What Songs Do You Need For a Wedding

Struggling to pick out music for your wedding? Fear not, we've put together a thorough list of perfect tunes for your nuptials. Keep reading to find a playlist brimming with songs for each part of your special day.

Music sets the tone of the entire wedding ceremony and creates a festive atmosphere. There will be no music or song at the wedding, it is unimaginable. Because a big part of your celebration. So it’s quite essential to pick the right songs and make sure they are perfect for your every occasion.

If your wedding is nearby then you may be thinking about what songs will be appropriate for your wedding day. In this article, we will help you to create the best playlist of songs for each moment of your special day. The list below can help you plan the wedding you dreamed of.

What Songs Do You Need For a Wedding

What songs are required for your wedding day is dependent on various things. The list of songs should be planned according to the way your marriage is going. Such as a civil wedding, a catholic wedding in the church, a humanist ceremony, or an alternative party is not the same. Below, we will tell you about the variations of the song that you should play on the right occasions.

Pre-wedding Song

Keep playing some songs during the guests are arriving at the wedding event. Although it is not mandatory, still this will help the audients to wear a decent mode for the wedding. You can consider it as a pre-wedding album and it can be around 30 to 60 minutes long.

Wedding Entering Song

The entrance music is considered as one of the startling things in the wedding ceremony. Because it creates everyone smiles on the face. Especially, when the bride arrives in front of the whole palace, she will like definitely to play her preferred songs. This is the best period to play something that will like waking up the guests at the bridal’s entrance. At this point, two or three songs are enough to boost the whole entry-level.

Song During the Dance Session

This is the most awaited thing to everyone. During the dance occasion, you should keep some powerful and hit songs in your playlist that will be very entertaining. There will be different kinds of dances like the bride dancing with her father, mother, friends gang and then with her partner.

Selecting the right songs or music for the dance session can create your wedding day more glamorous. Typically, a mixture of four to five songs is enough to complete it. However, the number of songs can vary depending on the performer as well.

The Last Song

The last song is played during the end of the wedding programs especially when the newlyweds exit the event. They are also known as recessionals music. So it should be happy and lively. Just because it is the exit, it doesn’t mean that you need to play sad songs. In fact, many couples organize DJ music or upbeat songs that double the level of interest.

Why Song Is So Important for a Wedding?

Music is the source of major entertainment at the wedding. There are several reasons that why the song is so necessary for the wedding event. Take a look at how it works:

Song Sets the Mood

The song is a powerful thing that we have all thought about at some point in our lives. Your wedding day song playlist will depend on what category of songs you like. A song can reminisce about a special moment as well. This is how your wedding playlist helps to create a melody for your day.

Song Builds the Impact

If you want your entry music to start with a good song, select some entry standard songs. This is basically the first time when guests see a glimpse of the bride or groom. So the song has to be picked up as if the whole wedding hall is affected. Make sure not to allow loud or rude songs during the entry period. Because there can be a lot of senior citizens in the wedding event and they can probably feel disturbed.  

Music Express the Excitement

Music helps to keep your guests busy and interested. Currently, live music is also a great way to entertain people. Because it has a great visual effect feel that gives all the guests to express their excitement.

Music Is for All Ages

Music has been celebrated as a part of wedding celebrations. Previously music choices were limited. At that time, Music was played in gramophones or found on the wireless. Now in the world of online streaming, an uncontrolled choice of wedding music is at our fingertips. There have several performances for people of all ages which make the wedding more memorable.

Different Genres Over The Times Of Day

If the duration of your marriage falls into two parts, day and evening, then two kinds of vibes are created between the people. Usually, during the day, the ceremony is a bit slow which is getting changed with the evening. If you want to make the evening session more vibrant, you need also different music. In the evening, a party mood is created in everyone. So create your playlist over time.

Song Is a Memory Jerker

A song can evoke many old memories that we may not even remember year after year. That’s why we often hear wedding guests say- “Remember this”. It can also awaken your emotions and creates new memories that make your wedding day unforgettable.

Possible Songs You Can Pick

  • Morning of the wedding: (“Uptown Funk”- by Bruno Mars)
  • For prelude: (“Lover”- By Tailor Swift)
  • For processional: (“Only You”- Joshua Radin)
  • Entrance of the bride: (“Thinking Out Loud”- ED Sheeran)
  • In terms of Recessional: (“I Gotta Feeling”- The Black Eyed Peas)
  • During the dance session: (“ Good AS Hell”- Lizzo)
  • The Last Song: (The Time”- By Black Eyed Peas)

These are my pick songs not final. I tried to give a short demo of what kind of song should be on the list on the wedding day on a different occasion, nothing more.


A wedding day is a very desirable day for couples. They try their best to make this day memorable. And the practice of making that special day through songs has been going on for ages. So you have to be careful about planning the right songs for your wedding day. If this article works for you, please let us know through comment.

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