Where to Buy Indian Wedding Sword

If you are looking for a traditional Indian wedding sword, you have come to the right place. The colours of these swords vary widely, from gold to silver, navy to black, emerald green to purple. For a more regal look, consider a sword that has a Rajasthani handle. Some swords even come embellished with a handcrafted diamante. There are several factors to consider when choosing your wedding sword.

Silver is a less obtrusive colour for a wedding sword

A silver wedding sword is not as obtrusive as a gold one. However, it can still be quite striking and a great accessory for the wedding day. The colour of the sword is less prominent than other colours, making it the perfect option for a bride with a traditional red talwar. The colour of the sword's casing will also show off the intricate engraving detail.

A wedding sword is a traditional part of an Indian wedding. They are often crafted from stainless steel or Damascus, which has a beautiful pattern running along the length of the blade. The scabbard of the sword is also tastefully crafted and any ornamental pieces are covered with a thick plating. There will be belt buckles attached to the scabbard to prevent it from slipping. The sword is suitable for both traditional and modern weddings, and will look great with both.

It is a traditional colour

The bride and groom exchange their wedding vows while the bride's family welcomes the groom to the ceremony. When the bride's family receives the groom, the mother applies a tilak on his forehead - a red vermilion powder - to welcome him to the family and protect him from evil spirits. The bride's mother passes a rope to each guest, indicating that they're committed to the marriage. When the last guest passes the rope to the couple, the rope should be returned to them, signifying their union to each other and to God.

The bride wears a traditional wedding gown called a sari. The colour of the bride's dress is red, and is traditionally reserved for her. This colour also represents fertility, wealth, and a happy marriage. The bride's outfit will be embellished with gold jewellery and a beautiful hairstyle. The groom will wear a Sherwani, a Dhoti, and a turban, and may carry a sword.

It is made of metal

The most common type of Indian wedding sword is the wooden one. However, if you are looking for something a little more unique, you can also find a metal version. There are several options to choose from, including the 3 feet Lion Handle Wood Goliya Sword and the Wooden Craving Iron Sword. These are all unique designs that can be worn by both the bride and the groom during the wedding.

The metals used to make Indian wedding swords vary greatly. Damascus steel is one of the most common options, which is not traditional. But it has a fascinating history. Craftsmen in the ancient city of Valyria were lost for centuries before they were able to create it. They returned and perfected it. The result is an incredibly durable sword. While traditional steel is a great choice, you might be surprised by the durability of damascus steel.

It is made of wood

The swords of Indian weddings are inspired by the tradition and culture of the land of valour and legacy. They have exquisitely carved handles that are a fusion of the traditional and contemporary styles. The handle of the sword is decorated with a circular wheel with two segmented spokes that represent the wheel of time. In the middle of the sword's blade, there is a guard that resembles a serpent.

A kirpan is a traditional piece of Indian wedding attire and is part of the Sikh religion. It is traditionally worn by the groom on the wedding day. A Sikh groom's wedding attire is incomplete without a traditional kirpan, which he keeps in his hand during the ceremony. The wedding sword is also an important part of the wedding ceremony, and every Sikh groom keeps it in his hands. It represents a lifetime of love and devotion.

While wedding rings are a traditional gift in the West, the swords of Indian marriages are much older. The groom will present his ancestral sword to his bride. This ceremony is symbolic and commemorates the groom's past life as a boy. In addition, the bride will receive a wedding crown, which is typically made of silver. The groom will also give the bride her former kransen, which was stored for her future daughter.

It is made of brass

An Indian wedding sword is an elegant piece of Indian ceremonial jewelry that has a striking combination of beauty and strength. A 33-inch brass-plated blade from the Golia family is paired with a beautiful wood-wrapped scabbard. Brass hilt and blade are embellished with floral designs. The scabbard has an ornate design that has been embossed by artisans in India.

An Indian wedding sword is based on the design of a traditional family sword passed down through generations. Its hilt depicts two lion faces and the base depicts a lion's face. The handle features a beautifully pattern neck line, with a metal chain connecting the two lion heads. These features symbolize the king of the jungle. In addition to the beautiful carving, the Indian wedding sword is made of brass and is an excellent choice for the wedding of a king or queen.

It is made of silver

Often made of silver, an Indian wedding sword is less noticeable than other types. Its overall length is 38 inches and its weight is 1.6 kg. It is custom-made according to the bride and groom's requirements. It is usually adorned with diamonds and silver encrusted jewellery. The blades of these swords have intricate patterns and can be customised according to the bride's taste. The sword is a classic addition to any wedding and will look perfect with your bridal ensemble.

The wedding sword is also a traditional accessory in South Asia. Many grooms carry one in their hand or wear it on their left side of the waist. Traditionally, a Sikh would carry one during the ceremony. But in today's culture, it's common for grooms to wear a fake sword as a symbolic gesture. For South Asian grooms, there are different styles of talwars. A simple style, held in the hand, is smaller than a full wedding sword.

When choosing a colour, consider the theme of your wedding. Bright red is often associated with Desi weddings, so you may want to choose a sword in shades of red. The rich colour of red is traditionally associated with love and the bride's attire. If the bride wears a bright red talwar, a gold wedding sword would enhance the look of her outfit. The gold sword is also heavier, but the opulence is worth it.

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