Where to Buy Square Wedding Bands

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If you're looking for a solid, attractive, and solidly beautiful wedding band, then you might want to consider a Square wedding band. The design of this type of band represents a strong bond between two people. And with a wide variety of styles to choose from, you're sure to find the perfect piece to match your special day. You can find them at Costco, Ferranti, and Eva Zuckerman.


If you're looking for a square wedding band, you can find plenty of options at Costco. They carry a wide selection of gold and platinum wedding bands in a variety of sizes and styles. These pieces are also available in different metals, including platinum and white gold. You can also choose from braided accents or two-tone bands. If you're looking for a unique design, you can have a band custom made at Costco, if you prefer.

While Costco doesn't offer loose diamonds, they do sell jewelry. That means you don't need a ring designer to create the perfect wedding band for your woman. Plus, Costco doesn't guarantee the quality of their packaging. If you're looking for a diamond engagement ring, you should look for a ring that comes with an attractive box. You can ask to see it in person or buy it separately elsewhere.

While Costco's staff is helpful, they're not professional jewelers. Hiring a professional jeweler can provide you with a wealth of added value and useful tips. Another downside to Costco's jewelry is that they don't offer additional services, such as bespoke custom jewelry, engravings, polishing, and resizing. These services would cost you extra money, and they're not part of their business model.

If you're looking for a low-priced wedding band, Costco might be a good option. The diamonds are decent quality and very affordable. Costco's diamonds must be GIA-certified, however, and you'll probably pay up to 50% less than you would at other jewelry stores. However, Costco's customer service and customization can't match those of other places online.


The iconic design of a Ferranti square wedding band is the recurring square pattern with a small gemstone in the center. In addition to the traditional square band, you can find floating stones on a wide band. Choose from pink sapphire, rhodolite garnet, or yellow sapphire for your ring. Shoppers can find this designer jewelry at Zalta's in Mamaroneck, Stephanie Gottlieb in Manhattan, and Ferranti's own online store. Prices start at $550 and up.

A fine jewelry collection by Italian designer GiGi Ferranti combines architectural influences with geometric lines and modern femininity. Many of the stacked bands feature her trademark diamond shape. This Italian designer has a deep respect for architecture and was inspired by its rich history. His fine jewelry collections are also adorned with Italian names and are available in a variety of metals. A wedding band by this designer will surely make a statement. The elegance of this Italian design will be appreciated by both men and women.

Elise Perelman

Located in SoHo, New York, Elise Perelman opened her first shop, LUNESSA Designer Jewelry, in 2005. Inspired by her dreams of finding precious stones in an enchanted forest, Perelman spent her early career as a street artist selling her work in the city. In a few short years, she opened a shop with a folding table next to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and within a year, she had carved a stunning archway into a dividing wall.

Eva Zuckerman

You've probably heard of the elongated wedding band trend, but how do you find a square wedding band that suits your taste? This article provides an answer to that question. This jewelry brand was created by Eva Zuckerman, a jewelry designer who specializes in unusual shapes and colors. The Alter Ego collection, for example, features gray-toned gold with elongated rectangular center stones in shades of raspberry and teal. The Tetra collection, which takes inspiration from the Empire State Building, features diamonds that have a shield shape, a rectangular center stone, and horizontal baguettes.

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