Where to Buy Wedding Coins

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Whether you're looking to buy a traditional Spanish wedding coin or something custom made, you'll want to know where to buy your wedding coins. These traditional items are commonly referred to as arras matrimoniales. These coins feature the bride and groom's names and dates, but you can also choose from a range of images and styles that represent the couple. Buying custom wedding coins can be an expensive undertaking, but it can also be a thoughtful way to commemorate your big day.

Arras matrimoniales

Arras matrimoniales are symbolic containers for giving the new couple a lucky charm. In many Latin American wedding ceremonies, the groom gives his bride a collection of 13 gold, silver, and copper coins known as arras. Some grooms also use gold or silver-plated tokens. Typically, the arras tokens come from Mexico. Some have the words 'Recuerdo Matrimonial' or simply look like old-fashioned coins.

The arras matrimoniales tradition dates back to the Spanish and Roman era. During the marriage ceremony, the groom gives his bride thirteen gold coins as a token of his commitment to support her family. The bride accepts them as a symbol of her faith in her groom and his promise to support her. According to Angelina Cardenas, owner of Angelina Cardenas Events in Tulum, Mexico, couples today often personalize the arras matrimoniales ritual. The 13 coins symbolize equal commitment to a shared future.

Wedding arras are symbolic pieces of paraphernalia, commonly gold coins. They are presented in an ornate box, chest, or basket, and are traditionally given by the bridegroom to his future wife. In Spain, the groom gives the arras to his new bride. The bride accepts these wedding tokens and keeps them as a memento of their love.

Las arras

You can purchase these coins from different sources, including online. The ceremony is rooted in a Latin tradition that dates back to Spanish and Roman times. The bride receives the coins from her groom, who places them in her hands during the marriage ceremony. The coins symbolize the groom's promise to provide for her and the marriage. In Spanish, the 13 coins represent the 12 apostles and the promise of the bride's support. Some people believe that the coins represent Jesus, while others believe that they symbolize the 13 core values shared by the bride and groom.

In many Hispanic communities, wedding coins are part of the ceremony. They are traditionally a set of 13 gold coins, presented to the bride and groom by an ornate box, basket, or pouch. In the Philippines, the bride receives the arras from the groom. In Spanish and Latin American culture, wedding coins are part of the dowry, but are now a symbolic component of the marriage ceremony.

Spanish brides traditionally exchange all of their arras, which are small gold or silver coins that represent a couple's commitment to care for one another. These coins are a good luck symbol and are meant to ensure fiscal prosperity for the couple. They are also given to godparents. While buying these coins from Las arras is not necessary, many couples choose to make their own wedding coins. These can be purchased online or through a local shop.

Buying wedding coins is also an affordable way to add a little romance to your big day. The ceremony can become even more meaningful when you buy an arras for the bride and groom. This traditional ritual will be carried forward to their married life together. As a result, these coins are an excellent souvenir for the bride and groom to keep in their homes. In addition to serving as a special keepsake, they can also serve as an excellent gift.

Meaning of 13 coins

The history of 13 wedding coins is rich. This ritual began in the 11th century, when a rich boy was asked by the wealthy girl's father to ask for his daughter's hand in marriage. The boy reached into his pocket and removed thirteen coins. The thirteen coins represented his undying love and care, and one was a gift for the poor. In modern times, some believe that the 13 coins represent Jesus and his apostles.

There are several explanations for the origin of the 13 wedding coins. First, the coins represent the apostles and Jesus. It is not possible to divide them equally between the newlyweds. Traditionally, the Godparent or priest presents each couple with a coin for each month. The extra coin is said to ensure that the newlyweds will have good fortune for a lifetime. Furthermore, the thirteen coins are believed to signify abundance.

The custom of sharing 13 wedding coins has its roots in Spanish culture. During the wedding ceremony, the bride and groom exchange 13 gold coins, known as arras. The groom gives them to his bride as a pledge to support his new wife. In turn, the bride accepts the coins and pledges to support her new husband. These coins are symbolic of 13 words, the 12 Apostles, the groom's promise to take care of his bride, and the bride's commitment to care for others.

In the Philippines, Latin America, and Spain, the groom presents the bride with thirteen gold coins, known as arras. These coins are traditionally presented in an ornate basket, pouch, or box. They are presented by the groom, which symbolizes their trust and dedication to each other. If the bride is Catholic, the arras may symbolize a shared commitment to provide for their family in the future. So, even though the meaning of the thirteen wedding coins may have been different in the past, the tradition is the same.

Buying wedding coins

Buying wedding coins is a traditional custom that represents the marriage between a bride and groom. These coins often include references to the location and overall style of the ceremony. If the couple is getting married in Las Vegas, for example, then the coin might feature a poker chip design with the dedication "Lucky in Love." Another popular choice for wedding coin designs is a bottle opener that gives the guests all they need at the reception. However, there are many factors to consider when purchasing wedding coins.

The first consideration should be the design. The bride and groom can choose to use one of several design options to create a truly personalized wedding coin. For example, the Batgirl and Catwoman coin has engraved movie quotes that are representative of their personalities. The date on the coin is also engraved so that it represents the day of the wedding. Whatever the design, it is a great way to commemorate a special day and create a lasting keepsake that the happy couple will enjoy for years to come.

Gold coins are the traditional choice for wedding gifts. The bride and groom will be delighted to receive such a gift, and they are practical as well. In the long run, the coins will serve as an investment, which can help the couple pay for big purchases in the future. They will also be a decent source of financial support for their children's education. And because of their sparkling beauty, gold coins are an exceptional choice for wedding gifts.

The age of the coin bearer is important, as the child must be able to safely carry the coins. However, young boys do not necessarily make the best coin bearers. In fact, many couples choose a girl for the role. In fact, they are a good choice if they are a couple who is committed to having their child be a part of the wedding. But be sure that your child is properly prepared.

Creating your own design

When choosing a coin for your big day, you'll need to take into account the personalities of both of you. If you're a superhero couple, for instance, a coin with Batman and Catwoman engraved on its face will be perfect for your special couple. The other side of the coin will have the date and the names of the bride and groom. A custom coin design is a great keepsake for your guests, and will serve a memory function for the couple for years to come.

Challenge coins are a great way to thank your wedding party and say thank you in a meaningful way. You can create a design that includes each member of the wedding party, including the bride and groom, and then incorporate important memories and jokes in it. Whether you choose to present it to your bridesmaids, groomsmen, or even your father, it will be a meaningful gift that you can give to each one of them.

A custom wedding coin can have any kind of content on it, including names and dates. Some brides and grooms will choose their own coin artwork, while others opt for a theme-based design that incorporates references to their location or wedding venue. For example, a Las Vegas wedding coin will feature a poker chip style and the dedication "Lucky in Love." Alternatively, a bottle opener coin will give guests all the tools they need for the reception.

After you have chosen the design, you should research the subject matter. You can create an inspiration page, blog, Google Docs, Padlet, or poster to document your research. Observe and evaluate your favorite designs and make modifications accordingly. Create 3 different designs - one of them should be a variation of the other. In this way, you'll get an idea of what kind of coin you'll be creating.

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