Dr Who Wedding Rings Where to Buy?

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In modern weddings, it is quite hard to think of a marriage without any rings. Starting from the proposal to the marriage, the ring plays a very important role. The wedding ring is a great way to represent an unbreakable bond along with the lifelong commitment and romance between two people. There are a lot of choices for wedding rings. Nowadays some want to have movie-themed wedding rings like Dr. who wedding rings. Keep reading to know

Keep reading the article to find out where you can purchase the Dr. Who wedding ring. In the below part of the article, we will discuss where to find them. Along with that, we will also let you know which things you should consider while picking a wedding ring.

Things You Might Not Know About the Dr. Who Ring

Peter Capaldi, the person going to play the Dr. Who in the TV series has arrived at a better and polished look. However, people are more interested in the rings on the finger of the character. Well, he is not going to marry and it’s not which is a wedding ring. Although people are talking a lot online about the ring, there is not any further information about this till now.

The ring consists of a double-banded ring with amber stones. As per some sources, it was created by the jewelers in South Wales. However, there has been some fan theory on this ring. As per the popular one, it is a timeless gold ring and it contains a green amber. Dr. who collected the ring from a planet with a weird name. The ring represents the wars he won and the lives he took. Some also say it is to bring him best wishes from Idris.

Some people also said that it can be like the signet ring of the first doctor, William Hartnell. That ring was used for hypnosis and it was used for operating the parts of the TARDIS. It worked like a sonic screwdriver although not being it. The ring was designed by Kate Dumbleton, a popular Welsh Jewellery designer. That was designed after consultation with Peter.  

Where to Buy Dr Who Wedding Rings?

Although Dr. Who’s ring is not a wedding ring, it might be a fun experience to get it for your wedding. However, the issue is the ring can be hard to find as it is custom-made by a very special designer. However, if you have enough money to pay for the wedding ring, you can consider contacting Kate Dumbleton. She is the person who made is stunning ring for Dr. Who New TV series.

Well, talking about Dumbleton, it’s not going to be easy to afford her. She has her own jewelry brand. Moreover, she also provides consultation services to a lot of top jewelry brands in the Welsh. That’s not all, she is also a consultant of the National Museum of Wales for special creations. So, you will require having a fat budget to get that ring.

If you are okay with the replica, you can consider searching for it online. You might find it in the stores like Etsy and some others. Moreover, there are online services that can make a ring based on your preference. You can reach them and ask whether they can make this wedding ring. Note that the cost for the ring can vary on a large scale while making it custom.

What to Consider While Buying a Wedding Ring

Picking the right wedding ring is very important. Keep reading to find out some of the most important things you need to consider while selecting the wedding ring.

Understand the 4Cs

When it comes to the diamond wedding ring, the 4Cs are something that is very important. In case you don’t know, 4c means color, clarity, cut, and carat. If you are going to buy diamond rings, then make sure that you are carefully considering these. The first thing you need to check is the color. There are color grades from D to Z and the one that arrives with less color is more preferable.

Then comes the cut. The better the cuts are, the prettier they can unleash the light. Then comes the clarity. You should go for a diamond that has the least inclusions and blemishes. The last on the list is the carat white. It is the C that determines the size of the diamond. Consider all these aspects before anything else.

Pick the Right Materials

Picking the right material of the diamond is also very important to represent Polishness and quality. Currently, you will find several materials including gold, diamond, silver, titanium, and much more. Typically, gold and diamond are the most popular materials for the wedding ring and they also cost a good amount of money.

Finger Size

Imagine you have purchased an expensive wedding ring for your partner but little did you know it’s not the right size for him. We mustn’t allow this to happen. And, to prevent this, you should make sure that you know the exact size of the ring needed. Make sure to purchase the ring that will perfectly fit the person.


Budget is another thing to consider while purchasing a wedding ring. The wedding ring cost varies from $1000 to $3000. But it can go up to $100,000. Before you go to purchase the wedding ring, make sure that you have a specific budget for this. Then select the material and other characteristics of the ring based on the budget.

Go Custom

While purchasing the wedding ring, if you don’t find the perfect one, you can consider going custom. However, you might require paying a bit more for this and attend some appointment with the designer for this. Although it will be costly, it can be a great way to make the ring just like you want.


Wedding is one a lifetime experience and you only want the best thing for this. And, just like this, you will also not want to compromise for the wedding ring. We hope that the article will help you to find the right wedding ring you want.

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