keep it as a nice memory of the wedding.

Some people also make use of the wedding arch for their gardens after the wedding event. Some even use the arch for the plants that require support for growing. Instead of keeping it, you can also sell it like some other things that are not required after the wedding day. Donating the wedding arch is another amazing idea which you can consider.

How Do You Make the Wedding Arch Stable?

The metal wedding arch might include a pin on the leg that you can utilize to secure them. If they don’t include anything for the support, you can make a large hole on the ground and stick the legs, and secure the arch using the holes. Sometimes, you can also purchase separate stabilizer legs for some variation of the arches.


The wedding arches are one of the most beautiful things of the wedding venue. If you have been confused about wedding arch wide, you should go for something around 6 feet or a bit bigger based on your preference.

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