How Long Does It Take To Edit Wedding Photos?

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How long does it take to edit wedding photos? Well, this is one of the most frequently asked questions of couples after a wedding. There is no definitive answer to this question. Because every professional photographer has a different way of work. And they have their own time frame within which they deliver the images to clients. We took a deep dive to find out.

After marriage, every couple wants to get their wedding photos back with the edit as soon as possible. Because everyone has a curiosity and interest around the wedding picture. This time can depend on many factors such as wedding season, number of photos, client demand, etc. This article provides an approximate idea of how long it can take to get editing wedding photos and how to get quick photos. Keep reading if you want to know.

How Long Does It Take To Edit Wedding Photos?

Wedding pictures need to be very perfect. All couples and their families are eager to get some great pictures. Honestly, there is a lot of work behind perfecting wedding photos that takes some time. The more time the wedding photos take, the more likely they are to be perfect.

As per our research, it can take 2 to 12 weeks to edit wedding photos. However, not all marriages take the same time. All photographers take at least 2 weeks from their clients. Because the wedding picture is not one or two. There are a lot of guests here and at the same time, there is the matter of making an album of pictures.

The amount of time can increase further if there is videography with the wedding photos. In that case, it may take at least 4 to 6 weeks. In general, it takes about 4 weeks to fully edit all the pictures of a wedding.

Things That Can Vary the Editing Time

There can be various reasons for the length of time to edit the wedding photo. For example, a photographer is not just busy with a wedding. There are more other wedding photoshoot schedules on the same day or throughout the week. Moreover, the wedding place is in different places. As a result, they spend a lot of time traveling from one place to another. More key factors take a long time to edit a wedding photo. The reasons are as follows:

What Time Of Year

How long it takes to edit a wedding photo will depend on what time of year you are getting married. Because photographers are very busy during the wedding season. Especially from May to September, the wedding is in full swing. So photographers can't deliver your photo editing by breaking the schedule. But during the winter of the year, the density of marriage is much less. Then you will get photos very quickly.

Client Demand

The duration of photo editing also varies depending on the client's special needs at the wedding. If you add some of your special conditions to a particular case then it is normal to take a little more time without hesitation. This is why you should give the photographer covering your wedding photos enough time so that he can edit well.

Number Of Photos

How fast the wedding photos will be edited is based on the number of photos. About two to four thousand pictures are captured on a wedding day. From this huge amount of raw images, the photographer has to first select the perfect image. Because not all pictures are delivered to the client or the client never receives so many pictures.

Clients select a maximum of 200-400 images. Then the photographer has to edit those pictures. Then every photo edit quality and resolution is not one. So it’s a matter of a huge process.

Photographers Process

The work process of a photographer is also often responsible for the time it takes to edit wedding photos. Naturally, not all photographers have the same type of work. Some may like to work independently while others may not like to work outside of their own timeframe. So couples should wait patiently to get the desired wedding pictures.

Subcontracting Editing

This term may seem unfamiliar to many couples. This means that wedding photos are sent to a professional photo editing specialist or a company. Because taking pictures and editing them is not the same thing. If a photographer has adopted this process, then editing may take more time. This is also known as outsourcing.

Ways To Get Wedding Photos Faster

Below are some effective tips on how to get fast wedding photos:

Talk To The Photographer

Most of the time many photographers can delay photo editing due to work pressure. So as a reminder to him, you should talk to him every few days. In general, express your interest to the photographer to get your wedding photos quickly through message or email. Then your wedding photos will be a headache for him. As a result, he will try to get rid of bothering by quickly editing your wedding photo.

Checking Regular Emails

Please check your personal email every day. Because there may be a possibility to get a response from the photographer at any time. Even if you are on a honeymoon vacation, check your email at least once a day to get a response from your wedding photographer.

Make A Contract Before Photoshoot

You can follow an effective method to get your wedding photos quickly. Make an agreement with the photographer before the photoshoot. By doing this you will get all the pictures with full edit within 2 to 3 days of your wedding. Of course, you may need to spend some money. We all know that getting premium service will cost a little more and it is acceptable to everyone.

Hire Professional Editor

Last but not least you can capture the raw image through a local photographer. Then you can send those images to a trusted professional editing specialist who can provide the best service in a short time. However, if you want, you can edit your wedding photos yourself. Then there would be no more worries about editing time


Wedding photos are your lifelong memory. It would be better if you should display some patience for the perfection of the portraits. After all, the amount of time depends on the number of all the pictures you have taken in the wedding.

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