DR Who Wedding Band Set

Wearing a wedding ring is a symbol of the connection, affection, and love that exists between two people. There are many options for wedding rings inspired by movies. For example, the Dr. Who wedding band has become remarkably popular. Keep reading the article to learn more about the Dr. Who wedding band set.

It is almost incredible to think of marriage without a band. Because it is the most trustworthy way to propose to your future partner. Moreover, another reason to always wear the wedding band is to avoid any unwanted attention. In this article, we will let you know that where Dr. Who's wedding band is available and why it is a priority in a wedding. So keep reading.

What Is DR Who Wedding Band Set?

Let me clear you one thing first. Wedding bands and rings are both the same thing. They have only structural differences. A wedding ring is interspersed with diamonds or gems. On the other hand, a band is like a simple and ordinary band where there are no diamond stones or gems. But the difference between the two is the choice.

The famous British science-fiction TV program ‘Dr. Who’ where a man named Peter Capaldi plays the character. Then all of a sudden everyone is pretty attracted to the fancy look of this character's hand ring. As a result, it quickly became a popular choice. From there it gradually took its place as a wedding ring.

Note that this character doesn’t propose or marry anyone through this ring. He doesn’t keep the ring in his hand to propose or marry someone. So far there are no clear details about that. It was just a costume demand. However, many people have discussed and researched a lot about it.

DR Who Wedding Band Set

As we said earlier that people first noticed this ring and thought it was his wedding band. But later it was found out that this idea was completely wrong. Basically, it is a double band ring made of amber stone. As per our research, it was made with the help of jewelers from South Wales who made it with green amber stone.

Some people think that this ring is the reason for winning his battle. Some say that Idris, an 11-year-old boy, had a congratulatory note that helped him win the war. Note that, Idris was involved in making this ring and he wrote a special note to Capaldi explaining the origin of the ring.

Where Can I Find Dr. Who Wedding Band?

Some couples like the dr. who band for the wedding. While this is not a regular item for weddings, perhaps this ring is selectable for fun experiences. But when it comes to buying a dr. who ring, it's not easy to find in any jewelry shop. Because it’s a customized band ring. It is customized for special characters that are not available to the common people.

If you have no money issues and are determined to get a dr. who band, you can contact Kate Dumbleton. She is the only person who is made all the customized dr. who rings impressively for the new TV series. Let’s talk a bit about Kate Dumbleton. It's very tough to afford her. She has her own brand and she provides the service as a consultant to Wales’s top-class jewelry brand. Not only that, but she also worked as an important consultant to the National Museum of Wales.

If you can contact her then there is no more talk. If for some reason you can't do that then there is another way for you. You just simply go to an experienced ring specialist who can make a ring by looking at a replica of the ring. And for that, you can download a clear design of the dr. who band model from online and send it to the ring maker. Then ask her whether she can make this ring or not.

Of course, it takes a large budget to make such a customized band for the wedding. Moreover, if you are satisfied with the replica version then this method is for you. Now you decide which way to follow.

Things To Remember While Buying A Wedding Band

There are definitely some important things to keep in mind before buying a wedding ring. Here are some key points that you should know.

Measure the Finger Size

You came to buy the ring but did not know your partner's finger size. It's really ridiculous. So when you come to buy a ring, you should know your partner's finger size. It is best if you can bring his/her along.

Consider The Precious Materials

It is also very important to choose precious materials in terms of buying rings. You will find different types in the market such as Gold, Diamond, Silver, Titanium. Gold and diamonds are the most popular in terms of polish and quality. So choose one of them according to your budget.

No compromise with 4Cs

If you are planning to make a diamond ring for your wedding, no compromise with 4Cs. Now if you are a new ring purchaser then you do not know the meaning of it. 4Cs means color, clarity, cut, and carrot. The first thing to check when purchasing a ring is the color. In the case of color, there are D to Z grades. Then you have to notice is the clarity of the color. Because the more beautiful the clarity, the more the ring will be well-looked after.

Next, cut the ring. This is the shape of the ring. There are different types of diamond ring shapes such as marquise, cushion, emerald, princess, round, heart, oval, and pear. Finally, do the carrot experiment. Before buying a ring, you must give the highest priority to these features.

Set The Budget

Budget planning for the ring is above all else. Because the budget will tell you what style of ring you can buy. So set a perfect budget before buying a ring

Manage Warranty

Currently, there is a slight possibility of many adulterated gold or diamonds. Popular ring shops offer warranties for different periods to free the customers from this kind of uncertainty and to establish their worldliness. You should follow this path so that you can get rid of the problem later.


The wedding band is a symbol of devotion and commitment between two partners for the rest of their days. So there is no compromise on this. Pick the best ring and make your sweetheart your own through it.

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