How Much is a Live Band for a Wedding?

There's no question that weddings stand out as incredibly joyful events for all involved. Adding live music to your wedding ceremonies can truly enhance the beauty of your remarkable day. Live music undoubtedly brings a vibrant and deeply emotional energy to the day of the wedding. Having a live band can instantly change the ambiance of your venue, providing a unique level of fun to your festivities.

Nowadays, live bands are becoming a popular addition to wedding ceremonies. It helps to make the wedding day more delightful for the guests. If you are planning a wedding ceremony and thinking about having a live band, then keep reading this article. Because we will help you to know about the live band cost.

How Much is a Live Band for a Wedding?

The live band makes a wedding celebration more presentable. They can capture the crowd's emotions and also fill a reception full of energy. It is a great option for couples to make their wedding ceremony and reception special. Ahead, we are breaking down the costs of hiring a live band. 

The average starting price for a live band for three hours is $4,000 with a 10% tip. It may vary depending on when and where your wedding is taking place. 

These wedding bands will perform live music. Your wedding bandleader will also make announcements and generally run the show during your reception. Wedding bands will also likely provide their own sound system, speakers, including microphones, and audio equipment. Some of them can provide additional equipment for free, such as fog machines, projectors, lighting, and effects. So be sure to make everything clear as it differs from one band to another.

Some live bands are considered "dance brands''. They play many types of music in all genres. There are some bands that specialize in some specific types of songs. Some brands will play only a specific musical genre. Some bands are booked through music agencies. On the other hand, other bands are independent. If you want to have a live band at your wedding but you are uncertain of the style of band you need, then we will suggest you talk to an agency. But an independent band will always be the right choice for you if you know which type of music you need.

Factors That Contribute the Cost of Live Band

There are some core factors that contribute to a wedding band's cost. Let us have a look at them.


How long will the live band be performing at your wedding ceremony? Most live bands charge for a number of hours. If you want them to perform some extra events, then you will have to pay additional charges for their time. And also remember that they will have to take some breaks for rest at predetermined times throughout your reception. It will be specified in your contract. When it comes to breaks, your band will play recorded music. So, there will not be complete silence. 

Number of Performers

The bigger the band is, the more you will have to pay. Adding members like a horn section or additional roles will hike up your wedding bill


If your hired band will be traveling from a long distance to perform at your wedding ceremony, then you have to pay more in terms of their gas, airfare, and accommodations.

New Songs

Some bands can offer you unique and special music for your wedding according to your taste. This will cost some more penny from your budget.


Providing additional equipment like sound system, lighting, etc. may also increase your cost. Though, most of the bands provide all of these for free. 

DJ vs. Live Band: Which One is Better for a Wedding Ceremony?

There is no confusion that your wedding will have full of special moments. There are also some fair amount of debates to be handled and some most important is what to do about the music for your wedding day. Should you go with a DJ or should you have a live band? We will suggest that you should have a live band on your wedding day. Let us describe why it is the right decision. 

The live band brings energy and emotions to a room that even DJs have admitted are beyond compare. Whereas listening to canned Dj jams is a little bit different than listening to the radio. On the other hand, live bands can create the perfect atmosphere for your celebration. They play music depending on what you want. 

People love to feel the song. That is why everyone goes to concerts. The live band makes music come to life and turns it into an experience. Everyone can enjoy the moment of listening and watching. A DJ does not have the same showmanship as a live band for a wedding ceremony. 

Live bands can bridge gaps and unite generations of people. But a DJ may play dancing songs which may not be liked by all.

Most of the guests would like to enjoy music by watching bands perform. Musicians are living and breathing people so there are going to be many variations in the way they play their instruments every time they play a song. They always have their unique ways to represent their songs.


Wedding is a special moment that comes to someone's life and you do not want to make that day a gloomy one. So having a live band performance at your wedding ceremony will bring life to the occasion. We hope that you already know the key factors and the prices of hiring a professional band by reading throughout this article.

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