How Many Songs Do You Need for a Wedding?

Music now plays a crucial role in modern wedding ceremonies. Although incorporating music isn’t everyone's preference, many pairs feel that music elevates the celebration. If your wedding is quickly approaching, you might find yourself thinking about which tracks to feature at your ceremony. You might also be wondering about the ideal number of songs needed for a wedding. Keep reading to learn more.

When it comes to the music, you need to be a bit careful. You need to pick different variations of the song for different occasions. Such as the music for the bridal parties, reception, and dancing time must not be the same. Keep reading the article to understand how you should plan the music perfectly.

How Many Songs Do You Need for a Wedding?

How many songs you need at a wedding actually depends on a lot of things. You can make everything done with a few kinds of music like 3 and you can also play 30. What you need to make sure that you are picking the right music for every moment. Such as there can be pre-wedding music, bridal entry music, groom entry music, hymns during the wedding. Below, we will discuss what variations of the song you should play at what moments.

What to Play First

Well, it will depend on what you are going to do first. In most cases in western cultures, the bridal party comes first in the wedding ceremony. Depending on how long the bridal party will, you will require planning the time for the song. Typically, the bridal party is somewhere around two to four hours. It can be much shorter based on your preference. So, make the playlist for the bridal party based on how long it will be.

Registry Signing Songs

The registry singing is typically not that long and it usually happens in the middle of the wedding ceremony. In most cases, the registry signing requires around 10 minutes and not more than that. You can put into some music to make the time enjoyable for the guest and two enjoy the signing of the papers. As the time is around 10 minutes, you will require around two to three songs for this moment.

If it is going to be a religious wedding, you might want to play some hymns in this period. This might be around two or three hymns that go well with the moment. Although, it is not that much important. You can play any other suitable songs instead of the hymns if you don’t find them perfect for the moment.

Entry Music

The entrance music is one of the important things in the marriage and the music can make it enjoyable. Especially, during the entry of the bride, you will want to play their preferred or favorite songs. These periods are also perfect to play something that will like waking up the guests on the bridal’s arrival. Typically, you will require around two to three music for this moment.

During the entry, sometimes some suitable music also works instead of the songs. You need to find the right one that can go well with that exact moment. Note that you might also keep playing some songs when the guests are arriving for the marriage. Typically, it is not necessary but this will help the guest to wear a mode for the marriage. You can name this album pre-wedding and it can be around 30 to 60 minutes long.

Dance Songs

The dance time at the wedding is a perfect period to play some good songs. Make sure that you are preparing some songs that are great for dancing. There will be different types of dances like the bride dancing with her father, mother, and then with her partner. Picking the right songs for these moments can make the time more magical.

Do some sort of choreography earlier if you want to impress the guests with your dance moves. And, also pick the suitable songs for the moment. You will require around three to four songs depending on how long you want this session to last.

Exit Music

The exit music is also important for the wedding. They are often called recessionals music. Just because it is an exit, it doesn’t need to be sad songs or music. In fact, a lot of couples nowadays prepare upbeat music or songs that represent energy to show excitement.

There is another variation of the music that comes after the exit music. It is known as the postlude. That typically needs to be played when your guests are leaving. This helps to make the end energetic and romantic. These can be slow music. The time for the music can be anything you want.

Note that throughout the article, we have discussed the music and songs that you can play throughout the wedding. In some places, we might not discuss how long or how many songs you need to play. That is because the number will depend on how many times each session will last.


How Not to Be Messy with the Wedding Music?

There is a trick for this. Such as, you can prepare a playlist for each of the sessions. Based on how long the session will be, you should decide how many songs you want in the playlist. You can also consider total time instead of the number of songs.

Do You Need Live Music in the Wedding?

Live music can be a great part of the wedding. It can make the moment more beautiful and vibrant. However, planning a live music session for the wedding means also increasing your budget. So, if the increment in the budget is not an issue for you, you can add live music to the wedding.


The wedding day is the most special day for the couple as it is the landmark of their new life. So, how long the songs should be played and what songs should be played are completely personal preferences of the couples. We hope the above information will help you to plan the music for the wedding

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