Where to Get Wedding Clothes in Skyrim

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If you want to wear wedding clothes in Skyrim, there are several places to buy them. Apachii Divine Elegance Store, Haku Wedding Dress, and Talen-Jei's Alternate Wedding are just a few of the places to buy these clothes. You can also conjure the Ash Guardian and Wedding Wreath from Ildari Sarothril, a Dunmer Necromancer.

Apachii Divine Elegance Store mod

The Apachii Divine Elegance Store mod adds a new wedding store to the game, which carries clothes for the female species. You can craft armor-rated outfits for Skyrim women using various items, and use them to enhance your existing gear. This mod also remodels certain hoods for Khajiit to fit your preferences. The Apachii Store mod also adds three merchants to the game.

This mod provides dozens of refined outfits to your inventory. These include Victorian dresses and Middle Eastern-looking robes. The Mod also features lingerie, and it integrates with the previous entry in the game to allow you to commission wedding attire. You can even choose to commission the clothing for your own wedding. With Apachii Divine Elegance Store, you will be able to customize your outfits for both the bride and groom.

Vittoria’s Alternate Wedding

To begin Vittoria's Alternate Wedding, you must first find the Temple of the Divines in Solitude. There, you'll meet a group of guests: Asgeir Snow-Shod's parents, the Emperor's aunt, Vittoria's mother, Noster Eagle-Eye, and Rorlund. Pantea Ateia provides singing and the Penitus Oculatus Agent acts as the guardian.

Astrid will also ask you to kill Vittoria during the wedding. You will be rewarded with an item that will allow you to return later and destroy the wedding. After the wedding, you can use the key to access the wedding hall in Solitude. The key to Vittoria's house can be found here as well. She also carries several items from her house and a steel dagger.

Aside from killing Vici, you can also bug her so that she will be invisible. This is necessary because there are many armed guards on the premises. The assassination will trigger a bounty on Vici. Regardless of the way you decide to sabotage her, be prepared to flee and hide after the killing. Assassinating her will give you greater benefits.

After defeating the Dark Brotherhood, you can attend Vittoria's Alternate Wedding and enjoy the reception. You can also make sure that you listen to her speech by looting her wedding ring from her coffin in Solitude. The wedding ring will also be available in the coffin, but the number of guests is limited. However, some players have reported having as few as two guests at the wedding!

Talen-Jei’s Wedding Dress

The Wedding Dress of Talen-Jei is a beautiful item in Skyrim. This Argonian barkeep is planning to marry the Elven princess Keerava. She is dressed as a barkeep at Bee and Barb, and carries a leveled dagger and a belted tunic. Talen-Jei has been in love with Keerava since they met in Riften.

You can find this item in many places around the world, including wardrobes, chests, and corpses. This item can also be bought from merchants, like the Radiant Raiment and Talen-Jei's Wedding Ring. You may also find Talen-Jei's Wedding Ring inside a vault, near the Temple of the Divines, near Castle Dour. You can also use Talen-Jei's Wedding Ring in Skyrim as a reward for completing miscellaneous objectives.

Haku Wedding Dress

If you're having trouble deciding which Haku wedding dress to buy, consider customizing one. You can do this in a variety of ways. There are many options, including creating custom wedding dresses, incorporating follower mods, and even commissioning someone to make your wedding outfit. The dialogue in this quest is quite well written, and you can even voice it yourself. Just be sure to plan your purchases well in advance - some shops are not open every day.

The wedding dress is available to players who have completed the game's quests and fought the Dark Brotherhood. While Bethesda has not prioritized this quest, you can create an alternate wedding ceremony for Haku and her bride. It's much more emotional to actually see them exchange wedding rings and seal their marriage. You'll also want to install fomod installer, which will allow you to make the wedding dress. Also, you should build your outfits under the Yuna Wedding category in the inventory, since you'll need tundra cottons to craft the wedding dress.

You can also purchase the wedding dress by looting Vittoria Vici's corpse. After you complete the quest, you can find her in the coffin in Solitude with other items such as the wedding ring, headdress, and sandals. You should be aware that the number of guests at the wedding ceremony in Skyrim is limited. Some players have claimed to have 0 guests, and this is a myth.