How to Keep a Wedding Dress from Yellowing?

The period in our lives when we get married emerges as the most treasured. Similarly, the bridal dress you select represents a symbol of that priceless time.

From wedding gowns to wedding bouquets, we want to keep or store everything to preserve the memory of this special day. But sometimes our white wedding dress seems to turn yellow when you store it for a long time.

A wedding dress can cost over $1000. You don’t want to throw it away after only one use. After spending a lot of money, nobody wants to go in vain. That’s why keeping a wedding dress from yellowing is important.

In this article, we will give information on how to keep a wedding dress from yellowing before and after the wedding. 

How to Keep a Wedding Dress from Yellowing?

If your special day hasn’t arrived yet, you need to take precautions before the wedding dress gets yellow. Here are some tips to store a wedding dress before the wedding.

Steam after Getting the Wedding Dress

The first thing you want to do is steam the wedding dress. Steaming will help to get out of bacteria that causes yellow stains. Also steaming will make your wedding dress wrinkle-free. 

Store in a Breathable Bag

After steaming the Wedding dress, store it in a breathable bag. Avoid storing the wedding dress in a plastic bag. Plastics give fumes that are not noticeable at first. But after long-term use, you'll notice your dress is turning yellow. Use a cloth gown bag to store your wedding dress. Cloth gown bags are breathable and won't cause yellowing. 

Hang the Wedding Dress

After putting the wedding dress in the bag, hang the dress on a hanger. By doing that, your dress won't get wrinkles. Hang the dress with the loop inside so that it doesn't get any wrinkles. Or you can lay it as flat as possible. Make sure not to eat, drink, or do makeup anywhere near your wedding dress. 

How to Keep Wedding Dress from Yellowing after Wedding

You're lucky if you don't get any stains during the wedding ceremony. But what about after the Wedding? Here are some tips to keep wedding dress from yellowing after Wedding:

Store the Dress in the Garment Bag

After the party, just store your dress immediately in the garment bag. By doing that, you're avoiding any unnecessary stains. Even if you're tired, don't forget to keep that wedding dress out somewhere. Also, do not sleep in your wedding dress. It will get wrinkles and stains. Hang the dress again on a hanger after putting it into the bag. 

Take It to The Dry-Cleaner Within 24 hours

This is a mandatory step to avoid the yellowing of your wedding gown. Your gown can get yellow stains from your sweats. Take the wedding dress to the dry cleaner to avoid any kind of yellowness. Your body oil and swats will oxidize and can make the dress brown or yellow. Doing dry cleaning will kick out every stain from the gown. 

Ask a wedding dress preservation expert

Wedding dress preservation is a process to avoid wedding dresses from yellowing. Usually doing this process within 6 months of your wedding will ensure that your dress is clean and safe. If they made your wedding dress of silk fabric, then you should preserve it soon. 

You usually need to consult with a professional. Because your wedding dress is already an expensive thing. And you want to take a risk by giving it to the local cleaner. 

Wedding dress preservationists usually remove stains, steam the dress, repairs the error, keep it in acid-free tissue and store it. 

Clean Every 6 months

You're not going to just store the wedding dress and not check for the rest of your life. Check the wedding gown every 6-8 months. Check every accessory and design to make sure they're still in place. Also, don’t forget to check the fabric quality every time. By doing maintenance properly, you get to keep a beautiful white wedding gown forever. 

FAQS on Keeping Wedding Dress from Yellowing. 

You might get a lot of questions right now. That's why here are some FAQs to solve your problems.

Can you whiten a yellowed wedding dress again?

Yes, you can whiten a yellowed wedding dress again. The wedding dress restoration companies have been doing this for years. Wedding restoration companies usually remove yellow and any stains from the gown. They repair any loose lace or broken accessory. The company also steams and stores the dress perfectly.  

How do you get yellow out of old fabric?

Removing yellow stains out of old fabric is easy. You need some peroxide, baking soda, and water. Mix the ingredients and apply them directly to the stain. Wait for a few minutes. Then use a brush to rub the mixture on the stain. The mixture will remove the stain. 

Can you wear the wedding dress after preserving it?

Yes, the good news is you can re-wear the wedding dress after preservation. Preserving a wedding dress means removing the stain, steaming, and wrapping it. After preserving the gown, you can wear the gown again. 

Can I wash my wedding dress myself?

It is necessary to clean the wedding dress by a professional. However, if you want to wash it by yourself, then be gentle with the fabric. A wedding dress is an expensive dress. You can ruin the dress with just one mistake. If the fabric is silk, then go to the professionals. But if you want to wash the wedding dress, wash it with cold water. Washing the wedding dress with your hand will be the best idea. Sometimes washing machines can be harsh for the fabric.  

Final words

A wedding dress is a piece of art you want to preserve forever. It is the most graceful thing you could ever own. Your wedding dress will take you to that precious moment every time you admire it. It is your responsibility to do some maintenance and take care of it. You will thank yourself later. A wedding dress can’t be cleaned like your regular dress. That’s why it is your responsibility to take care of it.

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