Who Wears Flowers At A Wedding

Flower arrangements crucially enhance the visual appeal and significance of a wedding. It's hard to imagine a wedding scene devoid of floral elements. Flowers are fundamental in different segments including decor, corsages, bouquets, boutonnieres, and the swapping of floral garlands. But, who is it that should don the corsage, carry the bouquet, or wear the boutonniere? Keep reading to find out who wears flowers at a wedding.

During the wedding planning process, the bride turns to a question in her mind. That is who wears flowers at a wedding or who should wear the flowers? Well, that’s really a matter of knowing. The corsage is usually worn by the bride’s side and the boutonniere is worn by the groom’s side.

Giving flowers to someone means you are portraying the person who is really important and meaningful to you. Keep following the article to get a clue of who should recognize your corsage and boutonniere.

Who Wears Flowers At A Wedding

Not everyone gets flowers at the wedding. Those who are very close to the bride and groom usually get the opportunity to wear flowers. Who you give flowers to is totally up to you. But below is a list of people who traditionally wear flowers.

Who Wears Corsages?

The corsage is a major personal flower of the wedding that really highlights and shows respect to the people who wear it. The mother of the bride and groom, all the grandmothers, the female friends are considered to be head of the corsage. In many cases, female guests are also treated with respect as well. Moreover, you can also consider your female officer who is officiating the wedding event.

A corsage is usually worn with a pin on the wrist. Grandmothers should be the first priority on your list of people to who you give a corsage. This is not because she is older but it shows respect and gratitude to her. So if your grandma is alive, give her the first corsage.

Then give your mother a corsage. Because the mother is the most common recipient of corsage power. If you have a stepmother, she is also eligible for a corsage. Make sure the color and fabric of the corsage are attractive. Then you can give corsage to your close female friends.

Who Wear Boutonnieres?

Those who wear boutonniere include the groom and the bride's father, grandfather, brother, any male reader, even the male official. The thing is boutonniere is the opposite of the corsage. The corsage is worn by the women close to the bride and groom while the boutonniere is worn by the men close to the men in the wedding.

 Boutonnieres is a single flower that boys of all ages can wear on a suit. This greatly enhances the beauty of the boys' outfits. Boutonniere can be of different colors and designs. It is suitable to be worn with a pin or magnet on the top left of the suit. Somewhere it is also called a buttonhole.

Who Wear Bouquets?

Bouquet tossing is another special and common style of wedding. This is a very funny part that is observed in all marriages. So, try to create your bouquet in a unique style. Because it is going to be very special and magnificent for those who get it by tossing. That's why you can consult a florist before making a bouquet. Make sure you make a bouquet that matches the wedding dress.

The shape is also an important factor when making bouquets. You can give preference to any shape you like. Such as cascade or waterfall, posy, hand-tied, crescent, presentation, and so on.

Who Wear Hair Flowers?

Adding flowers to the hair is an added beauty especially for girls. The girls can also wear round in the hut or in the form of bands or flower crowns. Add flowers to your hair based on your hairstyle. You can proceed to add large or small flowers with green if you want. Girls wearing flower crowns look very sweet and they are always show stoppers.

You can also consider adding more fragrant flowers to your hair such as lilies, magnolias, roses, bellies, or peonies.

Who Hold Petal Baskets?

There can be no cuter thing than having a flower girl wearing a flower crown at your wedding. A collection of different flowers in a petal basket is thrown at the girl. Although it is not a common thing. It is very adorable if you have a flower girl. If you want to give a flower girl a basket of petals, you must practice throwing a few times while she walks with the aisle.


Who Pays For The Wedding Corsage And Boutonniere?

Typically Grooms has to do the billing of wedding corsage and boutonniere. Especially the bride's family has to bear the cost of all kinds of flowers including corsage and boutonniere. However, there are no restrictions on who will pay the bill. If the bride's family pays for the wedding, the groom's family can pay for the flowers.

How Much Does Wedding Corsage And Boutonniere Cost?

The price of corsage and boutonniere varies depending on the season you are buying. Moreover, their prices may vary according to the variety and design as well. However, it is usually $ 20 to $ 30 for each corsage and $ $ to $ 20 for a boutonniere.

What Kind Of Flowers Are Used In Wedding Corsage And Boutonniere?

A corsage can be made through a flower or a small bunch of flowers and using different fragrant flowers. In that case, rose, orchid, carnation, ranunculus, and even succulents are used. On the other hand, carnations, chrysanthemums, mini calla lilies, orchids, roses, and spray roses are used to make a boutonniere.

Flowers that maintain beauty and fragrance without water throughout the day are used to make corsage and boutonniere.


Flowers are imagined as a symbol of the sanctity of a wedding. You can add flowers to your personal preference list. Make sure to consider talking to a florist to get an idea of the best flower style and shape. I hope this article will be useful for you to understand who wears or hold which flowers at the wedding.

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