How to Marry a Millionaire Wedding Dress

"The film 'How to Marry a Millionaire' became an iconic sensation in the 1950s, winning the affection of numerous fans. A standout feature of this movie was the charismatic Marlin Monroe, who was supported by an array of acclaimed fellow actors and actresses. Besides the engaging story and stellar performances, what also captured the audience's attention were the stunning wedding dresses presented in the movie. For more details on the wedding gowns featured in the 'Marry a Millionaire' film, click here to continue reading."

In the below part of the article, we will let you know about the plot of the marry a millionaire movie. Moreover, we will share some interesting information about the wedding dresses in the movie. Keep reading the article to find out everything you will want to know about the film.

How to Marry a Millionaire Wedding Dress

The wedding dress in How to Marry a Millionaire is still very popular amongst the bride. You can even find this dress in a lot of online and offline shops. It was a lace dress worn by Lauren Bacall who played the role of Schatze. The dress consists of embroidered ecru lace along with floral patterns and iridescent sequins. There were also heavy satin linings along with mermaid style making it impressively beautiful.

One of the impressive things about the dress is it doesn’t include a veil. Instead, it includes a hat crafted with white sinamay along with piping swirled that hang on backward. The dress was preserved for a long time and also got some modifications on the sleeves and ruffles. Recently in 2011 after a lot of years, the dress got sold in Debbie Reynold’s auction just for $8000.

As per our research, a lot of online sites sell replica of the dress at a lower cost. If you are a fan of the wedding dress, and if your wedding is coming, you can consider purchasing the dress. Note that you should expect the same details of the dress while purchasing the replica dress which is available at lo2w cost.

Plot of How to Marry a Millionaire Movie

The main three female characters of the How to Marry a Millionaire film are Schatze Page, Loco Dempsey, and Pola Debevoise. Amongst three of them, Schatze was resourceful and talented while Loco was a bit spunky. On the other hand, Pola was a bit ditzy. Three of them rented a luxurious penthouse in New York to attract and marry rich men. They rented the penthouse from Freddie Denmark, who was living outside to hide from IRS.

Although they started searching for rich men, they were out of luck. So, Schatze decided to sell some of the furniture from the penthouse without letting the owner know. And, they continue selling the furniture till the winter. One day Loco brought a person into the house who was assisting her to bring the grocery. Tom becomes very much interested in Schatze but she was not much-interested thinking he is very poor.

The eye of Schatze was on J.D. Hanley as she came to know that he is very rich and worthy. But Tom didn’t stop approaching for Schatze. Little did Schatze known about the wealth of Tom. Every time Schatze meets Tom, she said he doesn’t want to marry him as he is poor. In the meantime, Loco was acquainted with a bad-tempered businessman named Walter Brewster. Although Walter was married, she still agreed to went with him.

They visited a lodge together where the businessman wants to set her up but she becomes disappointed finding the place dingy. She tried to leave but can’t as there was no train. Later she becomes infected with measles and later Walter become infected and then Loco helped him to become healthy again.

What Happens Next

Loco later becomes attracted to a person named Evan Salem thinking he owns a lot of lands. She became very affectionate to the outdoor person and get engaged to him. However, later she finds out that he is nothing but a forest. Although she became disappointed, she can’t leave him as she was already in love with the person.

The next person on the team was Pola who thinks she doesn’t look attractive when she wears the glass. As a result, he keeps the glass off in the presence of the men. She found an Arab oil tycoon named J. Stewart Merrill but he was just another cheater. However, Pola meets another person on a plane journey. She found a man wearing beside her on the train and who told her that she looks attractive in the glass and encouraged her to keep wearing them.

Later she found out that it is the person Freddie Denmark who was going to Kansas City to find out the accountant who put him in trouble with the IRS. Although he didn’t find the person, he got engaged to Lopa and get married. Later the girls reunited at the wedding of Schatze. Schatze later thought she is in Love with Tom and later call off the wedding. Then she gets married to Tom not knowing that he is rich.

Finally, there become three happy couples and went dining together at a restaurant. Schatze jokingly asks Evan and Freddie about their financial condition and then later asked Tom. Tom admits about his huge net worth and holdings. No one took him seriously as they already know he is poor. But later he calls for a check and brought a large amount of money which makes all the three newlywed brides faint.  

Casts of the How to Marry a Millionaire Film

The character of Schatze was played by Lauren Bacall while the character of Loco was played by Betty. One of the main attractions of the film was Marilyn Monroe who played the character o Pola. Some other characters include David Wayne, Rory Calhoun, Cameron Mitchell, Alex D’Arcy, William Powell, Fred Clark, etc.


The How to Marry a Millionaire was also known for its new CinemaScope wide-screen sound process and some other new technologies. You can consider watching the movie if you are a fan of vintage films.

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