Where to Buy Good Quality Wedding Rings

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Shopping for a wedding band online is different from looking at it in person. Before you make the purchase, you should understand the different types of metals and diamonds and the Four C's, or characteristics of a diamond, such as cut, color, clarity, and carat. Some brands offer 'try before you buy' features where they will send you a ring so you can see how it looks before you buy it. If you have any questions or concerns about the ring, contact the retailer directly.

Maria Perry Atelier

Buying a wedding ring from Maria Perry Atelier means spending more time with your partner than you expected. This swanky showroom features jewelry with original designs, both vintage and modern. The ring-makers are well known for producing high-quality and affordable jewelry. The Swanky showroom also offers a great selection of jewelry for a variety of tastes and budgets. The showroom is perfect for brides who want to show off their personal style, while those who are on a budget can buy an affordable ring here.

Marisa Perry Atelier is located in New York City's West Village. It specializes in custom engagement rings and wedding bands. The atelier offers carefully curated pieces by leading designers. Douglas Elliott is a master craftsman whose designs have been featured in New York Magazine. Their designs are contemporary but lean toward classic elegance. They also offer custom jewelry for those who have unique tastes and want something a little bit different.

Another upscale store is Sheffield jeweler, which is located in the heart of downtown. It carries both traditional and modern wedding bands. The boutique is also home to many local designers. While the store's focus is on diamonds and gold jewelry, it also carries vintage-inspired engagement rings. The wedding annex is a great place to find a unique engagement ring. And unlike most jewelry counters, it doesn't have salespeople.

Audry Rose

If you're looking for a unique, vintage-inspired ring for your special day, consider visiting Audry Rose in Seattle. The whimsical and colorful designs of the Seattle-based jewelry company are sure to impress. Its bridal collection is also a treasure trove for vintage lovers. In the Pacific Northwest, Audry Rose's sister store, Joseph Jewelry, is a jewel of quality and design. Custom wedding rings are also possible with this Seattle-based jeweler. Upon ordering, a 3D wax model is made of the proposed design.

Joseph Jewelry

Long Islanders can purchase quality wedding rings from Philip Joseph Jewelers, a renowned designer who has been in business for 20 years. This jewelry store, formerly known as Jewelry Bench, is a favorite for long-distance couples. The shop is located in a shopping center on Sunrise Highway in Bellmore, between Rite Aid and Piccolos. Known for its specialized services, Philip Joseph creates custom rings for brides and grooms. You can even design your own ring, resulting in an enduring piece of jewelry for your future spouse.

Sethi Couture

If you're looking for a new place to shop for your wedding band, look no further than Sethi Couture. Established by sisters Pratima and Prerna Sethi in San Francisco, CA, this upscale jewelry line combines old world charm with modern glamour. Their mission is to create a wide range of elegant, timeless jewelry for every time of day and occasion. While they're known for their high quality diamond wedding rings, you'll find more than just your average ring in this designer's line.

In addition to traditional gold and platinum wedding bands, Sethi Couture also sells unique designs and styles, such as colored diamond bands and stacking rings. For those who prefer to wear a classic wedding band, an eternity band will always be in style. Make sure that the band won't compete with your engagement ring, which is an essential part of the wedding. If it doesn't, you can fix it, but it will end up being expensive.

As for a more affordable option, Bruce 14K rings are Lauren Caruso's favorite. The designer's 14K rings range from $80 to $300. While the prices of her 14K rings vary widely, the Barnes 14K ring is affordable and still boasts subtle sculptural lines. Jess Hannah Revesz also creates her own jewelry line. Despite its low price tag, Sethi Couture makes high-quality, beautifully designed wedding rings.

The Sydney Evan line was started in 2001 by Roseanne Karmes. The brand is known for its use of symbols, and Sydney Evan is no different. For example, the ring "love" is spelled out in her signature script, and the band is 14 karat rose gold. The diamonds are prong-set and the band is beautifully crafted with 14 karat rose gold.

Lauren B

If you're unsure where to buy a quality wedding ring, consider a company like Lauren B. This company focuses on education and customer service, and has designers who guide their clients through the entire process. They also offer trade-in options for diamonds and future upgrade possibilities. Whether you're looking for a ring for your wedding day or are already married and just want a new look, Lauren B is a great option.

The most classic men's band is a flat, polished metal circle. A brushed, matte, or satin finish is also common. There are different metals for eternity bands. You can also purchase one that has stones wrapped around it. These rings can come with various styles and settings. A three-stone engagement ring has three stones, with the center stone being the biggest. The three-stone style has stones flanking the sides.

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