What is a Bustle Wedding Dress?

Every bride aspires to be the most radiant person at their wedding. This ambition involves paying careful attention to every aspect, ranging from choosing the perfect dress to managing the bustle. But, what exactly does a bustle mean in the context of a wedding gown? Is it a crucial element, or does it influence your appearance?

If you are bothering about what is the bustle in the wedding dress and how to do this, then keep following the below paragraph. We will let you know everything about it.

So, What is a Bustle Wedding Dress?

In case you don’t know, the bustle is the procedure of preparing a wedding dress so it has no train. This makes it easier to walk, dance, and move very easily with the tricky big dress. There is a thing known as bustle point which you also need to know to understand bustle. The bustle point is the point where the train is attached to the main dress/ gown. Typically, things like snaps, ties, hooks, or buttons are used for securing the bustle.

When you purchase the wedding dress, it might not fit you well. You will require fixing the fitting so that it looks perfect on you. Apart from fitting, the seamstress will also bustle the wedding dress based on your preference. As we said earlier, they can several things including buttons and hooks to bustle the dress. There are a lot of variations of bustle. That means you can easily pick the right one based on your preference.

To bustle, a wedding dress is not that much easy. That will require a lot of measurement and attend a fitting with the seamstress to bring up the right bustle. The seamstress may pick a discrete way for the bustle based on the gown, fabric, train length, and a variety of other factors. Note that typically the wedding dress doesn’t include a bustle. You will need to make one with help of the seamstress.

Why the Bustle Wedding Dress is Important?

Bustle is actually very important when you have a long dress for the wedding. In case you don’t choose to do it, there are a lot of issues that you may encounter and they can make your wedding day miserable. As an example, you might not want people to step on the wedding dress during the entire session. Well, that can happen a lot if you don’t bustle the dress.

Bustle is considered a crucial part of dress alteration to make things easier for you. This will pull the back of your dress and secure it the proper way. As a result, you can walk freely as needed without worrying about anything. Besides, bustles when done by professionals, never make your wedding dress unfit or imperfect. You can use anything for the bustle based on your preference from hooks, buttons, others, and their combination.

Remember when we said the bustle can look great if done perfectly? It can also make your wedding dress look messier if not done properly. So, it’s important to pick the right bustle based on your dress and preference. Note that you will not require the bustle when your wedding dress is short or tea-length. But for the usual variation of dresses, it’s very important to get the freedom to dance with your wedding dress and without changing it.

What are the Different Types of Bustles?

The good news is you have quite a few options for the bustle. Below, we will let you know about some of the common variations of the bustles.

American Bustle

The American bustle is the most popular and also the most common variation of wedding dress bustle. Some people also call it over-bustle. That is because the bustle consists of training the train’s outside and securing to the waistline of the gown. There are reasons behind the popularity of this bustle. One of the reasons is this is very easy to prepare for the seamstress and that can be done within the wedding day.

In an American bustle, the bride prefers it in her own way. Such as she can decide to have multiple pick-up points or just one. In fact, there can be one, two, three, and even up to five pickup points for a dramatic appearance. To be more specific, the seamstress can prepare the bustle just the way the bride prefers it based on her style and the type of gown she is wearing.

French Bustle

The French bustle can be the best option as it offers an impressive appearance while it is also not that much complicated to do. The French bustle is sometimes also known as under-bustle and compared to the American bustle; it is completely opposite. That is because the American bustle folds the train above while the French bustle folds it under.

Typically, the French bustle is a two-layered understated hem that makes up the design. It is perfect for the gowns that arrive with a natural waistline. The French bustle can equip ribbons to secure and connect the cloth and there can be multiple pickup points.

Ballroom Bustle

The ballroom bustle is something unique that completes hiding the train. This makes the wedding dress look nice and clean. Typically, the train is hidden under the dress and it is not visible from above. The impressive part about the ballroom bustle is the dress looks very natural as the trim is hidden. Just because of the name, it’s not exclusive to the ballroom gowns. Rather, it is suitable for different variations of dresses.

The above-mentioned are mostly popular bustle techniques currently. Apart from these, you can also consider the train-flip bustle that works like the ballroom bustle by creating an illusion. There are also bow bustles where the fabric is folded and hidden under the bow with ties.


As you see, the bustle in the wedding dress is a great way to make things easier and flexible for you. There are a lot of options for bustle. It will be better if you pick up the right option based on your dress, preference, and other factors after talking to the seamstress.

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