Where to Buy Wedding Rings in Japan

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If you are getting married in Japan, you may be wondering where to buy your wedding rings. After all, wedding rings in Japan are not what you may be thinking. Japanese people view wedding rings as accessories rather than essential parts of a marriage ceremony. In Japan, newlyweds typically register their marriage with the government, host a party, and receive housewarming gifts. There is no pressure to buy expensive wedding rings.


The perfect gift for your loved one is a diamond ring made by the artisans of NIWAKA. These Japanese artisans use their skill and experience to create a ring that embodies eternity and beauty. Diamond rings made by NIWAKA are as bright as the couple's future together. Moreover, these beautiful rings have a profound sentimental meaning. Many NIWAKA artisans also create ornaments for shrines and temples. Each ring is crafted by hand in Kyoto, Japan.

The company has its headquarter in Kyoto and has stores in New York, Tokyo and Korea. Their website has more designs than their physical stores. You can visit their stores to purchase a ring that perfectly fits your fiance. These stores specialize in NIWAKA wedding rings. While you're in Japan, you'll be surprised at the variety and quality of jewelry pieces that are offered.

Niwaka Fine Jewelry is a prestigious brand in the jewelry industry. Founded in 1983, this company has several locations in Japan and the U.S. The company's fine jewelry is highly sought after by A-list celebrities. These pieces are crafted by the finest craftsmen and embody the essence of excellence. Niwaka jewelry features flawless finish, bold designs, and luxurious stones. The elegant store has a purple tone, and the main lobby looks like a movie set. The refined space perfectly showcases the fine jewelry offered by Niwaka.

The diamond is widely regarded as the symbol of commitment and marriage. However, Japanese consumers are hesitant to pay thousands of dollars for it. As a result, most Japanese jewelry designers sell their products abroad. However, Debeers, the diamond company, targeted the Japanese population with an advertising campaign after World War II. This advertising campaign made the diamond associated with weddings and commitment. However, this strategy didn't work. In fact, Debeers is now making efforts to educate Japanese consumers about diamond rings.


If you're a devoted Moomin fan, you'll find two new stores where you can purchase wedding rings featuring the popular cartoon character. GNH Co., Ltd. offers two styles of ring - "Moomin Engagement Ring" and "Sol" - as well as a stamp sheet of the Moomin characters. In addition, you can order your ring directly from the company, which is located in Chuo-ku, Tokyo.

NIWAKA is the ultimate expression of love, and its engagement rings are no exception. These elegant designs are adorned with diamonds as bright as a future spent together. Their rings carry sentimental value as well, as they're created by artisans who make the ornaments for shrines and temples. Only 10 artisans practice their craft in Japan, and the pieces are crafted from 18k gold, platinum, or white gold.


If you're looking for wedding rings in Japan, look no further than Tanzo. They make beautiful rings that make the occasion even more special. They also offer free marriage rings for 30 couples each month who place an order. And if you want to go even further, you can choose a gift from their selection of Japanese wedding rings. Just remember to order yours before the deadline so you'll have plenty of time to choose the perfect one.

The dando kShyo trajectory chart includes the line of impact and the summit of the trajectory. Its crest represents the marriage and the line of impact is the date of the wedding. Tanzo also has some other unique offerings. Some are called seiatsu shageki, a type of fire-retardant stone used to counteract the effects of fire. Other options include seizu teishaku, which is used in scale-making.

NIWAKA diamonds

The Niwaka Corporation is a jewelry company that was established in the year 1983. Their first flagship store opened in Kyoto, Japan, in 2001. Since then, they have become one of the world's most famous jewelry brands. These unique jewelry pieces draw inspiration from various themes, including the Gion Matsuri festival and cityscapes. Many of the designs also reflect traditional Japanese motifs.

NIWAKA diamond engagement rings are the ultimate symbol of love. Elegant designs and fine-quality diamonds represent the couple's bright future together. This unique jewelry is also meaningful because the NIWAKA artisans create jewelry for shrines and temples, and there are only ten in Japan. These diamonds are paired with 18k white gold or platinum, and are one of the most beautiful ways to propose to your spouse.

NIWAKA diamonds and wedding rings are the most beautiful in the world, and they will last for a lifetime. These fine pieces of jewelry are carefully inspected and crafted to meet the highest standards. The diamonds are inspected under a 20x loupe to ensure that they are of the highest quality and brilliance. The craftsmanship of NIWAKA wedding rings is renowned throughout the world, and this attention to detail is evident in the products and their design.

While most of the jewelry designers and jewelers in Japan focus on selling to foreigners, some Japanese companies are known for producing high-quality wedding rings. You can find Niwaka stores in Kyoto and New York, and you can also shop online for additional wedding ring designs. For more information about these Japanese gems, visit Niwaka's official website. When you're in Japan, it's important to remember that the jewelry designer's website is based abroad.

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