Where to Buy Wedding Ring in Hong Kong

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Finding the right place to buy a wedding ring for your fiancé can be a daunting task. After all, you're not just looking for a simple accessory, you're also looking to show your love on Instagram. So where in Hong Kong should you buy your wedding ring? Read on to find out where to find the perfect piece! Let's begin by exploring some of the best shops in Hong Kong, including Diamond Registry, Chow Tai Fook, Ryder Diamonds, and Annoushka.

Diamond Registry

Whether you're getting married in the heart of Asia or want to propose amidst the bustle of the city, a Hong Kong diamond jewelry showroom is a great place to start your search. Not only does Diamond Registry offer a vast array of beautiful engagement and wedding rings, but it also sells prized jewelry at wholesale prices. Whether you're looking for a simple diamond engagement ring, or a spectacular designer engagement ring, the professional staff at Diamond Registry can help you find the perfect ring.

As one of the most trusted authorities on diamonds, the Diamond Registry can help you find the perfect wedding ring at an affordable price. The company has been in business since 1961 and has helped many Hong Kong consumers avoid overpriced jewellery. Visiting their website, you can get a free quote on diamonds, as well as shop for your diamond at wholesale prices. In addition to a free quote, Diamond Registry also offers free design advice.

Chow Tai Fook

If you're considering buying a wedding ring in Hong Kong, look no further than Chow Tai Fook. They offer beautiful images of the rings they sell, and they have decent information on them. You can even find a section dedicated to diamond engagement rings. If you're not looking for a diamond, there are other options here, such as superhero or cartoon jewelry. They have excellent customer service, too, and have a variety of programs that can help you make your decision.

While Chow Tai Fook is a great place to purchase a wedding ring, it isn't the most luxurious store. Although they are friendly, they are not worth the exorbitant prices. You'll pay up to 35% more for your diamond, and the experience isn't as luxurious as a James Allen store. However, if you can spare the time, Chow Tai Fook is a great option for engagement rings.

Ryder Diamonds

A unique way to purchase a wedding ring is by visiting a bespoke jewellery retailer such as Ryder Diamonds. This boutique is run by a female diamond merchant, Sally Ryder. Customers can witness the making of their ring in the workshop, and even participate in the designing process. They will also get a detailed explanation about the value of diamonds and the quality of the finished piece.

Another great place to purchase a wedding ring in Hong Kong is Ryder Diamonds. Owners Niya K and Niya T both have extensive experience in the industry. Niya K is a fashion graduate and her family has a long history in the diamond trade. The two of them work hand-in-hand to offer their clients personalized service. The two stores are located in Causeway Bay and Pacific Place.


If you're looking for the perfect engagement ring, look no further than Annoushka, where to buy wedding rings in Hong Kong. Their collection of diamond and gemstone engagement rings ranges from traditional solitaire styles to bold five-stone pieces. Many of their designs are custom-made to meet your specifications. They also offer free engraving and environmentally-friendly packaging. Here are some of the top picks for engagement rings and wedding bands.

Annoushka offers a diverse range of jewellery, including diamond and pearl wedding rings, as well as a variety of 18ct gold pieces. Their unique design concept allows customers to mix and match different elements in their ring to create their own personalised look. Their collections are also designed by women, so you're guaranteed to find the perfect wedding ring for your partner. So don't wait, make your dream come true and start shopping!

Ting Diamond and Jewellery

When choosing a Hong Kong wedding ring, you need to know where to go. Thankfully, Hong Kong has a wealth of jewellery stores in the area, and Ting Diamond and Jewellery is among them. The store has two locations in Tsim Sha Tsui and Kowloon. Located at the Knutsford Terrace and Knutsford Commercial Building, Ting Diamond and Jewellery is a must-visit for any couple planning their wedding in Hong Kong.

