How Much Does It Cost to Bustle a Wedding Dress?

How much does it cost to add a bustle to a bridal dress? The cost for adding a bustle varies greatly depending on several different aspects. In this guide, we will delve into the costs associated with bustling as well as other relevant information.

A wedding dress is one of the most important details of the wedding ceremony and you don’t want to compromise with it. And when it comes to wedding dresses, it is very rare that you will find a perfect fit. Chances are high that you will require altering the dress to make it a perfect fit. And, there can be different types of alteration. Adding a bustle is one of the variations of the alteration.

Adding a bustle is needed for ease of moving and dancing. In the below part of the article, we will discuss how the cost of the wedding dress can bustle. We can also let you know different variations of the bustle that you can consider.

What it Means to Bustle a Wedding Dress?

You might know about the train of the wedding dress. It is the extra part at the bottom of the dress which makes you look better and add elegance to the dress. Most of the wedding dresses arrive with a train nowadays as it makes the bride look magnificent. But there are some drawbacks to the train too. Sometimes, the train can make it really hard to move. Especially, while you need to walk and want to dance, it can be hard with the long train.

Bustle is the process of securing the train of the dress with a hook, button, or ties to secure and hide it behind the dress. It is done in a way to preserve the beauty and the elegance of the dress. This helps to move you with more freedom and ease through the floor. It also reduces the chance of stepping on the train. Bustles allow you to do the dance while wearing the dress. That means you don’t change to something else.

The good news is there can be different variations of the bustle. As a result, you can pick the one that goes well with your dress without minimizing its integrity or details. It would be better if you know while bustle style to choose to look the best. Of course, the seamstress will also help you to pick the right one. Usually, the seamstress will add the hook or the button as needed and teach bridesmaids how to do the bustle.

How Much It Cost to Bustle a Wedding Dress?

Typically, chances are very low that your wedding dress will include a bustle. That means you will require to add the bustle by an expert seamstress. While doing the altering, make sure that you are telling the seamstress that you will require a bustle. She might suggest you a variation of bustle that will go well with the dress. You can also tell her about specific variations if you already know about them.

So, how much it will cost to bustle a wedding dress? Well, it will depend on a lot of things. Such as it will depend on which type of bustle you prefer. Furthermore, it can change based on what you want to add for the bustle from buttons, ties, and other choices. The cost of the bustle can also change based on the complexity of the wedding dress and the train. It can also change based on your location, seamstress experience, etc. factors.

The average cost of bustle is between $75 to $250 in most cases. A simple bustle will cost you less. On the other hand, the wedding dress that arrives with a long train might require more amount. The same thing goes for the wedding dress or train that includes more details. Sometimes it can also vary based on the required number of the attachment point.

Different Types of Bustles for Wedding Dress

There are a good number of bustle that you can utilize on the wedding dress. Below, we will let you know about some of the common and popular types of wedding dress bustle.

American Bustle

Amongst different types, the American bustle is very well known. Sometimes people also refer to it as the over-bustle. In this bustle, the train is lifted from the outside layer and attached to the back of the dress with the waistline. A lot of people prefer it as it’s very easy to do and requires less time to do on the wedding day. Moreover, the American bustle can be modified with multiple pickup points and other details.

Ballroom Bustle

That is another popular variation of the wedding dress bustle. As the name recommends, the ballroom bustle is usually a perfect choice for ballroom wedding gowns. You can also use this style of bustle for some other variation of the dress. A lot of brides prepare the ballroom bustle as it can completely hide the train of your wedding dress. Depending on your preference the seamstress can attach hooks, buttons, or other things to secure the bustle.

French Bustle

The French bustle is a bit complicated compared to the other variations we have mentioned above. However, it is not something that is highly complex. The drawback of this type of bustle is it can be pretty hard for the bridesmaids to put it together. They will obviously require more practice for this. As it is hidden from the back unlike the American bustle or over bustle, it is also called under-bustle.

There are some other variations of bustle which include the royal bustle, bow bustle, train-flip bustle, and much more. Based on the variation of the dress, you should pick the one that suits better and perfectly. As we mentioned earlier, the seamstress can be the right person to discuss which bustle you should choose.


The bustle of the wedding dress is something important which you should consider adding if you want to walk and dance with your wedding dress freely. As we said above, the average cost of adding a wedding dress bustle is around $75 to $250 and it can vary on a lot of things.

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