How to Preserve Your Wedding Flowers

While planning your wedding, you often find yourself deeply immersed in scouring Pinterest and deciding on the perfect aesthetic for your special day. However, after your wedding day passes, you might feel as though you didn't fully take in every beautiful detail of the occasion. Fortunately, you have the opportunity to keep the essence of your wedding day alive by preserving your wedding bouquet. By choosing to preserve your wedding bouquet, it transforms into a stunning and sentimental piece of home décor that will forever hold a special place in your heart. Each glance at your preserved wedding flowers will transport you back to the enchantment and love-filled moments of your wedding day. 

Dry Them

One great way to preserve your wedding flowers is to dry them. This is a really simple preservation technique that anyone can easily handle. To dry your flowers, you’ll simply need to secure them and hang them upside down. This can easily be done by tying your flowers together and attaching them to a hanger. You can also hang them on a nail in the wall using a bit of ribbon. Hanging them upside down will help the leaves and petals to dry in more of a natural shape instead of shriveling up with the force of gravity. If you don’t want your flowers to clump together, hang them all individually. Take a long string, tie each flower to a section of the string, and then hang it up across a room to let them dry evenly. Once your flowers are dried, you can display them in many places, such as in a vase or on a shelf.

Press and Frame Them

Another way to beautifully preserve your wedding flowers is to press and frame them. This allows you to display the colors and textures of your wedding flowers in a unique and stunning way. You’ll start by pressing your flowers in a flower press or in between the pages of a heavy book. Once your flowers are sufficiently dried and flattened, they’ll be ready to frame. To ensure that the flowers will stay in the right position, you can glue them to a solid background, such as a piece of cardstock paper. You can arrange the flowers in your frame according to your liking, whether that is an arrangement similar to your bouquet or something totally new and unique. 

Make Resin Art

If you want to make something more unique with your preserved flowers, try making resin art! Resin is a hard, transparent plastic that looks almost glass-like or crystal-like. You can add your dried wedding flowers to resin to make paperweights, bookends, coasters, ornaments, home decor, and much more. You can also add other pretty touches, such as glitter, ribbon, and more to make your resin art represent the beauty of your wedding day. Make sure you use the appropriate safety equipment as you’re working with resin, such as safety goggles, gloves, and a respirator. (There are fumes produced in the resin process that can be dangerous when inhaled.) There are also many resin artists on Etsy that can preserve your flowers if you don’t feel confident handling the process yourself.

Paint Them

Do you want to preserve the memory and beauty of your flowers without worrying about getting them pressed or dried before they’ve wilted? If so, painting your flowers could be the perfect preservation technique for you. You can use watercolor, acrylic paints, or oil paints to create a beautiful rendition of your wedding bouquet and other wedding flowers. Paints are the perfect medium as you can mix paint colors until you achieve the ideal shades for your flowers. Pro tip: make sure you have plenty of wedding pictures to use as reference photos! This will help your painting to be inspired directly by your wedding flowers. Once your painting is finished, display it in your home with a pretty frame as a sentimental and gorgeous piece of art. Again, if you don’t feel confident enough to paint your own flowers, enlist the help of talented artists around you by searching on Etsy or other small business sites. 

Use Wood Wedding Flowers

If you don’t want to worry about trying to preserve dying flowers, you might want to use artificial wedding flowers rather than fresh wedding flowers. There are lots of gorgeous options of artificial flowers that look realistic and timeless, such as wood flowers. You can use wood flowers for your wedding flowers to create the perfect floral aesthetic that won’t wilt or die. Sola wood flowers are made from tapioca root in a natural, environmentally-friendly process. Not only are they beautiful, but they’re also incredibly affordable. You’ll be able to buy many wood flowers for a fraction of the price you’d spend on fresh flowers, and your wood flowers will never wilt or die! These flowers are carefully designed and shaped to imitate some of the most gorgeous flowers that nature has to offer. They can be used to make stunningly realistic flower arrangements for your wedding, and once your big day is over, your wood flowers will stay looking fresh! No watering required! Often, wood flowers can help you to achieve more of a unique, personalized look than is ever possible with fresh flowers. Wood flowers can be hand-dyed to match almost any color. So, if you have really unique wedding colors, wood flowers could be a great option for you. Not only would the look great on your wedding day, but they’ll stay vibrant and bright as the years go on. 

So, if you’ve loved the process of planning your wedding and creating the perfect wedding flowers, don’t let all that time and money go to waste once your day is over. Instead, preserve your flowers with one of these popular preservation techniques and you’ll be able to enjoy your wedding flowers for years to come. There is no better way to commemorate one of the most important days of your life. 

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