Who Picks Out the Wedding Bands?

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The exchange of wedding bands or wedding rings is a widely popular tradition in the world. Although the tradition is not that much old, nowadays it’s the most common wedding formality in every country. The wedding band symbolizes the lifelong bond and commitment in the couple. But who picks out the wedding bands? Well, it varies a lot depending on the culture.

In most cases, the wedding band is picked by the groom for the bride while the bride's family picks the wedding ring for the groom. Sometimes, the bride and groom both go out together for the shopping of the ring. In the below part of the article, we will discuss in detail about who picks and pay for the wedding band.

Who Picks Out the Wedding Bands?

Usually, the groom is the person who chooses an engagement ring for the bride. But what about the wedding ring? Historically, the wedding rings for the groom and bride are purchased by the opposite party. That means the wedding band of the groom needs to be purchased by the bride of the family of the bride. And, the wedding band for the bride needs to be purchase by the groom or groom's family.

However, in this modern time, things are a bit different. Although a lot of couples and their family follow the old tradition, some others tend not to go through the procedure. A lot of couples take the ring as their own responsibility instead of depending on the family. Some couples go for the shopping of the wedding band together and they chose the ring for each other.

So, what we can say is there are no hard and fast rules in who will pick out the wedding bands. It is completely the decision of the bride and groom to decide who will pick the wedding ring. Even the couples can pick their own wedding ring. A wedding is a union between two persons and their decision matters the most than anyone else. Make sure you are discussing it with your partner to decide about the ring.

Who Pays the Wedding Bands?

Who will pay for the wedding bands will also depend on several factors. Usually, if the bride or groom's family is picking the wedding ring, they will pay obviously for the ring. Moreover, the bride and groom can pay for the ring of their partner.

While shopping for the ring together, the couples tend to pay jointly for the ring. Of course, the bride or groom can pay more or less. They discuss things prior to solve any unwanted issues. Even, the couple can consider opening a joint account or credit card for paying for things for which they want to pay together.

Note that it is completely okay to pick your wedding ring from your own. Especially, for the persons who want a ring based on their personality, and preferred symbolization, picking their own ring will be a better decision. Of course, let your partner know about this to assure that no one is going to be hurt by your decision.

Do the same thing for everything else like the wedding dress and others where both parts of the union can pay.

How Much a Wedding Band Cost

Due to the high cost of materials like gold, diamond, titanium, silver, etc., the cost of the wedding ring often increases. The cost of the wedding band can vary a lot depending on the material, details, size, and location. Gold is the most popular material for the wedding band. And the cost of the gold varies a lot based on your location. Moreover, the price is volatile which can also impact the cost.

There is also different variations of the gold like white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, etc. Furthermore, the karat of gold also makes the cost vary. The design of the wedding bands also varies the cost. Some rings equip a lot of details when the other can be flat. Apart from the design and details, the style of the wedding ring also varies a lot.

Now let’s talk about the price of the wedding ring. Usually, you can get a decent wedding ring for around $200. And the maximum cost of the wedding ring can be up to 5 digits. To be more specific, the cost range can vary from $180 to $2000. While purchasing a wedding ring, make sure that you are setting a budget based on availability. This will help you to find the best choice easily in the cost range.

What to Consider While Selecting the Wedding Band

While choosing the wedding band, you should consider several things. One of the important things to consider is the lifestyle of the person who will wear it. Some people like posh things while some others prefer to be simplistic. Choose the material, design, and style of the wedding ring based on the person's lifestyle. Also, make sure to consider the occupation of the person.

Those who require working and use their hands, might not want something with complex design or patterns. A low-maintenance wedding band might be a better option for them for easy cleaning and maintenance. They might also prefer a ring that is low cost as there will be less fear of losing it. Besides, you should consider the wedding band material and it would be nicer if both rings are made of the same metal.

Never forget to consider the wedding ring size. You might not want to for a ring that comes in a bigger or smaller size. Although some wedding bands can be resized, some others cannot be resized or customized. Such as, if you are picking the eternity band, they might not be resized. Some other things you should consider are the budget, practicality, durability, etc.


The wedding and engagement bands are something that is like a memory of a lifetime. So, make sure that you are selecting the right wedding ring that will suit the bride or groom and last for decades. As we said above, usually the bride or bride family picks the groom’s wedding ring and the groom or groom’s family picks the bride's wedding ring. Of course, there can be exceptions.

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