Top 3 Places to Buy Wedding Lighting

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When it comes to the type of lighting you use for your wedding, incandescent wedding lighting is the most common, but LED and string lights are gaining in popularity. Here are the top three places to buy wedding lighting. Read on to discover more! We'll talk about candle chandeliers, string lights, and color washing. You'll also discover how to design your own lighting! And don't forget to get creative!


Candles for wedding lighting are a traditional way to celebrate the union of two people. The flame symbolizes the union of two souls that are bound for one another. During the ceremony, each bride and groom light a candle. This is done to symbolize the sacred trust of two souls and the divine spark in their respective partners. Candle lighting at a wedding is a symbolic gesture that will last a lifetime. In addition to lighting the atmosphere during the reception, candles are beautiful ways to celebrate the wedding.

In addition to enhancing your reception venue's decor, candles can also be used at the tables. Floating candles come in different colors and shapes to match your wedding color scheme. Whether you're using real candles or flameless candles, the glow they give off will be romantic and charming. Some couples even use candles as reception table centerpieces! The possibilities are endless! Choose from floating candles, hurricanes, or scented options to create the perfect ambience at your reception.

A poem is a touching addition to the unity candle ceremony. The words are often personal to the couple. It can express the deep, transient feeling of love between the two. Alternatively, a child can write the poem or read it to the couple. One popular poem is "The Last Words," by Harold Douglas. It is a traditional, romantic, and moving poem and has been used at many weddings. Besides a beautiful way to mark the end of a marriage, candle lighting can be an element of a wedding reception.

Unity candle ceremonies symbolize the union of two families. Both the bride and the groom light their own candle, which represents their respective families. The two family candles are then joined together to form the newly created family. Some couples opt for a larger candle and place it at the center of the table. The fathers can also light the unity candle, which symbolizes their commitment to their children and to each other. It is common for parents to light candles during weddings, as this is symbolic of the merging of two families.

String lights

When it comes to finding the perfect lights for your wedding, choosing the right type of lighting is an important decision. There are many options available, from romantic candlelight to contemporary Edison bulbs. String lights, for example, are a fun and whimsical option that creates a fairytale-like ambiance. But before you decide on a specific type of lighting for your special day, make sure you know the venue's rules regarding flames.

The type of lighting you choose will depend on your budget and the type of wedding you are planning. Outdoor weddings, for example, will require a lot of power, so make sure you choose a type of light that doesn't use a lot of it. You can also go with bistro lighting if you're planning an indoor wedding. Either way, lighting is an essential part of your special day. But if you're worried about the cost, don't fret! We've put together a list of tips to help you find the best lights for your wedding.

String lights and patio lights add accent lighting to any wedding. These can be made of white, green, or black wire and come in different lengths. You should check the wire type of each light before buying it, as some of these come with different types of sockets. For short runs, you can find in-line sockets for them, while longer ones should have suspended sockets. You can use incandescent bulbs and LEDs for these lights, but make sure to check the label carefully to be sure they're waterproof.

Cool white LEDs are an excellent choice for highlighting the DJ booth and the dance floor. You can use them along the dance floor, or hang them above it. And don't forget to incorporate your wedding colors when selecting your lighting. Lastly, you can buy some extras for your home and repurpose them in different ways. If you don't have a lot of money to spend on lights, consider reusing your old ones!

Candle chandeliers

There are many benefits of candle chandeliers for your wedding. They are versatile and can add a whimsical, industrial chic, or dramatic look to your space. They can be used to compliment any tablescape, from beachy to elegant and complement gold or copper wedding decorations. A few ideas for how to use these elegant chandeliers include these:

Edison bulbs are also an excellent choice, as they fit nicely in barns and many other venues. They provide a warm glow and are easy to hang as chandeliers or in overhanging greenery and floral installations. You can even add an Edison bulb to your current chandelier to give it a new look! Just be sure to check the venue's fire regulations before choosing a chandelier. If your venue does not have these fire regulations, choose a different option.

Rustic chandeliers can also add an unexpected, chic touch to your wedding. Rustic chandeliers are made from wagon wheels, wrought iron, or tree branches, and look particularly charming in barns. Adding twinkle lights to the chandelier will soften its rustic look and make it feel more elegant. But keep in mind that rustic chandeliers are a little trickier to install outside. In that case, you may have to run a power line from one side of the venue to the other.

A wedding chandelier is the perfect way to up-level the decor and reinforce your theme. They are a popular choice for outdoor tented weddings, but you can also use them in an indoor venue. If you are not sure which type of chandelier is best for your reception, check out some tips from professional event planners to ensure the lighting at your wedding is right. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask them!

Color washing

Using color washing lighting for your wedding reception is an excellent option for a unique look. It creates a soft and relaxing mood for your guests, and will highlight certain areas of the room, such as the dinner area. Color washing is best done with soft and muted colors, rather than neon, fluorescent, and warm hues. Green, for example, would not look good in this type of lighting. You can also choose to highlight the bride and groom's monogram, if you'd like to create a theme.

Color washing can be a great addition to a reception hall or outdoor patio. Unlike ambient LED up lighting, color wash lighting comes from the top, allowing for a larger surface area to be covered. It can be used indoors or outdoors, depending on your style and wedding venue. Many of the most beautiful wedding lighting pictures feature this type of lighting, so consider it when planning your wedding. And remember to have fun with it!

A recent example of this kind of lighting is a private residence in Rancho Santa Fe. There were no permanent lights installed on the property, so the lighting was created using wash lights. It's a stunning and unique effect that makes any wedding reception stand out. Color wash lighting is an affordable way to add ambiance to your big day without spending a fortune. You can even create patterns with gobo lighting. And don't forget about pin-spots for perfect centerpiece lighting.

While it's easy to see why color washing is the ideal solution for your wedding, there are a few things you need to know first before you make the decision. First of all, LED lighting requires minimal power. It never gets hot and is much safer than 120-500 watt par can lights. Moreover, LED lighting doesn't require colored gels and has a wide range of colors. And they're also energy-efficient and can be changed to match the mood of your wedding.

Battery lights

You can create beautiful decorative wedding lighting using battery-powered LED lights. The best part about them is their cordless setup and ease of use. You can also create an ambiance of sophistication by uplighting a staircase or a special place in the wedding venue. You can choose between various styles and colors of battery lights, which are available in different styles. Here are some examples:

Icingle string lights - If you're trying to save energy, use battery lights. Hanging them from the ceiling or walls of the venue adds a festive feel to the space. They also make great dancefloor accents. Moveable lights - With multiple colors and patterns, moving lights will give your party a fun atmosphere. These lights will sweep across the room. These lights also make beautiful wedding centerpieces.

Battery lights - If you're on a budget, you can use battery-operated string lights to set the mood at your reception. These lights will change color according to the music that plays. These lights are also available as LED light strips and disco lights. Outdoor lanterns - There are many different types of outdoor lanterns available to suit any style or theme. Hanging lanterns in trees or lining the dancefloor can give your wedding venue an elegant appearance.

Using battery lights is one way to create the most elegant wedding lighting. You can make them yourself and save money on the cost. Choose one that matches your wedding color theme. Another option is to use Christmas lights as wedding reception lighting. They're great for DIY lighting and add a romantic feel to the venue. You can also use Votive Candles to add a romantic glow to the venue. Arrange them in rows as a centerpiece or place them on the floor as a glowing walkway.

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