How to Word No Kids at Wedding?

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When it’s come to the wedding day, there are plenty of decisions to be prepared. Among them creating a guest list can be one of the big ones. You might be confused about how to tell your guest not to bring their kids. If you need some guidelines on how to word no kids at wedding invitation, then you have come to the right place. Keep reading to know more about it.

Some couples don’t want to have a kid at their wedding function. This doesn’t mean that they do not like kids. There are much more reasons why a kid shouldn’t be accommodated at weddings such as space limitations, financial restrictions, or something else. The thing is you simply cannot say any kids directly as it sounds rude.

If you say ‘No Kids’ on the invitation card, it can be a bit harsh to listen and discourage guests from attending the marriage ceremonies. In this article, we will discuss some of the wonderful ways that will work as an alternative to direct ‘No kids’ at the wedding.

How Sensible is it to Word No Kids at Wedding?

Currently, it is not considered a bad practice to give priority to not bringing any kid in the wedding ceremony. Because everyone understands that there can be a reason for telling the child no to come. Even so many people will also appreciate your decision. Moreover, who will be present at the wedding and who will not be is a personal decision.

Marriage is the function of the elders. It is better not to have a kid here. Because sometimes the kid can come to the event and create a commotion or spoil the food as well. Some parents who don’t bring their children to the wedding program though the wedding invitation card doesn’t mention any kids.    

Why Only Adults in Your Wedding?

Getting Married In a Formal Way

Extremely close people are invited to a formal wedding ceremony. Formal marriages are usually performed in less time and the presence of fewer people. Bringing a kid here is not a funny thing. Because they have to take care of them which is a bit annoying.

Space Limitations  

Wedding venues often have limited space. This means you have to keep your guest list limited. So be careful when you making a list of guests so that all the invited guests can sit.

Planning to Have a Party

Some couples plan to arrange a bachelor party after the marriage ceremony. Many adults functions can be conducted during the party where kids shouldn’t be present. So you can tell your guests about the fact that abstain from bringing their children to the wedding. 

Don’t Want Kids During Your Wedding

Finally, you don’t have to be polite to tell that if you don’t want to have any children in your marriage. Just use some words in the invitation card in such a way that the guests understand that their kids are not invited to your wedding day.

How to Word No Kids at Wedding?

Kids always keep the wedding ceremony in the limelight. Undoubtedly, they can be an important part of the marriage. But sometimes they can increase the workload or budget. It is quite difficult to organize a kid-free wedding event without being selfish. That is why you can apply the following techniques. Let’s see what they are:

Set Some Rules

Set some rules to make your wedding ceremony kid-free. Although it may sound ridiculous to hear this, the invited guests will understand very clearly that their children are not allowed in the wedding event. For this, you can set rules in terms of age. Request the parents to not bring their kids if they are under 15 or 18+ years old and make it clear on the invitation card.   

You must make these decisions in discussion with your partner. Otherwise, there may be monogamy between the family members of the two parties.

Be Specific in Your Wedding Invitations

If you want to organize a kid-free wedding then you need to use some specific and clear words in the invitation card. It doesn’t mean to say that you don’t like kids. You just have to be more discriminating while choosing the words. This will not confuse the guests and will respect your decision as well.

You won’t believe that many times guests come to the wedding event with their family squad just because of picking the wrong words. Some of the words like this are family names or the word family is mentioned in the invitation card.

Here are some examples of what an invitation card would look like for a kid-free wedding.

When your wedding venue doesn’t have a suitable environment to bring kids:

  • Due to the nature of our venue, so we are unable to welcome kids to the wedding
  • Our venue has a strict no-under 18s policy, we cannot allow the kids
  • This invitation is reserved for Mr. and Mrs. Danny Morrison

When you are permitting a certain number of Kids:

  • Due to space limitations, we are only able to invite the kid of close family to our wedding
  • Unfortunately, we can’t accommodate kids without our own boys and girls - thank you for your sympathetic

When you want to keep your wedding really simple and formal:

  • Please be conscious that this will be an adult’s base wedding
  • We would like to keep our special day to be an adult-only event

When your budget is limited, your addressees should be something like that:

  • Although we adore your children, due to budget constraints we ask that only adults join
  • Seats have been reserved in your honor due to the limited budget

Letting kids in Wedding but Not in Reception

If you don’t want a completely kid-free event, you can consider the kids at the wedding but not in the reception. You just have to mention it on the invitation card as well. That’s why the card should have wise words like-

  • Kids are only permissible for marriage but not at the reception
  • This wedding ceremony is open is for all ages, but the reception is only for the adults


Marriage is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for most individuals. So it will depend on their preference whether there will be kids or not. However, Instead of saying direct ‘No kids’, you should choose some wise words that look nice and fit. If you are planning to make your wedding ceremony kids-free, you can consider the guidelines mentioned in this article.