Where to Buy Jade Wedding Bands

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When looking for where to buy jade wedding bands, Amazon is an excellent choice. This online marketplace has an almost infinite selection of jade rings ranging from vintage to modern, as well as eccentric. You can also find a variety of metals and settings to choose from. When choosing an item, however, you should always make sure to check it carefully and contact the seller with any questions you might have. Be aware that the policies for each store may vary, so it's important to do your research before buying a piece.


For a modern twist on classic wedding bands, look no further than Cartier. The company's Jade Trau collection is filled with contemporary styles perfect for stacking or wearing solo. The ring's modern aesthetic makes it ideal for both men and women to wear and doesn't feel overly traditional. In fact, Raymond recommends it for couples looking for a modern look without sacrificing style. The Sadie Solitaire, for example, features a floating diamond suspended between knife-edge 18K bands and retails for approximately $250.

The New Vague ring, inspired by Parisian women, is made of polished black jade. Set in pink gold, this ring features 93 brilliant-cut diamonds weighing 3.58cts. The innovative design captures the energy and creative aura of Paris. The baroque openwork of metal domes and exquisite confectionery combine to create the Nouveau Vague collection. The result is a striking piece of jewelry for the special woman in your life.

The imperial fine jade ring is a beautiful choice for a classic bride who is looking for an extra-special design. This ring features an 18k white gold setting that features a row of 14 round diamonds around the center stone. It also features a massive jade stone set in an 18k white gold band. The imperial fine jade ring is a great choice for the bride who is looking for a unique ring with a modern twist.

Louis-Francois Cartier started his eponymous empire in 1847. He took over Adolphe Picard's workshop. Then he created jewelry for the wealthy and famous. Many of the iconic designs were created in France. And despite their prestigious status, they remain affordable for everyday use. A few tips can help you choose the perfect band for your loved one. And remember to buy the right band to show her how much you love her.

Reinstein Ross

Renowned jewelry designer Susan Reinstein, a goldsmith by trade, and gem-trader Brian Ross, teamed up to create a collection of unique jewelry. In the 1970s, they started a jewelry school in New York City and an art gallery. They soon met, and the two began to collaborate on jewelry designs. Their work now combines ancient Egyptian and Etruscan influences with modern tastes.

When choosing between a gold or silver band, reinstein ross's designs are classics. This rich tone of apricot gold is less pink than rose gold, and is used in a braided band design. Designer Heather Guidero has been training for the last 10 years, and is working for Reinstein / Ross since 2005. Her work is flawless and features milgrain-detailed band detailing and a vine motif in her signature brushed finish.

Lizzie Mandler

When you're looking for a stunning jade ring, look no further than the collection of Lizzie Mandler, who have been making fine jewelry since she was sixteen. Inspired by the sentimental value of fine jewelry, Lizzie Mandler has honed her style as she grows older. She was raised in a family of artists and drew inspiration from her surroundings. At a young age, she began making costume pieces and refined her style with a modern geometric eye. The ring line debuted in 2012, and has since gone on to sell over $1 million of her stunning jewelry.

Deborah Pagani

A jeweler in New York, Deborah Pagani designs urban charm with art-deco inspired pieces. Inspired by feminine energy, her work challenges the conventional view of femininity, incorporating a vintage sensibility into her designs. The result is jewelry that is super-light and evokes a sense of freedom. Here are some of her favorites. And remember, the most important thing is to have fun with your new piece of jewelry.

Single Stone

If you're looking for a wedding band, single stone jade may be the perfect choice. However, you'll need to be aware of the risks associated with fake jade. Most of the time, fake jade is made from quartz, colored glass, soapstone, serpentine, or other stones. If you want to buy genuine jadeite, you'll have to pay close attention to the price. This gemstone is rare and expensive, and can only be found in China, Myanmar, and Guatemala. Buying an authentic jadeite ring is worth the price, as it is rare and expensive.

Jade is an incredibly popular gemstone for wedding rings, and the color is distinctive and enchanting. While jadeite is rare and has a higher price tag, nephrite is more durable and more affordable. If you are buying a single stone jade ring, make sure you buy it from a reputable vendor. Whether it is a single stone or an entire wedding band, always verify that it's made from jadeite.

When looking for single stone jade, it's a good idea to check the material with your fingernail or something sharp. If the stone has a scratch, it probably isn't jade. If you can't tell from the scratch, you should move on. Just remember: jade contains impurities, so it may not be perfect. To be safe, try scratching a small area of the stone.

Amazon has endless options when it comes to single stone jade wedding bands. You can choose from classic, modern, and eccentric styles. You can also check different metals and settings. Just make sure to check the item and ask questions to the seller before purchasing. Be careful when buying items from different Amazon stores, as their return and exchange policies may vary. So, shop around and make sure to purchase the right item for you and your wife.