How to Clean Tungsten Wedding Bands?

In recent times, the popularity of tungsten rings has surged. Nowadays, a significant number of grooms are choosing tungsten for their wedding bands. Made from a very hard metal carbide, these bands are highly resistant to scratches and retain their shine without the need for regular polishing. For tips on how to maintain tungsten wedding bands, keep reading the article.

Below we will mention how to keep your tungsten wedding bands clean and polish correctly to make sure it lasts year after year.

How to Clean Tungsten Wedding Bands?

You will need some essential stuff to clean the tungsten rings. So, before cleaning the tungsten ring, you need to make sure that you have a mild soap /hand wash soap, water, cotton swabs, and a cotton cloth toothbrush close to your hand. Below we will mention the process how to clean the tungsten rings.

Step 1

At first, you need to mix a few drops of mild soap or hand wash soap properly in water to create a solution. Mix the soap and water until bubbles form. This is the best cleaning solution for your tungsten bands. Because mild soap or hand wash soap does not contain any harmful chemicals that is why this is not damaging your ring.

Step 2

Now, dip a clean soft cloth lightly into soapy water.  Then, run the damp cloth over the surface of your tungsten ring to wash the outside of your ring.

Step 3

If your ring has a stone or an engraved design, the engraved design may contain dirt. So, leave your ring in soapy water soaked for about 15 minutes to remove dirt so that it is easy to clean.

Step 4

This time, take the ring out of the dipping water and scrub it well with a toothbrush or cotton cloth so that the dirt inside the groove comes out.

Step 5

After washing your ring properly with soapy water, now rinse it off with warm water. Then, use a clean cotton cloth or other soft cloth to dry your ring. Once dry your ring, now you can wear it. Or store it in a safe place.

How to Polish Tungsten Wedding Bands?

When you use your Tungsten bands over the years. When you notice that, your ring is not shining like before, you may need to polish your ring. Follow the below guide to polish your Tungsten ring.

Step 1

Before you start polishing your ring, make sure that the following tools are close to your hand. If you haven’t these tools try to collect them.

  1. Safety goggles: Wearing safety goggles is always a good idea when working with hand tools. Because when you polish your ring with paste. If a little polished paste flies off the wheel and gets into your eyes, it will be harmful to your eyes.
  2. Leather gloves: When you polishing your ring perfectly, polishing will heat the ring very quickly. If you try to touch it, then your finger may burn. In addition, if you don’t have leather gloves, try using a cotton cloth to touch them.
  3. Polishing Compound: The key to polishing a tungsten bands is the right polishing compound. We will use is a paste from the polishing compound that is used to polishing a loose diamond in the final stage. The compound comes in different microns, which is similar to the grit number of sandpaper. To achieve a glossy shine, you will need a 0.5-micron polishing compound.
  4. Polishing machine: If you have a polishing machine, you just need a cotton buffing wheel. The larger the diameter of the wheel, the less time it will take to polish your ring to the original glossy shine.
  5. Handle rotary tool: You just need a handle rotary tool, also need to buy a buffing wheel with an arbor on it.

Step 2

You can apply the polish compound on the ring or the polish wheel. But, the best is to apply polish compound on the polish wheel. If you apply it to the polishing wheel, you need to spread it out and rub it on the wheel. So that when you start the motor, it does not fly off the wheel and doesn't get into your eyes.

Step 3

Place half of the ring on a small paper towel, and place it vertically inside the machine, and press gently. So that it does not move out of place. Apply some paste on the felt pad of the rotating tool and scrub your ring with it. When you do the polishing, apply light pressure to the ring and polish a small area until it is shiny before moving on to the next area.

The paste will turn black and it is a sign of a compound working to remove some tungsten carbide from the ring surface. Remember that the ring is very hot at this point, that's why wear gloves to rotate or change the ring position. Use a paper towel to wipe the darkened paste from the newly polished area. If the polish on your ring is not satisfactory, apply the re-polishing compound on the ring or wheel and re-polish again.

Step 4

If your polishing is done, put a few drops of dish detergent in the water and scrub the ring well. Then wash it with clean water and dry it with a cotton cloth. Now, your ring must look brand new.

Tungsten Band Maintenance Tips

  • One of the best ideas to save your ring is to avoid an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner. Because this jewelry cleaner contains harsh chemicals that can affect your tungsten bands.
  • Try to keep your tungsten rings separate from chemically cleaned jewelry. That’s why you don't have to worry about potential contamination from the chemical residue in your other jewelry pieces.
  • If your tungsten bands is exposed to harmful chemicals like ammonia or bleach, clean it as soon as possible.
  • Keep your tungsten ring away from the diamond, because diamond is one of the few substances that are capable of scratching the tungsten material.


As you can see above, we discussed the whole process on how to cleaning, polishing, and taking care of your tungsten wedding bands. It is important to take care of the wedding ring because it will be a memory for a lifetime. We hope that you found this article helpful for cleaning your tungsten wedding ring. The best part is that you don’t have to clean it often.

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