What is The M for on a Wedding RSVP?

Nowadays, it's usual for wedding invitations to be accompanied by an RSVP card. This card assists the organizer in figuring out whether the guest plans to attend. Upon receiving a wedding invitation with an RSVP included, you may observe it often starts with the letter “M.” Have you ever been curious about the significance of the "M" on a wedding RSVP?

The M word in the rsvp stands for the title and it’s like a guideline for you to write your name here. In this article, we will discuss a bit more about the wedding rsvp. This article will also let you know about some other etiquettes of the wedding rsvp.

What is The M for on a Wedding RSVP?

A rsvp is something that stands for “répondez s'il vous plait”. The word seems very odd, isn’t it? Well, it is a French word. It means “Please Reply” or “Respond Please” in English. It is usually included on the wedding invitation and you will require returning it back to the address of the host after filling it. The rsvp is the best way to let the host know whether you are joining the party or not. It is a good virtue to reply the rsvp as soon as possible.

Nowadays most of the wedding invitations include an rsvp. Although it’s widely popular a lot of people have no idea about this thing, especially the young people. It is sometimes also called the reply card. The wedding rsvp can come in different sizes, shapes, or with different words. However, one thing you will find common in the rsvp letter is M. The word M is added to signify the title of your name. The titles include Mr., Mrs., Ms., Miss., etc.

In the first line of the rsvp card, you will require the title of your name and the full name followed by the M. So, if your name is John Smith, you will require writing “M”r. John Smith. If both the wife and husband are going to join the wedding, then you will require writing “M”r.  and Mrs. John Smith. If the wedding invitation rsvp is for a single woman, then she will require writing “M”iss and then her full name.

Although using the m word at the beginning of the rsvp is a widely followed tradition. But nowadays a lot of couples use “Names……” instead of “M……..”. That makes it easier for everyone to understand what it means and what to write here.

How to Respond Wedding RSVP

If you have got an rsvp card then you should know the etiquette of replying to it. Note that if it is your first time with the rsvp, then make sure that you are replying to it as early as possible. There is a reason for the host to send the rsvp card. That is to know whether you are joining the wedding or not. Even if you are not joining, it is important to reply to the rsvp. This helps the host to understand who is joining the ceremony or who is not.

Based on the reply of the rsvp, the host can understand how many guests will be there at the wedding. The headcount will help the host to plan for the wedding. Such as the cater, accommodation, and some other things are highly dependent on the headcount. To help the host, you should reply to it as soon as possible. Also, you need to make sure that the writing in the rsvp is clear so that the host understands it easily.

Here is a bit more about how you should write the answer to the rsvp. At first, make sure that you are writing the full name of the people who are going to join the wedding based on the invitation. If husband and wife are invited, you can write Mr. John Doe and Mrs. Jane Doe. We have discussed above how you should write the name.

One thing you need to be aware of the wedding rsvp is, you should only write the name in it who gets invited. Such as, if the wedding invitation says only your name, then you shouldn’t have any other guest like your wife or husband. Also, if the wedding invitation includes the tag “no kids”, “adult-only”, “no children”, you can’t include children.

How to Word the Wedding RSVP?

The rsvp usually clean and small and it doesn’t include many words. Usually, you will require putting a blank line at the first followed by the word m so that the invitee can write their names on it. Note that the blank line can be filled with both one or multiple names based on your invitation. Make sure that you are sending the rsvp as early as possible. Also, include a due date which should be 3 to 4 weeks prior to the wedding date.

After the first line, you also add two phrases which are “yes, I will attend” and “Unable to attend”. You might put two phrases at the different lines with a box so that the guest can tick in the preferred choice. Besides, you can include the choice of entrees. These are the most common things that are included in a wedding RSVP.

Here are some other tips to make better use of the RSVP:

  • Make sure that you are sending the invitation card with enough time so that it can reach to the invitee and come back to you at least three earlier. This will help you to understand the headcount more accurately.
  • Some peoples might return a blank RSVP especially if they don’t know it require filling. To avoid such issues, you can consider putting a number in the back of the rsvp. Make sure to put the same number aside the name of the guest in the guest list to understand easily who is this weirdo.
  • Even if there will be buffet, you can still include the option of preferred dish in the rsvp. Make sure the dishes you are putting are included in the rsvp.


The wedding rsvp is simple and straightforward. If you are wondering about the m word in the rsvp, we should know to understand what it means. We also hope that you will find the information on wedding rsvp etiquette helpful.

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