What to Ask Makeup Artist for Wedding?

Now that you've secured your dream wedding gown and the perfect hairstyle for your big day, the next step is to complete your bridal look. This involves choosing the best makeup artist to guarantee you're absolutely breathtaking on your important day. Whether you're drawn to a bold, Kardashian-inspired look or something more understated and natural, picking the right makeup artist for your wedding is vital. Keep reading to learn about the key questions you should ask your wedding makeup artist.

If you have never done your makeup professionally before then, the makeup trial will be an important task on your wedding to-do list. You need to ensure that you and your chosen makeup artist are a perfect fit for each other and you both can design the ideal wedding look. But have you ever wondered what to ask your makeup artist for the wedding before you confirm your booking with her? Below, we have listed down a few questions that you need to ask to find the right artist for you.

Things You Ask Your Makeup Artist for The Wedding

Are You Available?

You might be wondering, isn't this a basic question? Well yes! It indeed is a basic question but also an important question too. It is better to know if your dream artist is available on a particular date or not. Also, make sure you ask when they are available for trials as well.

What is Your Standard Rate, And What is Included?

No matter how much lavishing wedding you arrange or not, you fix a certain budget for all the wedding segments, including the wedding makeup budget. So instead of beating around the bushes, ask about the cost at the beginning of the conversation. Although your artist may display one price, there may be some additional unfolds that you might know when you discuss further such as some packages that would include some bright party makeup or some rate reduction with a certain size group.

You can also ask if they charge for covering body tattoos for fake acne etc. Also, ensure if certain products or lashes are included in the price, or it is add-ons. Don't forget to ask if the charge consists of your makeup trial too or not.

Can You Travel for My Wedding Day? Do You Charge Any Travel or Location Fee?

While most makeup artist offers on-location makeup for your wedding day but some are based in salons. So before you book, make sure it is suitable for you to get to and from the salon on your wedding day. Also, if your makeup artist provides on-location makeup, ensure they charge a location fee or not or if there are any location charges included on their service fee. You should also ask if it is possible to have a trial run at your location and how much extra they charge.

I Have Skin Allergies or Sensitive Skin. Can You Work with Me? Do You Do Wedding Hair? How About a Wedding Henna?

You know better what you want. And so, it is important to ask questions based on your certain needs. Your wedding makeup should bring out the best in you, and you should be comfortable carrying it the whole day. You may want to ask questions related to your skin or on certain details. You should go for it without hesitating as this will let you know if the makeup artist can consider working with you or not, and there would be no hassle or surprises on your wedding day.

What Style of Makeup Would You Suggest for Me?

It is not surprising for makeup artists to hear such questions. Wedding makeup is meant to be special makeup. That's why most clients are clueless about picking the appropriate makeup style for themselves. If you have trouble picking out a makeup style for yourself, ask your makeup artist to suggest a few tips related to your face shape and skin tone.

Makeup artist has better knowledge as they have worked with different face shapes, features, and tones. You can also find images that feature people who have skin tones and characteristics similar to you. Some makeup artists would love to see your makeup inspiration, and it will also help them get better ideas of what you are looking for. As it says, A visual reference is always helpful.

What Kind of Beauty Products Do You Use?

Skin conditions and allergies are real issues, and we all know how many chemicals are stuffed on makeup products. So, if you have sensitive skin or certain reactions to any product on your makeup, discuss it with your makeup artist. Also, this will let you know if the products they use are suitable for your skin. Or, whether they can manage alternative products for your skin or not.

You can also ask about bringing your product so that they can work your products into the trial. It is ok if you have some favorites all the time go-to makeup products. Ask your makeup artist if they can use some of those products too. Always remember being comfortable brings out the best in you.

What Makeup Products Do I Need to Buy, And Are There Any Certain Products That I Need to Supply?

This question is not frequently asked to make up artists, but it is undoubtedly one of the important questions. Wedding is about celebrations, feast and an entire day event and you will need certain products to touch up. One of them is the lip color or tint that you would opt for your wedding makeup look to touch up during the entire event. You might also need a compact or setting powder to mattify your face. Make sure you ask your artist for a list of essentials you will need. Moreover, it is wise to know if there is any certain product that you need to supply. Such as your foundation shade or primer, etc., that fits your needs and skin. If they can use your makeup, make sure you have it ready on the wedding day.

Can I Have a Look at Your Portfolio?

This is the last and foremost question that you need to ask your makeup artist for your wedding. A portfolio will give you a good indication about their skill level and the looks they are experts at. You would also have an idea if your artist does cakey makeup or does a natural finish looks. Most makeup artists now have online portfolios and so take time to go through them.

Make sure to go through the reviews from real customers, which will give you enough idea that your makeup artist does follow style request or not or her makeup looks cakey on all faces, or she enhances each complexion regarding their shape and tone.


Remember, your wedding day is meant to be about you. So you must not shy from asking questions and making enough inquiries to your makeup artist regarding your wedding look.

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