When looking for a ring in Hong Kong, there are many things to consider, including size, cut, diamond clarity, and carat weight. While the Darry Ring website does provide a simple search function, there aren't many filtering options. This is especially true if you're purchasing a valuable gem, such as a diamond. If you're not sure what type of ring you're looking for, consider shopping along Nathan Road in Kowloon, which is jam-packed with jewellery shops and rivals the NYC Diamond District.

Bee’s Diamonds

If you want to find the perfect wedding ring in Hong Kong, look no further than the award-winning and bespoke jewellery shop Bee's Diamonds. This family-owned business has been serving customers for over three generations and has become one of the city's leading diamond suppliers. Customers will also benefit from their hands-on jewellery making workshop, which includes champagne. Bee's Jewellery has a reputation for exceptional customer service.

You can also look at the vast collection of jewelry available at Ting Diamond and Jewellery in Hong Kong. At this shop, you can choose a ring from a huge range of precious stones, including diamonds, and have it set in a stunning gold band. This store offers coloured diamonds as well as traditional diamonds. The customer service here is excellent, and Rendy Ng is more than happy to answer any questions you might have about the purchase.

Dawn Jewellery

If you're looking for an exceptional wedding ring in Hong Kong, you've come to the right place. Dawn Jewellery takes pride in offering exquisite craftsmanship, and the talented team includes award-winning designers, certified gemologists, and expert goldsmiths. To help you choose the right one, Dawn Jewellery also hosts workshops for creating wedding rings. In exchange for attending the workshop, you'll receive 5% off your next purchase.

For a truly unique piece of jewellery, head to Dawn Jewellery. This jewellery shop specializes in jadeite and combines eastern style and craftsmanship with western design. The store's name, 'Dawn Jewellery,' is an homage to its eastern influences. The shop's jewelry reflects the unique cultural mix of Hong Kong. You can also buy engagement rings and wedding bands for your partner from Dawn Jewellery, too.

Marielle Byworth

For the most stylish wedding rings, visit Marielle Byworth. The Swiss-born designer is known for her unconventional combination of metals, stones and diamonds. She has also been spotted on celebrities including Madonna and Kate Moss. Her pieces are made-to-order, and can take between two to three weeks to make. If you're looking for an unconventional wedding ring, you can bring your heirloom to Marielle Byworth for a unique twist.

The Marijoli jewellery collection, launched in 2006, has quickly become a global brand. Celeb fans include Kate Moss, Nelly Furtado, and Madonna. Byworth has also created her signature Elema line, which has a cult following among Hong Kong women. Each piece is handmade in ateliers in Hong Kong. Marijoli has an exceptional reputation for creating bespoke pieces, so the perfect ring is sure to be unique.


If you're planning to propose marriage in the near future, you may be wondering where to buy a wedding ring in Hong Kong. While it's possible to find the perfect one online, the hassle of physically shopping for a ring can make you feel stressed out. In Hong Kong, however, there are many shops where you can purchase a ring in a wide variety of styles. Buying a ring is a big deal, so here are some tips to help you choose the right one.

Chow Tai Fook is synonymous with the fine jewellery industry in Hong Kong. Founded in 1929, Chow Tai Fook has branches on most major streets in Hong Kong. You can even shop online with their e-boutique. The best part about shopping online at Chow Tai Fook is that you can look through their exclusive collections online. They also offer free light box services for you to view diamond rings.

The 5th C

The 4 Cs of diamonds are the cut, colour, clarity and carat. Aside from the 4 Cs, there are many other things to consider when buying a wedding ring. While clarity and colour are important, cut and carat are even more important. Many diamonds are eye-clean, which means that no inclusions are visible to the naked eye. If your budget is limited, opt for an eye-clean diamond. However, you will save money if you opt for a diamond in the VS2-SI2 category.

The 5th C is a Hong Kong-based brand that specializes in affordable, distinctive bespoke jewellery. Owner Jessica Cu, who has over 20 years of experience in the industry, personally guides clients through the entire process. She has the knowledge to explain all the technical aspects of the design, and offers a personalized consultation, so you and your partner will have an easy time finding the perfect ring.

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