LDS Wedding Open House Ideas

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If you are planning a Mormon wedding, you should consider hosting an open house as part of your reception. This is an opportunity for guests to meet the bride and groom before the wedding ceremony. The open house is usually a day or evening after the ceremony and is invitation only. It is not required to RSVP. However, the bride's family typically bears the burden of hosting the event, so it will be important for you and your family to discuss how to divide the costs.


The location of the LDs wedding reception should be the bridal couple's new home, which is a great way to show off the property. Other great locations include a favorite restaurant, church fellowship hall, or reception hall. You can use your imagination to decide what you want your reception to be like! Just remember to keep the festivities stress-free and not involve anything too sexual! Here are some ideas for the location of the reception.

Traditionally, the reception is held immediately following the ceremony, but it can be moved up to a few months. Many LDS couples hold more than one open house for family and friends to gather and wish the couple well. The reception location may not be the same as the ceremony location, but it's a great way for guests to get to know the new couple and the wedding plans. And it's fun to see everyone who comes to the reception!


If you have been asked to prepare food for an LDS wedding open house, you might find yourself stumped. Luckily, there are many different options, and here are a few examples to inspire you. Most LDS weddings are held in cultural halls or reception centers rather than churches. In such locations, guests will sit down to a simple treat and sign the guest book. After that, they can leave whenever they like. Unlike other types of receptions, the LDS church does not charge for facilities. Generally, all meetinghouses have round tables, chairs, and basic equipment.

Typically, the best gift for a Mormon wedding would be wine, but the dietary restrictions of the church prevent you from buying alcohol. Instead, you can purchase some foods that cost $15 to $20 and won't spoil overnight. Try to find something that will last for a week and won't go bad. Don't buy a bunch of spices or sauces that you will never use. Moreover, make sure to give a gift that the bride and groom will enjoy.

If you are planning an LDS wedding open house, you can find inspiration from the customs of the church in Utah. The mormons are known to hold "open houses" in many places across the country. At these events, they welcome guests with gifts and wait in line to greet them. Then, they serve their guests with cookies and sliders. Because it's a Mormon event, the food is cheap, and guests are more than welcome.

In addition to serving a simple meal, the LDS bride and groom can also opt for a more formal event such as a formal reception. However, in most cases, they will provide light appetizers and finger foods. In addition to finger foods, they can even provide an opportunity for people to dress up and enjoy the day with the newlyweds. Some couples will even decide to have a luncheon between the ceremony and open house.


If you are planning to celebrate your LDs wedding with a large open house, you may think of inviting your entire ward or acquaintances. However, it is better to send out invitations to people you really know. The more time you spend with your loved ones, the better. Your wedding invitations should clearly state the type of reception and how many guests are welcome. These are some general guidelines that you should consider.

Mormon families tend to be large and spread out, so holding two receptions is often the best solution. Mormons typically have casual ceremonies and formal ones. Likewise, temple sealings can be either formal or casual, depending on the couple's wishes. You can even choose to hold more than one open house for your LDS wedding reception. However, make sure to plan ahead and keep everything organized! There are many ways to make your LDs wedding open house a success.

Dress code

Typically, guests attending an LDS wedding celebration dress in nice clothes. It is not uncommon to see children in the guests' dresses. The bride and groom cut the cake, throw the bouquet, and leave together, but alcohol is typically not served. If you plan to attend an LDS wedding open house, follow the dress code to make sure your guests don't feel uncomfortable. After all, it is their big day!

Consider including RSVP instructions. A formal event may require an RSVP card, return envelope, and a map. If guests are unsure of where to go, this will help them find their way. LDS members are more concerned about whether they can make it to the ceremony or not. So, the dress code for LDS wedding open house ideas should have RSVP instructions. This is especially helpful for guests who aren't familiar with the ceremony.

RSVP instructions

When planning a party, it's important to make RSVP instructions as clear and easy as possible. This is a relatively simple process, but it can be frustrating for both the guest and the host. RSVP instructions are meant to let people know whether or not they can attend, not to get in the way. Listed below are some helpful ideas for RSVP instructions for LDs wedding open house ideas. The first step in creating RSVP instructions for LDs wedding open house ideas:

When planning a formal event, RSVP instructions are an important part of the invitation. Included in the card are the address and contact information of the guest. Ideally, the RSVP date will be a couple of weeks from the event. However, there are always stragglers, so you should provide a phone number where guests can reach you. Once they've been informed about RSVP requirements, they can make the necessary arrangements.

For an informal event, a response card can be a convenient way to collect RSVPs. Include a pre-printed "M" in front of the guest's name for the RSVP form. A pre-printed "M" in front of the name line prompts the guest to put their title before the name. Regardless of how informal the event is, RSVP instructions for LDs wedding open house ideas are necessary to avoid wasteful food or an overly full guest list.

Creating an RSVP card with your wedding's details is a great way to create an elegant atmosphere. The wording on your RSVP card should match the style of the event, and the envelopes should be pre-addressed and stamped. RSVP cards should also provide an RSVP deadline and a way for guests to mark whether or not they're coming. Ensure that guests can RSVP for their plus-ones, too.